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TK International(BVI) Ltd. Website : w w w. tkmold. com E-mail : sales@tkmold. com

TK International(BVI) Ltd. Website : w w w. tkmold. com E-mail : sales@tkmold. com. 2008. 2006. 2005. 2002. Group sales over 400 Million HKD. TK Mold moved to TK Technology Park. Second Molding factory was founded. Corporate reorganized as TK Group Ltd. 2000.

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TK International(BVI) Ltd. Website : w w w. tkmold. com E-mail : sales@tkmold. com

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  1. TK International(BVI) Ltd. Website : w w w. tkmold. comE-mail : sales@tkmold. com

  2. 2008 2006 2005 2002 Group sales over 400 Million HKD TK Mold moved to TK Technology Park Second Molding factory was founded Corporate reorganized as TK Group Ltd. 2000 Approved ISO 9001 Certification by D.N.V. 1995 Tooling production in HK consolidated to China 1993 >> ISO 9001 Injection Molding Operation moved to China 1992 TK Plastic Products Co., Ltd set up in China 1989 TK Plastic Products Co., Ltd set up in HK 1983 >> ISO 14001 TK Machinery Moulding Factory set up in HK TK History >> TS16949

  3. TK Group Ltd. TK International(BVI) Ltd. TK Mold Ltd. TK Plastics Ltd. TK Precision Toolings Ltd. TK Plastics (Shenzhen) Ltd. Euro Sales TK Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd. Kras Semiconductor Assembly Equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Group trading company TK Precision Tool Room TK Standard Tool Room TKP 1 TKP 2 TKP I M L TKP Mobile Semiconductor Mold and Automation Equipment Corporation Structure

  4. TK Technology Industrial Park TK Plastics (Shenzhen) Ltd. TK Mold Ltd. (HK) TK Plastics Ltd. (HK) Company Location

  5. Sales Turnover Sales Growth By TKM & TKP US$ TKM TKP 35,000,000 30,000,000 25,000,000 20,000,000 15,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 0 Year 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

  6. America Europe Asia Valeo Sylvania TOYOTA SPI Lear Whirlpool Polycom Pitney Bowes Promens Electrolux TRW Valeo Electrolux Arcelik Schneider ABB Amphenol Automotive Lighting Perlos Cherry Casio Canon GPE Haier Toshiba ChangHong China 5% Europe 30% Asia 30% America 35% Major Customer

  7. Healthcare Products 7% Consumer Products 8% Electrical & Electronics Appliance 25% Automotive Parts OA & Digital Electronics 30% OA & Digital Electronics Electrical & Electronics Appliance Automotive Parts 30% Healthcare Products Consumer Products Market Segmentation

  8. To be a Partner of our Customer in Winning Business! Corporate Mission

  9. To be the Leader in PRECISION Plastic Total Solution Contract Manufacturer. Corporate Vision

  10. TK have deal with most of Automotive company in the world directly or thought T1 , T2 Suppliers Major final customers(Automotive)

  11. Truck Series

  12. Front panel(assembled) Size: 2500x1200x600 Volvo Truck

  13. Lamp housing(PP+30%GF) Cover front panel (PP-MF) Step cover(PP-MF) Headlamp panel(PC/ABS) Volvo Truck

  14. Lamp housing Size: 2045x1350x645 Weight: 9T Resin: PP+30%GF Injection machine:1200T Key point : 1.Solid cavity and core inserts(steel 1.2738) 2.10 sliders movement 3.Hydraulic cylinders supported ejection Volvo Truck

  15. Lower front panel Size: 2620x1500x1350 weight: 21T Resin: PC/ABS Injection machine:2500T Key point : 1.Solid cavity insert 2.Two gas assistant channels(1.5m and 1.3m) 3.Three visions of changeable inserts in the middle beam (6 inserts totally) Volvo Truck

  16. Headlamp panel Size: 1900x1620x1136 weight: 16T Resin: PC/ABS Injection machine:1400T Key point : 1.16 sliders movement 2. Hydraulic cylinders supported ejection 3.Sub-gate Volvo Truck

  17. Volvo Truck Fender(mudguard) Key point: 1.Total 10 molds 2.The max mold weight is 14 tons 3.Plastic:PP MF

  18. Scania Truck

  19. Assembled Drawer LH G-Cab (parts from9 molds) Size: 1100x900x400 Resin: PP-MF+TPE Scania Truck

  20. Disassembled drawer Resin: PPMF+TPE Scania Truck

  21. Scania Truck Assembled Drawer RH G-Cab (parts from9 molds) Size: 1100x900x400 Resin: PP-MF+TPE

  22. Scania Truck Assembled Drawer RH R-Cab (parts from 8 molds) Size: 1200x1000x450 Resin: PP-MF+TPE

  23. Automotive Lamps

  24. Valeo:Rear Lamp LensResin: PCSize: 490x320x130Key point :1.High gloss polishing Lens

  25. SUZUKI:Rear Lamp LensResin: PCSize: 380x240x70 210x130x30Key point :1.High gloss polishing Lens

  26. Citroen B53 HLLensResin: PCSize: 485x320x110Key point :1.High gloss polishing Lens

  27. Rear Lamp LensResin: PCSize: 450x320x200Key point :1.High gloss polishing Lens

  28. Nissan: L42A HL Housing Resin: PA+20%GF Size: 520x270x450 Key point : 1.High fall difference 2.8 sliders movement Housing

  29. Audi: Housing Resin: PC/ABS Size: 370x320x400 Key point : 1.High gloss polishing Resin:PC/ABS Housing

  30. Housing Valeo(U.S): Housing Resin: PA+30%GF Size: 370x270x310

  31. Housing Valeo (U.S) : Housing Resin: PA+30%GF Size: 490x260x350

  32. Audi LampResin: PC/ABSSize: 410x330x350Key point :1.High gloss polishing2.Coating Housing

  33. Interior parts

  34. Air system FIAT AirbagResin: PA+30%GFSize: 250x190x150 &250x190x90

  35. Jaguar : Cover & TrayResin: PA+20%GFSize: 300x210x230 &300x210x250Key point :1.Hydraulic cylinder loaded slider and it touched big lifters inside Air system

  36. LH/RH HousingResin: PPSize: Dia125 x 88 Air system

  37. Air system Air window (assembled)Key point :1. Total six molds 2.Resin:ABS/PC, PBT and ABS 3. Chrome plating

  38. LH/RH HousingResin: ABSSize: 180 x 120 x 85 Air system

  39. LHO/RHO HousingResin: PPSize:135 x 112x 85 Air system

  40. Cable Channel Cable ChannelsResin:PPKey point :1.High fall difference2.All machine fitting work,no hand fitting3.Valve gate4.Lots of shut-off area in the Parting line

  41. Cable Channel Cable ChannelResin:PPSize: 480 x 370 x 120

  42. Cable Channel Cable Channels Key point : 1.Resin:PP2.Total 14 molds (all 4-cavity) 3.1.2344 hardened steel 4.Mold production capacity is 5 million shots

  43. Cable Channel Assembled parts

  44. Doors DoorsResin: ABSgeneral Size:500x 400x 100

  45. Filter Filter Key points: 1.Resin: ABS2.Size:500x 400x 100 3.Four sliders 4.Mirror polished

  46. Headrest Headrest 1.Resin: PP2.Total five molds 3. Size:220x 180x 100

  47. Windscreen wiper controler Windscreen wiper controler 1.Resin: PA66+30%GF 2.Total 20 molds

  48. BMW Ficia Control Pannel Resin: PA+10%GF Key point :1. Hundreds of inserts and lots of shut-off area in the parting line Resin:PA+10%GF Others

  49. Renault Coulisse AmortisseurResin: PA+20%GFKey point :1. Lots of shut-off area in the parting line Others

  50. Relay Cassette Resin: PA+GF Size: 380 x 128 x 68 Key: Over 300 small shut-off inserts form 1000 very critical Dim. Others

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