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Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)

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Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). Fort Leonard Wood Chapter. June 11, 2008. Military Construction Briefing & Site Tour Hosted by: Fort Leonard Wood Resident Office, Kansas City District, USACE. MCA Tour Timeline. Permanent Party Barracks Phase I.

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society of american military engineers same

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)

Fort Leonard Wood Chapter

June 11, 2008

Military Construction Briefing & Site Tour

Hosted by:

Fort Leonard Wood Resident Office,

Kansas City District, USACE


Permanent Party Barracks Phase I

Permanent Party Barracks Phase II

Overview of USACE

Overview of Current Challenges

What is Important at FLW

Current Project Summary at FLW


overview of kc district
Overview of KC District

Kansas City District

-2 Area Offices

-7 Resident Offices

-18 Lakes

-2 Hydro Power Dams

-350 Structures on Mo River (Revetments, Wing Dikes, Levees)

overview of flw resident office
Overview of FLW Resident Office

Northwest Division –COL Miles

Engineering & Construction Division (E&C)

Kansas City District –COL Wilson

-Engineering & Construction Division (E&C)

-PM Division

Kansas Area Office

MO Area Office (5 Personnel)

WAFB Resident Office (9 Personnel)

-Area Engineer / ACO w/ $500K Warrant

-Mechanical Engineer

-Electrical Engineer

-Office Manager & Secretary

KC Resident Office (8 Personnel)

FLW Resident Office (22 Personnel)

-Resident Eng. / ACO w/ $500K Warrant

-Deputy Resident Engineer

-Submittals Technician

-3 Office Engineers

-4 –Quality Assurance Teams

-1 – QA Rep at GLWACH

overview of current challenges
Army moving into the most comprehensive restructuring since WWII

USACE is planning to execute $40 Billion of MILCON Construction from 2006 – 2011

At FLW alone, our construction placement will increase from about $40 Million a year to over $200 Million a year through FY 08 and FY 09

Overview of Current Challenges
overview of current challenges1
The army is transforming and has immediate needs that must be met to support BRAC and the GTA Programs as well as re-stationing initiatives:

The recently released Army Stationing Plan, for example, will add approximately 74K new Soldiers to the Army over the next 2-4 years

This plan will also add 6 new BCTs and 8 new MEBs which will be disbursed at various posts across the country

This plan also re-stations units formerly stationed overseas to CONUS military bases

FLW for example is receiving approximately 3,000 plus additional trainees this summer through the TRAPS program and is also receiving a FORSCOM MEB in October

Creates Need for additional Barracks Bed Space, family housing, dining facilities, etc…)

Creates Need for additional infrastructure (sewage, water, phone lines, roads, training ranges, parking, etc… to support influx of personnel)

Overview of Current Challenges
overview of current challenges2
The GWOT has created several unique demands:

USACE oversees massive construction programs supporting OIF and OEF through the GRD and AED

On the home front, the army is also involved in improving living conditions and programs for soldiers and families to take care of them and improve retention rates (Examples: improving housing, post facilities, Warrior in Transition Units, etc…)

Overview of Current Challenges
overview of current challenges3
To support these and many other programs, the army has a need for USACE to deliver projects faster and cheaper with more sustainable designs and without diminishing quality

In order to stay relevant in meeting the Army’s needs, USACE is itself transforming and thinking outside of the box and changing its systems and ways of doing business

MILCON Transformation

At the local level, we are also doing a lot to stay relevant and meet our immediate customer’s needs and expectations

Overview of Current Challenges
what is important at flw
What is Important at FLW?
  • IET Soldier Bed Space (TRAPS Relocatables, TBUP, and Starship Barracks)
  • Facilities for Future Combat Support Brigade
  • Upgrading Post Infrastructure to support the large increase in facility demands (ie…sewer, roads, phones, etc…)
  • Upgrading Ranges to support training for TRADOC and FORSCOM Units
  • Supporting the installation’s Master Plan development and implementation

Long Term Transition Plans

Renovating through TBUP Program over next 4-8 years

TRAPS Relocatables

Rolling Pin Barracks – (Built 1950s to 1960s)

Starship Barracks Complex

  • Over the next 10-25 years, the installation wants to replace rolling pin barracks and Specker barracks with over 15 phases of Starship Complexes
  • Provide immediate bed space for BT and AIT Soldiers to meet Summer Surge / TRAPS Requirements

Recently Renovated by CENWK-EC-MD

Specker Barracks (Built in 1970s)


Long Term Master Plan for FLW


  • Segregate BCT, AIT, Permanent Party, and FORSCOM Zones of FLW
  • ADPs are being developed in these areas by KC District
  • Phases of implementation:
    • Move non-applicable facilities out of zoned areas
    • Renovate existing facilities while implementing long term plans to build new facilities
current project summary flw
Current Project Summary - FLW

Photos of Permanent Party Barracks Phases I & II to Follow

Current Projects – Permanent Party Barracks Phase I

Permanent Part Barracks – Phase I Completed Photographs

Current Projects – Permanent Party Barracks Phase II
  • 19 Additional Buildings currently under construction
  • A third GTF Phase is to be awarded this spring to construct 27 additional barracks
  • Phases IV and V are also being considered as potential supplementals in the Murtha Bill for FY 08
current project summary flw1
Current Project Summary - FLW

Photos of Specker Barracks, TBUP, and TRAPS 07 Sites to Follow

Current Projects – Specker Barracks Renovation

Specker Complex

Interior Work Improved Appearance & Provided Adequate Airflow

Current Projects – TBUP Phase I

Bldgs 828 & 829 Must be turned back to FLW by 6 Jun 08

BKJ adding Bump out portion of Bldg 829

QA, George Edgington, conducts Initial Inspection of Block Shear Wall Construction

Current Projects – TRAPS 07

Major Setbacks in a 120 Day Contract include 1) Design Development & Review, 2) Permits, 3) Ordering and Delivering Trailer Units, 4) Obtaining Transformers

Interior Finishes of TRAPS 07 Barracks

upcoming projects flw1
Upcoming Projects - FLW

* Note: There are about $87M in potential supplemental contracts. It is not looking at this point as though the Murtha Bill will include these supplementals, but this office is preparing to staff them in the event they are awarded.