society of american military engineers orange n.
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Society of American Military Engineers Orange County PowerPoint Presentation
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Society of American Military Engineers Orange County

Society of American Military Engineers Orange County

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Society of American Military Engineers Orange County

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  1. Society of American Military Engineers Orange County COL Mark Toy, P.E. Commander Los Angeles District 2 November 2010


  3. Key Leader Engagements and Division In-briefs

  4. Customer Engagements

  5. WHAT I’VE DONECalendar review and highlight of significant engagements July August • Change of Command • America’s Great Outdoor Initiative (ASA-CW) • Port of Long Beach • Seven Oaks Dam • L.A. River Tour with Times Reporter • L.A. County Public Works • Key Leader Engagements and Division In-briefs Senior Leader Conference (Seattle) SAME (Los Angeles) Selection Panel for Contracting Branch Chief Port of Los Angeles San Clemente Public Meeting Senator Boxer (VAFB) / Area Office NAFSMA Conference (ASA-CW) / Area Office Division In-briefs, Key Leader Engagements, and Daily Execution Briefs

  6. WHAT I’VE DONE Calendar review and highlight of significant engagements September Congressional Visits (Capps/Napolitano/Calvert) Daily Execution Briefs Visit Area Offices in Arizona Met with Salt River Pima-Maricopa County Indian Community Leadership Development Program Graduation Meet L.A. County Board of Supervisors 6 County Flood Control District Meeting Key Leader Engagements October District Clean-up Week C-MANC Conference (Stockton, CA) Meet Rep. Issa Meet with City of Newport Tucson Drainage Groundbreaking Commander’s Assessment to the Chief of Engineers USACE Commander’s Course (Naples, FL) Transition Conference Fort Irwin Visit

  7. Who We Are / Where We’ve BeenMy assessment of the L.A. District “Going from good to great starts with people” LTG Van Antwerp, Chief of Engineers • What’s great… • People and relationships • Sponsors, partners, and stakeholders love us! • District employees are engaged and dedicated. • District employees enjoy variety in their job and the freedom to execute at their level.

  8. WHERE WE’RE GOINGOur focus and future direction • People • Building Strong and Taking Care of People! • The heart of an organization • Make L.A. District great • Training • “Going back to basics” • New employees / Guidance from senior leaders • Training at all levels • Facilities • Taking care of what we have • Master Planner • A professional engineering organization

  9. Army Installation Civil Works OREGON Air Force Installation Military Area Office IDAHO Resident Office 226,000 square miles Support to 8 million acres of military installations 80,000 acres of USACE project properties 420 miles of shore line / 14 harbors ENVIRONMENTAL “EXTREMES”( in contiguous 48 states ) : Hottest and Driest Locations (Death Valley) Highest Elevation - Mount Whitney (14,494 feet above sea level) Lowest Elevation - Bad Water, Death Valley ( 282 feet below sea level ) Critical Habitat / Biodiversity (385 Threatened / Endangered Species) 30 Million people ( 1 in 10 Americans ) Population growing by 300,000 annually 3 of 8Most Populated US cities ( Los Angeles / San Diego / Phoenix ) 8 U.S. SEN / 44 U.S. REP/ 4 GOV World’s 8th largest economy ( > Canada / Spain ) CA ports = 31% US trade Ports of LA / Long Beach = US No. 1 and 2 LA Customs = US No. 1 ( $360 BIL annually) LA Metro = US No. 1 manufacturer ( employment ) WYOMING NEVADA UTAH COLORADO CALIFORNIA ARIZONA NEW MEXICO NavigationFlood ControlEngineering DesignMilitary ConstructionEmergency Operations ( PL 84 – 99 )Environmental Restoration Regulatory Permitting ( § 404, Clean Water Act ) International and Interagency SupportOverseas Contingency Operations/ Homeland Security TEXAS

  10. CONGRESSIONAL DELEGATION California (34) Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) Kevin McCarthy (R-22) Lois Capps (D-23) Elton Gallegly (R-24) H. P. McKeon (R-25) David Dreier (R-26) Brad Sherman (D-27) H. L. Berman (D-28) Adam Schiff (D-29) H. A. Waxman (D-30) Xavier Becerra (D-31) Judy Chu (D-32) Diane Watson (D-33) L. Roybal-Allard (D-34) Maxine Waters (D-35) Jane Harman (D-36) Laura Richardson(D-37) Grace Flores Napolitano (D-38) Linda Sanchez (D-39) Ed Royce (R-40) Jerry Lewis (R-41) Gary G. Miller (R-42) Joe Baca (D-43) Ken Calvert (R-44) Mary Bono Mack (R-45) Dana Rohrabacher (R-46) Loretta Sanchez (D-47) John Campbell (R-48) Darrell Issa (R-49) Bob Bilbray (R-50) Bob Filner (D-51) Duncan R. Hunter (R-52) Susan A. Davis (D-53) Arizona (10) Sen.John McCain (R) Sen. Jon Kyl (R) Ann Kirkpatrick (D-1) Trent Franks (R-2) John Shadegg (R-3) Ed Pastor (D-4) Harry Mitchell (D-5) Jeff Flake (R-6) Raul M. Grijalva (D-7) Gabrielle Giffords (D-8) OREGON IDAHO WYOMING NEVADA Nevada (5) Sen. Harry Reid (D) Sen. John Ensign (R) Shelley Berkley (D-1) Dean Heller (R-2) Dina Titus (D-3) UTAH CALIFORNIA COLORADO Utah (3) Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R) Sen. Robert F. Bennett (R) Jim Matheson (D-2) ARIZONA NEW MEXICO + 4 Governors 56 Elected Officials TEXAS

  11. DRIVERS FOR USACE CHANGE Continuing Budget Pressures Aging Infrastructure Unreliable Resource Engines OCO Missions Cultural Disasters Inflating Cost of Construction Technical Competencies Disasters Workforce Trends

  12. THE DILEMMA The Brutal Facts The future environment will not support full service capabilities at all locations Fluctuations in workload place technical competences at risk Our missions are assigned not chosen • USACE to do list • Civil Works Program • Navigation • Flood Risk Management • Environmental • Emergency Management • Regulatory • Recreation • Hydropower • Water Supply • Military Programs • Military Construction • Environmental Restoration • Geospatial Engineering • Real Estate • Interagency Support • Research and Development By acting now, we can choose “where” and “how” to execute our missions

  13. HEDGEHOG CONCEPT • What are you the best in the world at? • What drives your economic engine? • What are you deeply passionate about? • “Stop doing lists are more important than to do lists.”

  14. LOS ANGELES DISTRICT HEDGEHOGS: • Western Coastal Production Center • Interagency & International Service Center • Military Production Center • Arid System Integrated Water Resource Management Center • Levee Safety Center • REGIONAL HEDGEHOG: • Sustainable Engineering Center

  15. Civil Works Program Bluff Erosion Encinitas, CA Flood Risk Management: Prado Dam Ecosystem Restoration Phoenix, AZ Navigation, Ports & Harbors: Port of San Diego

  16. Civil Works Program

  17. Military Program NEVADA Fort Irwin Creech AFB UTAH Vandenberg AFB Edwards AFB Nellis AFB CALIFORNIA March ARB ARIZONA Los Alamitos JFTB Yuma Proving Grounds Luke AFB Davis-Monthan AFB Fort Huachuca Predator Facilities at Nellis

  18. Military Operations and Maintenance Program TYPES of PROJECTS • Barracks Renovations • Road Paving • Install Drainage • Maintenance Hanger Repairs • Fencing • Upgrade / install HVAC • Painting • Replace Auditorium Carpet, • Seating, Lighting • Replace Roof / Exterior Doors • Restore Dental Clinic • Restore Building Systems • Restore HVAC and Alarm Systems • Replace Standby Potable Water Pump • Remove and Install Trees

  19. PROGRAMS FY08 • Military • Interagency & International Support • Civil Works FY09 FY10

  20. Interagency & International Support Border Patrol / Customs and Border Protection Bureau of Indian Affairs Bureau of Land Management Bureau of Prisons Department of Agriculture Drug Enforcement Agency Environmental Protection Agency Federal Emergency Management Agency Department of Homeland Security Food and Drug Administration International Boundary and Water Commission Veterans Affairs NEVADA UTAH LAS VEGAS CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Riverside Indio ARIZONA San Clemente Chula Vista Florence Murrieta Imperial Beach Blythe Brown Field El Cajon El Centro Campo Casa Grande Calexico Yuma Welton PHOENIX Wilcox Ajo ( CPNWK) Tucson CBP Tactical Infrastructure Vertical Infrastructure ( 225 miles ) Nogales NACO Douglas

  21. Interagency & International Support FY08 $359.1M (VA $64.3M) FY 09 $416.7M (VA $95.2M) FY10 $284.2M (VA $98.6M) Estimates for FY 11: FY11 $150.7M (VA $108M)

  22. OPPORTUNITIES • Customs & BorderPatrol Immigration and CustomsEnforcement (CBP/ICE) FY 11 $25 Million Veteran’s Affairs FY11 VISN 22 approximately $100 Million VISN 18 approximately $ 5-12 Million mostly NRM (like O&M)

  23. Doing Business With the Corps • We appreciate working with you! • We value our relationships with our partners! • We realize that our processes are sometimes challenging! • We want you to succeed! • Honest and open communication are important! • Together we will deliver a great product! • Thanks for being a member of our team!

  24. Building StrongAnd Taking Care of People!