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2010 TCBC Leader Forum

2010 TCBC Leader Forum Meeting Agenda Welcome - Patt Seleen , TCBC President Paul Frenz , TCBC Board Member - Introduction of new ride leaders Pete Hawkins, TCBC Insurance Coordinator – Risk Management Tom Melcher, TCBC Board Member - What to do at a Serious Accident

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2010 TCBC Leader Forum

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  1. 2010 TCBC Leader Forum

  2. Meeting Agenda • Welcome - PattSeleen, TCBC President • Paul Frenz, TCBC Board Member - Introduction of new ride leaders • Pete Hawkins, TCBC Insurance Coordinator – Risk Management • Tom Melcher, TCBC Board Member - What to do at a Serious Accident • Jack Uttermark, Paul Frenz and Garry Glubka, TCBC Safety Committee • George Hagemann, TCBC Board Member – Rules on the Road • Katie Angle and Pete Hawkins, Leader Liaisons • Richard Franco, TCBC Vice President and Ride Statistics Coordinator • Doug Nelson, TCBC News Editor • Laurie Holm, TCBC Board Secretary • Ride Announcements • Leader Announcements • Drawing for Gift Certificates

  3. Patt Seleen- TCBC President • Welcome • Acknowledgments

  4. Paul Frenz –TCBC Board Member • Introduction of 2010 ride leaders

  5. Mark Bressler Larry Crawford Joan Davies Steve Dickhaus John Dunlevy Joe Dupont Roger Fickbohm Gordon Fink Robert Floyd Jim Gryniewski Keith Hatfull Gordy Heitzman Diana Kasper  Barb Maki Joe McCusker Kathy Mulier David Murphy Erik Neu Glen Okan Elijah Rose Loren Schomaker Richard Stroncek Brett Thunstrom Paul Wiltse Matt Younker

  6. Pete Hawkins –Insurance Coordinator • Risk Management review • 2010 LAB insurance coverage • Review of LAB Accident Report • Electronic Waivers

  7. Tom Melcher TCBC Board MemberWhat to do in Case of a Serious Accident on a Group Ride • Crowd control. • Protect the victim (s) from traffic. • Call 911. • Attend to the victim (s). • Do no further harm

  8. Leaders: What YOU Do if There Was an Accident on Your Ride • Follow-up with the rider(s). Ask how he/she is doing. • If they have been injured, have them submit a LAB Accident Insurance Report Form. • Whether or not the rider(s) have been injured, ask them to fill out the TCBC Incident Survey. • Forms can be found on TCBC web site under Leader Resources & Documents

  9. Jack Uttermark, Paul Frenz and Garry GlubkaTCBC Safety Committee • Review of incident survey results • Review of member survey results • 2010 Leader Safety Award Program

  10. Year End Total Crash Results IncidentSurveyResults for 2009 • Bike – Bike Collisions – 5 • Bike – Motor Vehicle Collisions – 6 • Bike – Pedestrian Collisions – 0 • 34 Crashes reported in 2009 13

  11. Incident Survey Results for2009 • 68% were riders falling off their bicycles • 15% were Bike-Bike Collisions • 17% were Motor Vehicle-Bike collisions 14

  12. Safety Results for 2009 • Results compiled from Incident Survey • Incident Survey found on TCBC webpage • Report any crashes 15

  13. Paul Frenz Member Survey Results – Themes from a safety perspective • We could do better at obeying traffic laws • We could do better following group riding rules • We could be better role models for safe riding practices

  14. Garry Glubka – Safety IncentiveAwards Last year we only allowed leaders to nominate leaders, this year it is open to any club member to nominate a leader. We would like to recognize leaders who are: • Promoting safety in their briefings – emphasizing any one of the safety topics introduced in Leader e-mails or in the Activity News. • Demonstrating safe riding skills - consistently. • Mentoring and teaching other riders how to be safer on their bikes..  The Safety and Leader Incentive program begins now ! • TCBC Safety committee

  15. George HagemannTCBC Board Member • Minnesota CYCLING laws • Cycling through Roundabouts • Trail Crossings

  16. Minnesota Cycling Laws • Regular vehicle laws apply to cyclists since cyclists are considered a vehicle in Minnesota • See MN Cycling Laws card [handout] for bicycle specific laws

  17. Roundabout Types • Single lane, low speed • Multi-lane, low speed • Multi-lane, high speed

  18. Roundabouts • Take the lane -ride in the middle of the lane so drivers can see you. In a low speed, single lane round about you should be able to ride close to the speed of traffic. OR • Ride on the side path - use side path and crosswalks as a pedestrian. In high speed roundabouts this is the recommended option for safety and so you don’t impede traffic.

  19. Single Lane Roundabout

  20. Multi-lane Roundabout

  21. Trail Crossings • Where a trail intersects a road is one of the most dangerous spots for cyclists • Trail crossings are subject to local jurisdictions when they cross roads • Local jurisdictions can decide when to stripe or otherwise mark a crossing – making it a crosswalk

  22. Trail Crossing Behaviors • If the crossing is marked with a painted crosswalk • If the crossing is not marked with a painted crosswalk

  23. Katie Angle and Pete HawkinsLeader Liaisons • Yahoo Groups – Leader sign up • New Ride Briefing Card • Outreach Rides • Ride and Route Ownership Issues • Naming Conventions • New Rider Coupon

  24. Outreach Rides • Submit your Outreach Ride(s) proposal(s) via email to Outreach@bikeTCBC • The Outreach Committee members are Lisa Austin, Richard Franco and Pete Hawkins. When 2 of the 3 committee members replies to you and the Ride Scheduler with approval, you may submit the Outreach Ride(s) for inclusion in the published schedule. Please note that Outreach Rides are not eligible to be web rides, so plan ahead. (Updated 4/6/2010)

  25. Ride and Route Ownership • Be respectful • Get permission from the ride leader who created the route • Put your name on routes you develop • Share your maps with others

  26. Friendly Suggestion Rides - Naming Convention to include (city) Miles From Maplewood. LITTLE CANADA: ARSENAL ROUNDS. Champlin Midmorning Ramble-mapless. Half-SLP. SLP'ing Out. Wednesday Night Riders Group -mapless-.  Would be listed as: • MILES FROM (MAPLEWOOD) • ARSENAL ROUNDS (LITTLE CANADA) • MIDMORNING RAMBLE - MAPLESS (CHAMPLIN) • HALF-SLP (ST LOUIS PARK) • SLP'ING OUT (ST LOUIS PARK) • WEDNESDAY NIGHT RIDERS GROUP - MAPLESS (SO MPLS)

  27. New Rider – Free Ride Coupon

  28. Richard Franco TCBC Vice President and Ride Statistics Coordinator • Ride Report form completion and submittal • Policy for mileage calculations • Future mileage tracking system

  29. TCBC Mileage Statistics Summary (last riding season) 1,999 Rides838,690 Miles 22,730 Riders TCBC Policy for Mileage Calculations April 6, 2010 TCBC mileage calculations are compiled by volunteers and every effort is made to have them as accurate as possible. However, they may vary from your personal records. Regardless, the final annual numbers reported by the Club's Ride Statistics Coordinator will stand as your official TCBC Mileage for the year.

  30. Doug Nelson – Activity News Editor • Using the club newsletter • Deadlines • Articles • In Brief

  31. Laurie Holm, TCBC BoardSecretary • Other club communications • Ride Leader emails • Message Board • Monthly e-News announcements • Facebook

  32. Ride Announcements • Watermelon • WOW • Labor Day All-Club Ride


  34. TITANIUM LEVEL • Erik's - www.eriksbikeshop.com • Penn Cycle – www.penncycle.com • Maple Grove Cycling- www.maplegrovecycling.com • CARBON FIBER LEVEL • Freewheel Bike Coop – www.freewheelbike.com • Trailhead Cycle- www.trailheadcyclingandfitness.com • Tonka Cycle – www.tonkacycleandski.com • STEEL LEVEL • County Cycles – www.countycycles.com • Cars – www.carsbikeshop.com • NOW – www.nowbikes-fitness.com • MARKETPLACE • Gateway – www.gatewaycycle.com • Boehm's – www.boehmscycle.com • REI – www.rei.com • Derks Cycle Tours – www.scscbiketour.com

  35. Leader Announcements • Q & A • Drawing for Gift Certificates

  36. Have a Great Riding Season! Make Every Ride a Safe Ride

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