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Networking in the TCBC

Networking in the TCBC. Prepared/Presented by: Mark Maynard. Networking in the TCBC and Things I Wish I’d Known When I First Joined. Networking in the TCBC Agenda:. Part 1: Exploring the TCBC with Online Resources Part 2: Bi-Annual TCB Workshops Part 3: FCC/TCB monthly calls.

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Networking in the TCBC

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  1. Networking in the TCBC Prepared/Presented by: Mark Maynard TCB Council

  2. Networking in the TCBC andThings I Wish I’d Known When I First Joined TCB Council

  3. Networking in the TCBCAgenda: Part 1: Exploring the TCBC with Online Resources Part 2: Bi-Annual TCB Workshops Part 3: FCC/TCB monthly calls TCB Council

  4. Networking in the TCBC-Exploring the TCBC with Online Resources Who’s Who, and What’s What? TCBC Website FCC KDB Website TCB Council

  5. www.tcbcouncil.com • Home page TCB Council

  6. www.tcbcouncil.com • Home page: Quick Links TCB Council

  7. www.tcbcouncil.com • Home page: Quick Links TCB Council

  8. www.tcbcouncil.com • Home page: After Signing In TCB Council

  9. www.tcbcouncil.com • “About Us” tab  Board of Directors (BoD) • The Executive Committee of the TCBC TCB Council

  10. www.tcbcouncil.com • “About Us” tab  TCBC Bylaws • The “Operator’s Manual” for the TCBC • Directs the Executive Committee on Managing and Running the TCBC Organization TCB Council

  11. www.tcbcouncil.com • “About Us” tab  TCBC Bylaws: Section 2 • The purpose of the Council is to provide: a. A forum for periodic dialogue between the Federal Communications Commission and the Telecommunication Certification. b. Facilitation of ongoing activities geared towards the improvement of TCB technical and administrative performance. c. A forum for raising issues of concern to the FCC and vice versa. d. A common dissemination point for up-to-date FCC interpretations and rulings. e. A dissemination point for interpretations of other governments that have Mutual Recognition Agreements (“MRAs”) with the US (such as governments or “MRA Partners”). f. Links and liaisons with other domestic and/or non-domestic organizations. TCB Council

  12. www.tcbcouncil.com • “About Us” tab  TCBC Bylaws: Section 2 (cont.) • The Council’s activities shall be in keeping with the spirit of the FCC GEN Docket 98-68 • Articles 2.962(c) (5) and 68.162(c) (5): • "A TCB shall participate in any consultative activities, identified by the Commission or National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”), to facilitate a common understanding and interpretation of applicable regulations." TCB Council

  13. www.tcbcouncil.com • “About Us” tab  TCBC Code of Practice • Basic Guidelines for TCB’s to Follow TCB Council

  14. www.tcbcouncil.com • “About Us” tab  TCBC Code of Practice • The TCB Council has generated a Code of Practices (summarized): 1. Adherence to Guide 65 with emphasis on specific clauses 2. Publication of all TCB services and expectations 3. Signed agreement between the TCB and client 4. Complete application with appropriate statements from client 5. Reviewers and certifiers appropriately training and assessed for competence 6. Determining competence of a laboratory 7. TCB shall only certify equipment for which it has authority and competence 8. Complete quality reviews of applications for certification 9. Manufacturer statements regarding review of test data 10. TCB system to monitor quality and prevent errors 11. Reporting of undue pressure from clients 12. Internal TCB audits 13. Surveillance audits expectations TCB Council

  15. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Education” tab TCB Council

  16. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Membership” tab TCB Council

  17. TCBC Membership Eligibility • Any interested party can join! • Membership is on a company basis, with employees of a company able to receive TCBC Membership benefits without additional cost • FCC designated TCB's are considered Full TCB Council Members • Any other stakeholder (laboratories, manufacturers, accreditors, individuals) may join the TCB Council as Associate Members. TCB Council

  18. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Calendar” tab TCB Council

  19. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Calendar” tab  click on event for info TCB Council

  20. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Members Only” tab TCB Council

  21. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Members Only” tab  Members Gateway TCB Council

  22. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Members Only” tab  Member Portal • Manage your account, invoices & payment history, access member directory TCB Council

  23. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Members Only” tab  Q & A – Ask the FCC • The FCC Knowledge Database (KDB) • Office of Engineering and Technology Laboratory Division TCB Council

  24. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Members Only” tab  Meetings/Conferences Call Minutes TCB Council

  25. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Members Only” tab  Training Presentations Archive TCB Council

  26. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Members Only” tab  Test Procedures and Guides TCB Council

  27. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Members Only” tab  Pt. 68 Information TCB Council

  28. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Members Only” tab  Helpful Links TCB Council

  29. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Board Only” tab  TCBC Board Members only TCB Council

  30. TCBC Board of Directors (BoD) • Serves as the Executive Committee, consisting of 10 members: • One Executive Director (e.g. Chris Harvey) • Six US TCB Full Members • One Associate Member from the laboratory community • One Associate Member from the manufacturing community • One Full Member from a non-US TCB TCB Council

  31. TCBC Board of Directors • Executive Committee elections are every two years • Current BoD term started April 2013, and expires in April 2015 • Any TCB member (Full or Associate) in good standing can run for a position, but candidates must be nominated by their Member companies • Member Companies shall have no more than one representative with voting privileges on the Executive Committee (only 1 per company) TCB Council

  32. TCBC Board of Directors • There are four officer positions on the Board: Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, and Treasurer • Officers are elected by the BoD members at the first BoD meeting following the Executive Committee elections • The BoD officer terms are the same as the BoD two-year terms TCB Council

  33. www.tcbcouncil.com • “Training Resources” tab  Purchase DVD’s TCB Council

  34. Networking in the TCBC-Bi-Annual TCB Workshops The Main Events TCB Council

  35. TCB Workshops • Held in April & October, located in Baltimore for past 5 years • Featuring Presentations from Regulators and Industry Experts • Best networking opportunity for those in the FCC TCB community • About 200 members in attendance at each workshop TCB Council

  36. TCB Workshops • TCB members include those from FCC designated TCBs, Regulators, Test Labs, Manufacturers, Accreditors, and Consultants • The purpose of these meetings is to learn and share information, so make some valuable connections • There are others just like you here; meet your competitors! TCB Council

  37. TCB Workshops: Daytime • The Presentations  Agenda TCB Council

  38. TCB Workshops: Daytime • Review the Workshop Agenda in advance • Identify Key Topics & Interests • Review topics with your company colleagues, if applicable • Identify Key Contacts you’d like to make • Prepare Questions in advance • See if they are answered in presentation • Follow up with Presenter if not TCB Council

  39. TCB Workshops: Daytime • Making Connections • Know why you want to connect • Ask for something specific; have a purpose • Exchange contact info • During the day, utilize meal times and break times for introductions • Try not to start conversations between speakers, unless there is an announced delay • Please use common sense & courtesy TCB Council

  40. TCB Workshops: Nighttime • TCB Workshop Social Event • On Wednesday Evening during Workshop • Extended Meet-n-Greet Opportunity outside of the conference room • This Wednesday, April 9th • 6:00 to 9:00 PM • Pratt Street Ale House • 206 W. Pratt Street TCB Council

  41. Networking in the TCBC-FCC/TCB Monthly Calls Finding Experts and Champions TCB Council

  42. FCC/TCB Monthly Calls • Scheduled monthly FCC/TCB calls • Open to all TCB members • Allows for frequent updates from the FCC • Fosters open dialogue, discussions, and direct FCC access to resolve issues • Facilitates on-going activities to improve technical and administrative processes TCB Council

  43. FCC/TCB Monthly Calls • Make it a priority to attend the monthly FCC/TCB calls • Learn the latest info & updates • Identify key knowledge experts • Ask questions & provide input TCB Council

  44. TCBC Networking Tonight! Welcome Reception Monday, April 7th 5:00 to 6:00 PM Eden West Lounge Meet the TCBC BoD TCB Council

  45. Thank You Mark Maynard, Director SIEMIC www.SIEMIC.com mark.maynard@siemic.com TCB Council

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