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Community Club Leader Training 2010

Community Club Leader Training 2010. Yolo County. Cooperative Extension. Job Descriptions and Expectations. Staff Positions. State 4-H Director & Office (UC & USDA) - Statewide Program Policies - Professional Development - Global Guidance & Direction. County Director (UC & USDA)

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Community Club Leader Training 2010

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  1. Community Club Leader Training 2010 Yolo County Cooperative Extension

  2. Job Descriptions and Expectations • Staff Positions State 4-H Director & Office (UC & USDA) - Statewide Program Policies - Professional Development - Global Guidance & Direction County Director (UC & USDA) - Fiscal Oversight - University Policy Oversight - Personnel Youth Development Advisor (UC & USDA) - Local & Statewide Research - Local, Statewide & National Program Development - ”Advise” University and Local Organizations on Youth Development Best Practices and Needs Program Representative/Coordinator (Co) - Coordinate Local Programming - Ensure Policy Compliance and Program Quality - Community Relations - Volunteer Management of Exec & CCL’s Yolo County Cooperative Extension

  3. Job Descriptions and Expectations • Volunteer Positions • Executive Council • - Organizational Direction • - County-wide Program Financial Responsibility • - Spring Show Administration • Leader’s Council • - Governing Body of 4-H Clubs • Community Club Leaders • - Governing Position of Individual Clubs • - Oversight of Club Policy Compliance • - Oversight of Program Quality at Club Level • - Project Leader Management • Project Leaders • - Direct Education of Youth Members Yolo County Cooperative Extension

  4. Job Descriptions and Expectations • Others • UC Davis • - Local Land Grant Institution. • - Partially funded by USDA to administer portions of UCCE, which includes 4-H. • Parents • Boosters • - Not 4-H. Separate groups that support 4-H. No oversight by UC or county. • County Fair • - Not 4-H. Separate agency with whom we collaborate. • Farm Bureau • - Not 4-H. Separate agency with whom we collaborate. Yolo County Cooperative Extension


  6. SUCCESSFUL, HAPPY MEMEBERS (SELF ACTUALIZATION) THRIVE Passion Pride Self Esteem Personal Identity Citizenship Initiative Patriotism Independence Personal Improvement Personal Responsibility Generosity Gratitude Community Service Inquisitiveness Leadership Mastery Science, Engineering & Technology Initiative Experiential Education College Prep Problem Solving Skills Work Prep/ Technology Safety (risk reduction) Environment & Nature Healthy Living Initiative Emotions (stress, anger, love) Social Life & Belonging Physical Health (Nutrition & Physical Activity)

  7. Are we preparing our youth for the future? or the past? Education And The Future of Technology http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL9Wu2kWwSY Yolo County Cooperative Extension

  8. Share Best Practices • New Family Involvement and Introductions to 4-H • Officer Trainings • Outreach & Membership Drives

  9. http://willowoak4h.shutterfly.com/ password:  willowoak4h

  10. Evaluation Yolo County Cooperative Extension

  11. How many years have you been involved in 4-H? • Less than 1 year • 1-2 years • 2-3 years • 3-5 years • 5-10 years • 10-15 years • 15-20 years • 20 or more years

  12. As a result of this training, do you feel you better understand the goals of 4-H? • Definitely more • A little bit more • Maybe • Not really • Not at all

  13. What methods will you use to market 4-H in your area • Flyers to schools • Farm Connection Day • Newspaper • School event • Public Events

  14. Which of the 4-H initiatives do you feel we should strengthen first in our county? • Science, Engineering and Technology • Healthy Living • Citizenship

  15. What are your top 2 concerns for our 4-H program? • Changing priorities • Quality of programs • Administrative burden • Safety of members • Increasing costs • Program closure • Lack of volunteers • Lack of members • Confusion over program delivery

  16. Do you have a better understanding of the reasons for the structure of our program & how they tie into global youth development principles? • Yes • No

  17. Did you get at least one new idea that you can include in your club tonight? • Yes • No

  18. Thank you for being a 4-H volunteer! Yolo County Cooperative Extension

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