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2010 Chapter Leader Gathering

2010 Chapter Leader Gathering. Let’s thrive: Connecting to members, communities and congregations!. Let’s thrive: Connecting to members, communities and congregations.

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2010 Chapter Leader Gathering

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  1. 2010 Chapter Leader Gathering Let’s thrive: Connecting to members, communities and congregations!

  2. Let’s thrive:Connecting to members, communities and congregations - 2010 Direction, New Programs & Roles - Break - Workshops: Choose One - Celebration Luncheon - 2010 Quarterly Planning

  3. Why are connections important? Connections Relationships Membership Strong, financially secure families and communities

  4. Themes for the day (and year) • Connections • Options/choice • Empowerment • Member involvement/member ownership

  5. Chapters are mission-critical! You can help us achieve our mission by reaching out and involving more people in the organization

  6. Today’s key updates • Purpose-Driven Guidelines • Thrivent Choice • New congregational roles: • Congregational Advocates • Director of Congregational Advocates • Chapter Funding • Chapters of Excellence

  7. What is a Fraternal Benefit Society? = Owners Membership = Lutheran Common Bond = Insurance & Annuities Offer Members Personal Financial Protection = Educational, Social & Charitable Support for Community & Congregations Conduct Activities with Members to carry out Fraternal Purpose through Chapters (assisted by tax exemption)

  8. 4 • 2. Associate Members • Don’t generate tax-exempt funds • 11% of Members • 63% own some type of product • 37% are $10 Family Associate Mbr 3 2 1 FBS Benefit Members • 3. Non-Member Product Owners (Bank, etc.) • Are Not Members • Don’t generate tax-exempt funds • 3% of all product owners • 4. Prospects • No Product Ownership • Are Not Members UnderstandingMembers vs. Non-members • 1. Benefit Members • Generate tax-exempt funds • 89% of Members Chapters = Members Members = 1+2 “Owners”

  9. Purpose-Driven Guidelines designed to: • Help us make good decisions regarding the use of tax- exempt funds • Provide more flexibility and choice • Maintain a sense of responsibility and accountability • Encourage innovation

  10. Why are we introducing Thrivent Choice? • To get more members involved in helping choose where Thrivent Financial gives back • To support non-profit organizations that are important to our members • To differentiate Thrivent Financial by highlighting our uniqueness as a fraternal benefit society

  11. What is Thrivent Choice? • A giving program • A program where members can participate at different levels based on their involvement with Thrivent Financial Members who have a deeper relationship will have the opportunity to direct more funds.

  12. Choice Dollars Voting How does Thrivent Choice work? • Choice Dollars (summer launch) • Eligible benefit members (about 30%) • Personally help direct charitable funds • Thousands of Lutheran nonprofits, including congregations • Participation throughout year • Voting (spring launch) • All adult benefit & associate members • Proportionally direct charitable funds • Pre-selected national Lutheran and non-Lutheran charities • 1-2 times per year

  13. What is the role of volunteer leaders? Congregational advocates • Identify congregational needs and ways in which Thrivent Choice funds can help meet those needs • Educate members and promote Thrivent Choice in the congregation Chapter leaders • Promote Thrivent Choice among membership • Train and support congregational advocates in promoting the program • Approve organizations in your area that enroll as Choice Dollar recipients

  14. Next steps • Vote in April to experience how the program works • Stay tuned for: • Details on the chapter process to approve Choice Dollars enrollees • Promotional tools and resources • Detailed Choice Dollars eligibility information • If you are a benefit member, look for a letter this summer highlighting how many Choice Dollars you can direct

  15. New volunteer roles for 2010

  16. Congregational advocate • A volunteer position appointed by the chapter leadership board that: • Serves as an advocate for both Thrivent Financial and the congregation • Identifies Thrivent Financial solutions to help the congregation • Connects with Thrivent Financial members, congregational leadership and members

  17. Director of congregational advocates • A required elected chapter position that: • Encourages continual advocacy for Thrivent Financial and our mission to support congregations and communities • Partners with congregational advocates and Thrivent Financial representatives to promote educational, social and charitable activities within a congregation

  18. Congregational advocate recruitment • Our goal is to have a congregational advocate in each congregation, however, this is not a required volunteer position. • Methods for recruiting advocates include: • Volunteer Leader Interest Form on Thrivent.com • Thrivent Financial representatives and regional financial office • Chapter leaders • Grass-roots effort at congregations

  19. Congregational advocate training • New Volunteer Orientation • Role-specific webinar • Quick Reference Guide • Training facilitated by director of congregational advocates • Ongoing coaching

  20. 2010 Care Abounds in Communities funding 80% • Base amount per chapter • Amount per member household 20% • Based on members’ ownership of fraternal benefit society products Same as last year New for 2010 Why? To reinforce member involvement and ownership.

  21. Chapters of Excellence How well is your chapter connecting with others? This program helps you measure success in four areas: • Growth in member households • Net Promoter Score of your chapter members • Societal impact • Number of social/educational activities

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