why is apple watch is a terrible buy n.
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Why is Apple Watch is a Terrible Buy PowerPoint Presentation
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Why is Apple Watch is a Terrible Buy

Why is Apple Watch is a Terrible Buy

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Why is Apple Watch is a Terrible Buy

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  1. Why is Apple Watch is a Terrible Buy • When Apple watch came up, as we all expected it got a slick design ( on the high end model ), the one that is for $350 seemed more as a toy for kids.

  2. I gotta say, as a tech geek, the watch does seemed really nice, and I can see why many people may think at first this can get handy. After all we always try to compare convenience vs savings. Unfortunately, this watch couldn’t fall in the right place. Now, I am just going to list few reason why this watch is a terrible buy :

  3. Brand : • Lets face it people buy Apple, not only for the slick design and convenience but also because of the brand. Now, I am checking my $200 Armani watch which has been going on for years. Apple is not Armani, or Boss, and their low end watches can’t compete with that. Their high end watches will not stand against Rolex either.

  4. Value :

  5. Battery Life : • While Apple test came with 18 hours ( That is not for heavy users, this is on a light test, you can see the details on their website of what the 18 hours are based on. Now, if you a heavy user, give it 10 hours at best, before it turn into a regular watch with a battery life of 72 hours. Yes, the high end $17k watch can work for 72 hours before it battery dies, ouch.

  6. Recharge : • Got some time to kill ? will Apple watch could be perfect for that, it takes 2.5 hours to recharge your watch.

  7. Compatibility: • Of course, not compatible with android, but it is also not compatible with any phone before Iphone 5, so if you Iphone 4 is working fine, you still need to get an Iphone 5 or higher to be able to use it with the watch.

  8. Not a James Bond watch : • Well, it is not a James bond watch, and you are not going to be the only one who have it. After all some people buy it just because Apple released it.

  9. Convenient : • Taking into consideration the battery issue, and the fact that your phone is really not that far the watch is not that convenient.

  10. comparing to Android smart watches that can be bought for as low as $50, $350 to a low end watch or $17,000 may not be so promising.

  11. Our Recommendation : Don’t buy it just yet, wait for Apple future release, I am sure Apple will be pretty busy solving a lot of complaints that their fan will struggle with with the first edition. • VISIT US •