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The Internet

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The Internet WWW: The Worldwide What? Objectives: Upon completion of this class and the assignments, you will be able to: Identify some key facts about who is talking to whom on the Web Consider the role that the web will play on your advertising copywriting future

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The Internet

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the internet

The Internet

WWW: The Worldwide What?

  • Upon completion of this class and the assignments, you will be able to:
    • Identify some key facts about who is talking to whom on the Web
    • Consider the role that the web will play on your advertising copywriting future
    • Relate Web Banner and Panel advertising to Out of Home advertising techniques
  • Much of the following comes from this online series:
    • Let’s go here and take a quick look at the home page of the lecture series.
who uses the internet
Who Uses The Internet?
  • Who Uses the Internet?
  • The Internet Marketing Center has collected surveys from volunteer respondents who use the Internet. Among their findings in 1997:
    • Average age: 33
    • Male/Female Ratio: 65 to 35
    • Average Income: $59,000
    • Frequency of Use: 78% use their web browser more than once a day
    • Buying Online: 33% have purchased online; 46% have never bought online; 53% of those aged 19-25 have not purchased online.
    • Marital Status: 41% married, 41% single, 10% living with someone, 5% divorced
    • Occupation: 30% education, 28% computer-related, 19% professional or management
    • Race: 87% are Caucasian
    • Language: 88% use English as their first language
who advertises on the internet
Who Advertises on The Internet?
  • Anyone can have a presence on the Net
    • Smallest mom and pop company
    • Top Fortune 500 firm.
  • Users do not know the size of the firm when they are viewing a web page,
  • Web pages can be designed in-house cheaply
  • A company does not have to incur great expense.
    • Web site can be hosted for $35 per month or less.
how to advertise on the internet
How to Advertise on the Internet
  • The three most important factors in web publishing are content, content, and content.
  • A solid content site, even with ho-hum graphics, can generate a lot of interest.
    • Example, the The Skeptics Society website
      • Plain but full of info
      • Has won many awards for its content.
  • Best-case scenario = strong content along with great graphics, but if forced to choose, always choose content.
the wide web is narrowcasting
The Wide Web is Narrowcasting
  • The Internet allows for targeted market segmentation (AKA niche marketing)
    • Low cost means small segment can be pursued
    • Example: Into ultra-distance running? Ultra Running Magazine.
    • Winter sports? Sled Dogs.
  • The Web reaches micro-segments which would otherwise be too expensive
the web is interactive
The Web is Interactive
  • Pages let users communicate
  • Pages permit online purchases
  • You can play a game or take a class
  • You can chat, frat, or just chill.
pull not push
Pull Not Push
  • A "push" strategy is one in which the Marketer tries to reach final customers by selling through the trade (i.e., middlemen).
  • A pull strategy seeks to build demand first with final customers, who then "pull" the product through channel intermediaries.
  • The web is a Pull medium.
  • People have to visit and be pulled into desiring a product or service
  • Yahoo and other search engines draw visitors with strategically placed key words in the HTML coding,
the four horsemen of web advertising
The Four Horsemen of Web Advertising
  • Private domain a non-stop commercial website.
  • Sponsored Content Site, such as USA Today.
    • Content of the daily newspaper, but allows for advertising.
  • Search Engines, such as Yahoo.
    • The advertiser is charged only for the number of times their ad appears on visitor monitors.
  • Entry Portals, such as Netscape,
    • The first thing web visitors see after logging in
web ad costs
Web: Ad Costs
  • Advertising can be billed in either of three ways:
    • Flat Fee, which may or may not come with traffic guarantees.
    • Cost Per Thousand (CPM).
      • The average rate is $35 per 1000 views. Compared to TV ($6-14), magazines ($8-20), and newspapers ($18-20), web advertising is very expensive.
    • Click-Through. Expensive. Average is about $0.25 per click.
  • The most expensive sites average between $30,000 and $100,000 for a three-month business card size display ad.
  • Much depends on the nature of the site, and how "qualified" the viewers are for the advertiser.
types of web ads
Types of Web Ads
  • Besides corporate website there are three types of advertisements on the web.
    • Banner ads
      • Roughly 460 X 68 pixels.
      • Most prevalent form of web advertising.
    • skyscraper ad
      • An online ad significantly taller than the 120x240 vertical banner.
      • Can have left side or right side or both.
    • Check out:
  • Classified ads, like those at EPage.
    • Site features over 250,000 paid classified ads
  • Display ads,
    • Includes pop-unders and pop-ups
  • And now Flash and broad band animations and videos
assignments 7 and 8
Assignments 7 and 8

DUE Tuesday 11-29

  • Assignment # 7Write/Layout a Yellow pages ad. Use PowerPoint, Word, or InDesign. Create a border around the ad. Indicate the size of the ad in an area outside the border.
  • Assignment # 8: Write an Outdoor ad and a Web Banner Ad