how to calculate shipping costs and save on your n.
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How to Calculate Shipping Costs

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How to Calculate Shipping Costs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To make the whole shopping experience simple and cost-effective for everyone, it is imperative that you provide a quick and easy way to calculate shipping costs. Click through this presentation to find out how we guide our customers all the way through.

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how to calculate shipping costs and save on your

How to Calculate

ShippingCosts and Save

on Your Order

to determine your shipping costs

To determine your shipping costs if you're ordering just the one product, go into the product and underneath the pricing there is a shipping calculator. You just need to add in your postcode and the quantity that you're after, and it will give you a few options. Alternatively, if you are ordering more than one product, just jump into your cart after you've added everything in, add in your postcode again, and it will come up with all shipping options.

This will tell you the cost of the shipping, the courier it’s going via and the estimated delivery date from dispatch. Ordering in bulk will save you on your postage cost. If you order in bulk it's only one lot of shipment going out to you, rather than ordering 25 to 100 units every week. Every time you ship something out, there is a shipping cost. If you can consolidate your orders, we definitely recommend it.

If you're Melbourne-based we definitely have an option to come and collect from our warehouse. This not only saves you on shipping costs, but any possible courier

delays that can arise we re located in thomastown

delays that can arise. We’re located in Thomastown, approximately 16 kilometres from the CBD.

If you have a courier that you prefer, you are more than welcome to organize your own courier. Once your order has been picked and packed by our warehouse, we will call you with the weight and dimensions, so you can let your courier know and get an accurate shipping cost.

We sometimes get asked why shipping is so expensive. Couriers will either take whatever is greater, whether that be the dead weight or cubic weight. So while one box may not weigh that much, unfortunately when a stack is put on top of one another they can become quite heavy.

An example of this is our chocolate boxes. Because the clear lids already come pre-assembled, they do take up quite a large area of space in a courier’s truck

Therefore you will get charged more because the area is greater.

other factors that may increase your shipping

Other factors that may increase your shipping cost is where you're located from us. Unfortunately if you're located on the other side of Australia shipping can be more expensive, just because of the transit time between couriers. We do try to keep our costs as low as possible for you.

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PackQueen demonstrates how to use their online calculator and shares quick tips on how to save more on your order.

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