how to calculate credit score what is credit score n.
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How to Calculate Credit Score? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Calculate Credit Score?

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How to Calculate Credit Score? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Everyone wants good credit score. Credit score is generally calculated through a meter which ranges from 0 to 850. Know about Credit Score and how credit score is calculated\n

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how to calculate credit score what is credit score

How to Calculate Credit Score? What is

Credit Score?

Whats is Credit Score?

The FICO assessment is the report card for your whole record of loan

repayment. The FICO assessment is for the most part computed through a

meter which ranges from 0 to 850. These distinctive classifications or

elements which are considered at the season of figuring your FICO

assessment are installment history (35%), obligation and advance (30%),

length of record as a consumer (15%), new credit (10%) and kind of credit

accounts utilized (10%). These elements are essential for getting a decent

financial assessment. You can likewise think about the best tips to enhance

your FICO assessment.

check the best factors that you generally need

Check the best factors that you generally need to recollect for having the best

financial assessment. This diverse elements are considered by the banks and

the last FICO assessment is ascertained on the outcomes.

How Credit Score is Calculated?

Payment History (35%)

• Make payments on time

• It has positive impact

• Is the most vital factor

• It accounts for 35% of your score

• It shows whether you make payments on time, how often

you miss payments

Debt and Loan (30%)

• Pay off your loans

• Try to make online payment also

• It accounts for 30% of your score

• Lower your credit score through high balances

• It calculates total amount versus the amount due

credit history 15

Credit History (15%)

• It accounts for 15% of your score

• Checks your entire credit history

• Takes into account your old account

• Also verifies the dates of new accounts

• Try to keep your credit history clear of any debt

Account Type (10%)

• Have more trade-lines always

• Try to have multiple trade-lines

• It accounts for 10% of your score

• All accounts should always be updated

• Consists of installment loans, home loans, and retail and

credit cards

Recent Credit (10%)

have less new loans take less new account

• Have less new loans

• Take less new account requests

• It accounts for 10% of your score

• Your recent credit is also important

• Accounts which are more than 20 years old are good for


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