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At Glencoe, Journalism Matters! PowerPoint Presentation
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At Glencoe, Journalism Matters!

At Glencoe, Journalism Matters!

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At Glencoe, Journalism Matters!

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  1. At Glencoe, Journalism Matters!

  2. Program Components Student Edition Teacher’s Resource Binder Teacher Annotated Edition

  3. Introduce Your Students to the World of Working Journalists! Journalism Matters provides a broad overview of the news media with many activities and compelling examples.

  4. Journalism Matters Supports the Three Threads of Journalism #1 Journalism plays a vital role in the creation, development, and continuing good health of democratic communities. #2 Journalism is multicultural, and journalists must seek out their community’s many diverse voices. #3 Journalism must follow a strict code of ethics, and students must learn about that code from the very beginning.

  5. Journalism Matters Covers Many Types of Journalism! Student Newspapers Beat Reporting Reviews Advertising Writing Columns Photojournalism Yearbooks Public Relations Television Magazines Editorials Radio Sports Writing Interviewing Design and Layout

  6. Timeline The first six pages of the text displays a Timeline of journalistic milestones.

  7. Dateline Dateline discusses historical facts relating to important journalistic developments.

  8. This Just In This Just In features real-life situations encountered by young journalists.

  9. Practical and Hands-on!

  10. Rewarding Activities!

  11. Compelling Examples!

  12. Strong Writing Emphasis! Chapters train students to write well, summarize information, describe observations, and record news and comments.

  13. Multicultural Emphasis!

  14. Ethical issues are reflected in learning activities and discussion questions.

  15. Stylebook Combines the best of the AP rules and scholastic style sheets from across the country, alphabetized for ease of use

  16. Editor’s Handbook Features numerous practical tips for organizing and managing a student staff, including job descriptions, code of ethics, publication standards, and more!

  17. English and Spanish Glossaries!

  18. Teacher Annotated Edition Includes the full text of the student edition with helpful annotations, suggestions for enrichment, discussion starters, background information, and teaching ideas.

  19. Teacher’s Resource Binder Contains vocabulary, reteaching, and enrichment worksheets, plus quizzes, and chapter tests!

  20. Journalism Matters at Glencoe!