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5 themes of geography l.
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5 Themes of Geography PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Themes of Geography

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5 Themes of Geography
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5 Themes of Geography

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  1. 5 Themes of Geography Germany By: Ms. Hilton 10-1-05

  2. Location • Germany’s absolute location is 51°N, 9°E. • Germany shares its boarders with Poland, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. This makes up Germany’s relative location.

  3. Place • One of the major landforms in Germany is the Bavarian Alps. • When traveling through Germany, tourists will find many plateaus and forested mountains in the southern regions. • For the most part, Germany’s climate is temperate. There are wet winters and summers.

  4. Place Continued… • About 38% of the population is Protestant, mostly in the north, and 34% is Roman Catholic, primarily in the south and west. • Germany's contributions to the world's cultural heritage are numerous, and the country is often known as “The Land of Poets and Thinkers”. • The official language of Germany is German.

  5. Movement • Germany is one of the World’s largest exporters. Some of the major materials they export are steel, cars, electronics and chemicals. • The majority of Germany’s population is centered around Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich. The reason for this is due to the many industries in those areas.

  6. Regions • Germany as a whole can be divided into three major geographic regions: the low-lying North German plain, the central German uplands, and in the south, the ranges of the Central Alps and other uplands.

  7. Regions Continued… • The Northern area is the focus of a major farming community. The area is also a major contributor in the transportation industry. • The Central Uplands concentrate on producing vineyards and have a small focus in the industrial sector.

  8. Regions Continued… • The Southern Region is a big tourist attraction with the popular Bavarian Alps. This region is also a big contributor in the industrial industry. • The population in Germany is over 80 million. The majority of the population is primarily German. • There are over seven million non-citizens that reside in Germany. Immigrants have come from Turkey, Russia, Poland, Croatia and Romania.

  9. Human-Environmental Interactions • Despite poor soil conditions, the Germans have adap ted to make their agricultural sector successful. • The Germans also depend on Lake Constance, located in the Alps. This lake is a huge tourist attraction, which makes a lot of money for the German economy. • Due to the heavy industrial sections, those areas tend to have heavy air pollution.

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