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This presentation is my letter to Mario Maurer. I hope Mario Maurer will read my letter.

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Dear mario maurer l.jpg
Dear Mario Maurer,

Firstly, I want to say “thanks for reading

this letter”. I never thought you will read this

letter. Maybe, only 10% I believe you will read

this letter. Actually, I write this letter just for fun.

Slide3 l.jpg

Okay, I will introduce my self. My name

is NurulAnnisa. You can call me Nurul. I am

13th years old. I am from Indonesia. I am one of

your fans. Maybe, I haven’t been your big fans.

Because I don’t know about you very well.

Slide4 l.jpg

I knew you from the middle of December

2011. I saw you in the film “Crazy Little Thing

Called Love”. I was very admired your acting.

After that, I began to search about you. Such as

your biography, your fanspage, your website, etc.

Slide5 l.jpg

In my school subject list, I took your photos

From google to boost my spirit of studying.

I hope I can get the 1st rank in my class. Wish

me luck, okay?

Slide6 l.jpg

Actually, I want your photos and your

signature. If you will to give me, please send

your photos and your signature for me. You can

send it to :


JalanMangkuyudan 57

Yogyakarta 55143


Slide7 l.jpg

But if you don’t want, it’s okay. No

problem. I already very happy if you read and

reply this letter.

Slide8 l.jpg

By the way, when will you come to

Indonesia again? I know you ever come to

Indonesia(Bandung) became a guest star in

Chelsea’s birthday party. I saw the video on

youtube. You look so cute 

Slide9 l.jpg

Honestly, I write this letter little difficulty

because I am not to fluent with english.

Sometime, I use dictionary and ask my best friend

and my teacher to help me.

Ok, one last question. Is there any sequel of

Crazy Little Thing Called Love?

Slide10 l.jpg

Mario, I want to say “thanks for read this

letter” again. Sorry if I talk to much and I

already make you tired read this letter.

Thank you!

Your fan,