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How to authorize and deauthorize Computer and MAC on iTunes?

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How to authorize and deauthorize Computer and MAC on iTunes? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Check this out,\n\n(1) How to authorize a computer on iTunes on Windows and Mac system?\n(2) How to deauthorize computer iTunes on Windows and MAC?\n(3) How to deauthorize iTunes from multiple computers?\n(4) How to deauthorize computer for which you do not have any administrative rights?\n(5) What to do if iTunes repeatedly asks you to authorize your computer?\n\n

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You are here: Home » Tips-Tricks » Tips-Softwares » How to authorize and deauthorize Computer

and MAC on iTunes?

How to authorize and deauthorize Computer and

MAC on iTunes?



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“I want to play my purchased iTunes content on my computer so How to authorize a computer on

iTunes?” The answer is very simple. Playing iTunes content on the computer is not a rigid task but the

process is very simple as you can think of. Apple iTunes provides the facility to link you computer to the app

so that you can conveniently play your purchased music downloads and other contents on your Windows and

Mac computers. But before performing this, you should have a valid Apple ID and password or iTunes ID for

your iTunes account.

iTunes is a necessary app when it comes to downloading movies, apps, music and TV shows on your Windows

and Mac PC. The difference between downloading media files from iTunes and other sites is that the iTunes

content is DRM free and are legally authorized for download. Whereas the other sites do not comply with

DRM and downloading content from them are not totally legal. But before you download any content from

iTunes store, you need to authorize your computer with iTunes.

Here, we will tell you why it needs authorizing computer for iTunes and the procedure to authorize and

deauthorizing it. These procedures can be used with any version of iTunes, starting from iTunes 12, iTunes 11,

iTunes 10, iTunes 9 and the previous versions.

What is iTunes authorize computer?

iTunes authorization on a specific computer is required before you download and play any file and media

content in it remotely. The authorization can be done with a maximum of 5 computers integrated to your

Apple ID. The authorization is a type of DRM which prevents access to the content which you purchased on

iTunes. Meanwhile, the number of iTunes authorization does not require counted on iOS devices so you can

have as many iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices.

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(1) How do I authorize my computer for iTunes on Windows PC?

Before authorizing your computer to iTunes, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on

your Windows or Mac system.


► iTunes Store App Store

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► Fix iTunes Library

Download and install the latest version of iTunes from

Launch iTunes.

Click on the Menu button > go to iTunes Store.

Select ‘Authorize your computer ‘.

(2) How to authorize a computer on iTunes on Mac system?

Launch iTunes.

Click on Store from the menu bar.

Select ‘Authorize your computer’.

Now in both cases, enter your Apple ID and password to authorize computer for iTunes. Now your computer

will be able to play, download and sync your purchased iTunes content.

How to deauthorize computer iTunes on Windows PC?

(1) To deauthorize iTunes on Windows systems, please proceed with the steps given below:

Open iTunes from the computer you seek to deauthorize.

Click on Menu > iTunes Store.

Click on Deauthorize your computer.

A pop-up window will appear asking for your Apple ID and password. Fill it up with the appropriate

credentials and deauthorize your Windows system.

(2) How to deauthorize iTunes on Mac?

Launch iTunes.

Go to Store > Deauthorize your computer.

Besides this, you can also deauthorize multiple computers from iTunes. In case, you forget which computer is

deauthorized and which is not then you should not bother because iTunes allow you to deauthorize several

computers at a time

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(3) How to deauthorize iTunes from multiple computers?

Start Download

Update Windows® 10

Drivers from


Open iTunes.

Click on the iTunes Store on the left panel.

When the store loads, click on the Sign in option at the top-right corner of the Windows store.

Enter your Apple ID and password > Sign in.

Click on Account under the Quick Links section.

Now click on Deauthorize all button under Account Information.

To confirm the action, click on Deauthorize all computers.

Therefore, you have successfully deauthorized all connected computers from iTunes.

But remember that you can “deauthorize computer iTunes” only once per year. In case, you mistakenly do it,

try contacting Apple customer support and request them to reset your iTunes authorizations.

(4) When should you deauthorize computer from iTunes?

The deauthorization process should take place when you’re about to uninstall iTunes from your computer or

reinstall your Windows operating system. You should also deauthorize it when you’re about to sell your PC

and buy a new computer. Deauthorization can also be done when you decide not to use your purchased iTunes

content on your PC. Apple always recommends you to deauthorize iTunes before changing or upgrading your

computer hardware because if you don’t do it Apple will count the same machine as a different one and

consider multiple authorizations. Since Apple limits you up to 5 computer authorizations you should be very

careful about performing the same. To know how many computers you authorize computer iTunes, you can

check it under you account information.

How do I know the number of authorized computer

with iTunes?

Open iTunes.

Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Click on the dropdown button beside your name > go to Account info.

Enter your password once again.

Under ‘Apple ID summary’ you can view the number of authorized computers in the ‘Computer

Authorizations’ section.

Here, you can only view the number of authorized computers but you cannot have access to the computer


How to deauthorize computer for which you do not

have any administrative rights?

What will you do if you need to deauthorize a computer which you are not authorized to use? If you are trying

to deauthorize iTunes in a computer which probably stopped working or needs Windows reinstallation, then

you’re likely to upgrade it or sell it without deauthorizing it. But this will not be considered by Apple since it

will count your old computer as one of the authorized PC’s in iTunes and one of the 5 computers which are

authorized in iTunes. If you are confused with the number of authorized computers and trying to deauthorize

one by one then you will probably mess up. Instead of doing this, deauthorize all computers at a time rather

than deauthorizing individual computers.


► iTunes Sync

► Apple ID

► iTunes com

What to do if iTunes repeatedly asks you to authorize

your computer?

Although this happens in rare cases, still if iTunes repeatedly prompts to authorize your computer then there

are a number of options you can try to fix this trouble.

(1) Authorize your computer from an Administrator account

Log in to the computer on which you have administrator access and follow the same authorization process as

we mentioned above. After completing the process, log out of the iTunes user account and log back in to

access your contents in iTunes.

(2) Use the correct Account information to access your contents

You might have probably messed up with your iTunes account details and have been trying to access contents

of a separate account. To ensure you are using the correct account name, follow these steps:

Open iTunes.

Select one of your purchased songs from the library.

Press the Menu bar > click on File > Get info.

Click on the File tab.

View the Account name or Apple ID that appeared on the list.

This is the account detail which you need to authorize while accessing your purchased iTunes files.

(3) Turn off User Account Controls

To turn off user account controls, follow the steps below:

Open Control Panel by going to Start > Control Panel (Windows 7 and Windows 8)

Click on Users Accounts and Family Safety.

In the User Accounts window, click on User Accounts.

Click on ‘Change User Account Control Settings’.

Move the slider to ‘Never notify’.

Click Ok and reboot your computer.

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(4) Eliminate the SC info folder

If the above options failed to troubleshoot the problem, then try removing the SC info folder by following the

below procedure:

For Windows system

Exit from iTunes.

Press the Windows key on your keyboard or the Ctrl + Esc button.

Click on the Start button from your Windows taskbar.

In the search bar, type %ProgramData% and press the Return key.

Show the hidden files by clicking on View > Options. On the View tab, select Show hidden files folders

and drives. (Windows 8).


Show the hidden files by clicking on Organize > Folder > Search options. On the View tab, select Show

hidden files, folders, and drives. (Windows 7).

Navigate to the SC info folder.

Now open the Apple Computer folder > iTunes folder.

Right click on the SC info folder > select Delete from the pop-up menu.

Reboot your computer.

Now open iTunes and authorize your computer.

If you have multiple authorized computers then authorize your computer for every single account.

Therefore, you have learned the proper ways about how to authorize computer for iTunes and how to

deauthorize it. These procedures can be easily completed by anyone. You should be very careful before you

deauthorize your computers because it can be done once in every year. Authorizing your iTunes will allow you

play the legal iTunes content straight from your PC and you won’t require any iOS device to do the same. You

can also check detailed post on Apple Support Forum.

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