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iTunes Remote Control

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iTunes Remote Control. ECE 445 Spring 2006 Project #24 Jon Michaels Nick Modrzejewski Rob Tupuritis. Introduction. Digital Music Peer to Peer Filesharing Wireless Communications. Apple iPod iTunes Multimedia PC’s Universal Remotes. Objective.

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Presentation Transcript
itunes remote control

iTunes Remote Control

ECE 445 Spring 2006

Project #24

Jon Michaels

Nick Modrzejewski

Rob Tupuritis

  • Digital Music
  • Peer to Peer Filesharing
  • Wireless Communications
  • Apple iPod
  • iTunes
  • Multimedia PC’s
  • Universal Remotes
  • Aid transition of digital music into home theater
  • Build product to aid popular digital music player
  • Functional and marketable product
initial idea
Initial Idea
  • Remote Control for iTunes on a PC
  • RF and Bluetooth vs. infrared
  • Functionality - menu, visualization, and equalizer functions
  • Software package
  • PIC Microcontroller
  • BlueSMiRF radio
  • Bluetooth USB
  • Backlit Serial LCD screen
  • ON/OFF switch
  • 4 AA Battery powered
  • Surface mount buttons
system overview
System Overview
  • Hardware:
    • Pushbuttons and logic, PIC16F88 microcontroller, serial enable LCD, BlueSMiRF blueradio, Power Supply,
    • Bluetooth enabled PC.
  • Software:
    • iTunes, remote handler software (ECERemote.exe), PIC program
system overview1
System Overview

Serial enabled





Serial Port


12 Push


hardware overview in house
Hardware Overview(In House)
  • Pushbuttons and Logic
    • User interface, 12 buttons allow the user to control iTunes remotely
  • PIC16f88 microcontroller
    • Controls communication from the remote to radio
  • Power Supply
    • Provides a regulated 5V source and ground for the system.
hardware overview purchased
Hardware Overview(Purchased)
  • Serial Enabled LCD
    • serLCD v2
    • Controlled by the HD44780 LCD controller
    • Purchased from Sparkfun Electronics
  • BlueSMiRF
    • Manufactured by blueradios
    • Purchased from Sparkfun Electronics
push buttons logic
Push Buttons & Logic
  • 12 Priority encoded buttons
  • Logic system for generating an interrupt signal
pic16f88 microcontroller
PIC16F88 Microcontroller
  • Receives button data on pins A0-A3
  • External interrupt driven
  • Generates unique ASCII character for each button.
  • Sends ASCII character via RS-232 port to BlueSMiRF.
  • Programmed in C using MPLab, CCS C compiler, and PICStart Plus programmer.
power supply
Power Supply
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • Standard slider switch provides ON/OFF functionality
  • voltage regulator provides a clean 5 volt supply to system.
purchased hardware
Purchased Hardware
  • Serial Enabled LCD
    • 16x2 character LCD display with adjustable backlight.
    • Receives ASCII character via RS-232 port and displays it.
  • BlueSMiRF
    • Receives RS-232 data from PIC and transmits over radio link.
    • Receives data via radio link and transmits in RS-232 standard to serial enabled LCD.
    • 9600bps, 8 Bits, No Parity, 1 Start/Stop
  • Custom Windows application that interfaces between the iTunes software and remote control hardware
  • Features:

- Media Player Functionality

- Music Library Navigation

- Hardware Configuration

media player functionality
Media Player Functionality
  • Play/Pause
  • Skip Forward/Backward
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Equalizer
  • Visualizer
  • Shuffle
music library navigation
Music Library Navigation
  • Access to entire iTunes music library from remote via menu interface
  • Easy intuitive navigation
  • Song selection arranged by artists and user-defined iTunes playlists
hardware configuration
Hardware Configuration
  • Dynamic interface allows user to easily connect to Bluetooth remote
  • Provides interface to adjust LCD backlight remotely
development tools
Development Tools
  • Visual C# application developed using Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET framework
  • iTunes Windows SDK
itunes programming
iTunes Programming
  • iTunes functionality exposed via Windows COM interface
  • Allows creation and manipulation of iTunes its and internal objects:

- playlists and playlist collections

- tracks and track collections

- custom event handlers

menu interface
Menu Interface
  • Tree-like structure
  • Nodes are built dynamically as user navigates

== Playlists ==

Party Mix

MenuNode class

Driving Mix

MenuItem class


MenuItem class

=== Beatles ===

MenuItem class

All You Need is Love

=== Artists ===

Come Together





communications incoming
Communications - Incoming
  • BlueSMiRF radio is configured by Windows as a standard serial port
  • .NET framework provides SerialPort class
  • DataReceived Event Handler reads in commands from remote
  • Byte streams are decoded into commands that are sent to iTunes
communications outgoing
Communications - Outgoing
  • LCD functionality is controlled from the PC
  • The LCD unit receives commands and characters to display
  • User button presses and iTunes events call LCD functions that write the appropriate information to the display
range testing
Range Testing
  • BlueSMiRF radio accepts AT modem-style commands
  • Provides two measures of connection quality:

- Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)

- Bit Error Rate

  • Start at distance of two feet and incremetally move away, taking 3 measurements of each indicator per step
  • Average values and plot as a function of distance
range testing1
Range Testing


- Maximum operating distance ~30m

- Reliable operation within 20m

battery life
Battery Life
  • Measure current draw for 12 different cases
  • Assume normal operation involves the user selecting one new song every 5 minutes. This requires approximately 10 – 30 button presses (communication events)
  • Standard Energizer E91 AA Battery has a capacity of 2850 mAh
  • Push and hold button repeat
  • Minimze cost by building radio and LCD in house
  • Handle out of Range crashing issues
  • Increased software robustness
  • Increased battery life through radio ‘sleep mode’
  • Rechargeable batteries, dock
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