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Burning a CD using iTunes PowerPoint Presentation
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Burning a CD using iTunes

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Burning a CD using iTunes
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Burning a CD using iTunes

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  1. Burning a CD using iTunes Theresa Anderson Jon Bollinger Vandan Desai Udit Pandya Steven Sumedi

  2. Introduction • iTunes playlist can be used to do many things: • Create custom mixes of songs. • Burn CDs. • Sync multiple iPods on one computer. • This presentation will first show you how to create a playlist, which is necessary to burn a CD. • The presentation will then guide you step-by-step through the CD burning process.

  3. Step 1: Create an iTunes Playlist • Open up iTunes. • Click the “+” sign at the bottom-left corner of the screen to create a new playlist. • See Figure 1.

  4. Step 2: Name the Playlist • After you’ve clicked the button, you’ll see an untitled playlist created in a drawer. • Type a name for the playlist into the field. • Hit enter or return to finalize the name. • If you accidentally call it “untitled”: • Single click the playlist. • Wait a second. • Then click the text of the name. • It will become editable again.

  5. Step 3: Add Songs to the Playlist • Go back to your music library and drag the songs you want to include on the CD to the new playlist. • Do this until you have added all the songs you want. • See Figure 3.

  6. Step 4: Arrange Order of the Songs • To arrange the order of the songs on your burned CD, click on the playlist name to view the list of songs. • When you see the list of songs, you can drag and drop them to put them in any order you want.

  7. Step 5: Burn CD in iTunes • Once you’ve the playlist in the order you want, insert a blank CD into your computer. • When the CD is loaded into the computer, click the “Burn Disc” icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the iTunes window.

  8. Step 6: Adjust the Burn Settings • Then, the “Burn Settings” dialog box will open allowing you to choose the type of disc you want to create, such as Audio CD or MP3 CD. • Select your desired disc format and then click “Burn”

  9. Step 7: iTunes will Burn the CD • iTunes will check the playlist and prepare the songs and then initialize the disc. • As iTunes burns the CD, it will show a progress bar at the top of the window and give you an ETA for completion.

  10. Step 8: Eject Disc and Use the CD • When the burn is complete, iTunes will make a noise alerting you. • The CD, with the name you gave in step 2, will show up in the tray on the left in iTunes. • You can now safely eject the disc by pressing the “eject” icon next to the name of the CD.

  11. Thank You! Any Questions?