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Search Engine Optimization Riverside PowerPoint Presentation
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Search Engine Optimization Riverside

Search Engine Optimization Riverside

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Search Engine Optimization Riverside

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  1. Technologies That Drive Business

  2. About Q-Vantage Qvantage creates long-term partnerships with its customers by putting forth value propositions and by delivering customized solutions combined with unshakeable commitment to quality and satisfaction. Our clients can concentrate on their core competencies and build profitable customer relationships while they rely on us to provide them with scalable end-to-end solutions. Our quality is constantly checked and assured according to the defined metrics at every level of the engagement. Given the current industry convergence between business and technology, Qvantage is well positioned to offer seamless services and solutions bridging both the arenas. Our offshore team-members consider their job opportunities to be of premium nature and in return they are willing to invest 110%. In the process, they produce extraordinary results for our clients.

  3. Search Engine Optimization

  4. Off page SEO 1.Submission to Google Places. 2. Submission to TOP Search Engines 3. Submission in Search Engine Friendly Directories 4.Keywords rich Article Writing. 5. Approved Article Submission directories e.g. Tasks Involved On Page SEO 1. Generation of Pre Optimized Report 2. Competitive Intelligence and Analysis 3. Keyword Research and Implementation 4. Meta Tag Creation 5. Alt Tag Optimization 6. Website verification from Google Webmaster Tool

  5. Benefits that you will derive from the SEO are: 1. SEO helps in increasing website ranking in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and many more. 2. SEO helps in increasing the visitors on the website. 3. Since your website is related to generate potential business leads, then SEO is a must to enhance profits. 4. SEO makes your website popular in the internet world. 5. SEO is necessary because your competitors are also doing it. 6. SEO is a cost effective and economical method than any other internet marketing tool. 7. Benefits of work done in SEO can be reaped over a long duration What is the use of SEO or Why SEO?

  6. It pays to have well maintained servers, network, desktops, and laptops. We proactively manage your IT eco-system in such a manner that will expose tomorrow's problems today - or before they become problems. We begin the process with the initial visit to your offices and conduct an audit of your IT systems for best practices. This visit is usually followed by a senior network engineer's visit during which we gather your network information, telecom details, data transfer speeds, bottlenecks, security, desktop usage, etc. and provide you with a detailed analysis, feedback and recommendations, We serve clients in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Counties. It Services & EMR

  7. E-Commerce & Social Media Integration Your e-commerce store will come loaded with a shopping cart icon. As your clients purchase your products they will easily be able to view what is in their shopping carts. Furthermore, your clients will easily be able to add, delete, or refresh the contents of the shopping cart. This easy-to-use system will allow you to sell more products and will comfort your clients with intuitive sales process. Online shopping experience will greatly be enhanced with your intuitive shopping cart technology.

  8. Q-Vantage Call Center

  9. Contact Us Qvantage 4505 All State Dr., # 10, Riverside, CA. 92501 USA 951-680-0808