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  2. Tech Crazy is a total web solution provider that specializes in web developing and web promotion services like Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Who are tech crazy ?

  3. A competitive solution to increase the traffic to your website through Search Engines and thereby attract new clients. An essential marketing tool to keep a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. SEO IN SIMPLE TERMS

  4. 92.4% of web surfers use the internet to research a purchase decision 64.9% use a search engine as the first step in the buying process 37.5% research and buy online 75.7% of Google users use natural search links More than 80% of people on the web use Search Engines to find a product or service SEO STATISTICS

  5. The google search engine

  6. Increased visibility of your website and, consequently, your products/services on the web • Increased targeted traffic • Increased number of leads • Increased customers • Increased sales What seo will achive for your company

  7. Keyword and Competitive Analysis Discovery - finding as many keywords as possible relating to your website. ROI analysis - finding the most valuable keywords for your website. The most generic keywords are the most widely searched, but also the most competitive. Competitive analysis - analyzing the strength of competitors for potential keywords. What tech crazy will do for you

  8. Page Rank uses the vast link structure of the web as an indicator of an web page's value, ie., Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. Important, high-quality sites receive a higher Page Rank, which Google remembers each time it conducts a search. What is page rank (pr) ?

  9. Maximize the inbound links, reciprocal links, two- and three-way links. Inbound links from sites with similar content to yours will give you an even bigger boost. How to improve your pr

  10. Seo implement flow chart

  11. Initial Pre-Position Report: Within 30 days from signing the contract. • Delivery of Optimized Content: Within 30 days from signing the contract, can vary depending on site and circumstances. • 1st Ranking Progress Report: Within 60 days from signing the contract. • Post Position Report: Within 90 days from signing the contract. Project timelines

  12. Google Bing Yahoo And more than 15 key search engines. Major search engine targets

  13. Email : Web: CONTACT DETAILS

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