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The Symphony, Online

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The Symphony, Online - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Symphony, Online Don Hoag - Sudhir Gopal - Andrew Jones - Eungsang Kim - Yi-fan (Eddie) Fang Major Online Symphony Players New York Philharmonic Boston Symphony Orchestra Cleveland Orchestra

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The Symphony, Online

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the symphony online

The Symphony, Online

Don Hoag - Sudhir Gopal - Andrew Jones - Eungsang Kim - Yi-fan (Eddie) Fang

major online symphony players
Major Online Symphony Players
  • New York Philharmonic
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra

  • Cleveland Orchestra
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra
  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra

notable media quotes
Notable Media Quotes
  • "Making music is one of our basic needs. It is as necessary as food or drink or breath. Making music passionate is what matters to me most. And with this orchestra the possibilities are limitless. The San Francisco Symphony and I hope you'll be with us as we embrace the ultimate musical challenge on our journey to the year 2000."

- Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Symphony

  • "Today marks a milestone for a new millennium of symphonic music and audiences worldwide. will feature the highest level of interactivity and a wide range of symphonic content." "This project establishes the Dallas Symphony Orchestra as a leader in using the excitement and immediacy of the Internet to reach new audiences and expand our education activities."

- Eugene Bonelli, Dallas Symphony Association

who are the customers
Who are the customers?
  • Individuals interested in classical, “cultural” music
  • White-collar men and women
    • Typical profiles are professionals who are web literate
  • Students
    • College and High School students that frequently surf the web
  • Senior citizens
  • Schools as a group, or any type of group organization
  • Current and prospective donors
value added services basic
Value Added Services (Basic)
  • General info
    • Schedule, seating charts, ticketing/price info, news (example slides follows)
    • Conductor and musician biographies, symphony history
  • Online ticket purchasing and donation applications
    • Links to Ticketmaster online
    • Proprietary software to order tickets or donate online
  • Email, newsletter clubs
    • Symphonies send email and newsletters to their members to keep them updated of schedules and new information
  • Volunteer groups
    • News about current activities or signups for new members
    • Creating virtual communities with the volunteers
  • Links to other cultural info
ticket ordering ny orchestra
Ticket Ordering, NY Orchestra
  • Order form for online ticket purchases
    • Most require you to select a concert from a calendar of events
    • NY’s is one of the more robust versions
value added services advanced
Value Added Services (Advanced)
  • Child education programs (example slide follows)
    • Programs that involve children in the symphony by providing specialized games and web sites
    • Working with educators by providing information tools and assistance in music education
  • Merchandise/Souvenir online stores
  • Virtual tours of Symphony Halls
    • Uses multimedia to convey greater detail of the halls
    • Perpetuate online booking (ex. Baltimore, Czech, Boston)
sample children s section chicago
Sample Children’s Section, Chicago
  • Interactive sites help expand a child’s experience and understanding of the symphony environment
value added services advanced cont
Value Added Services (Advanced, cont.)
  • Online information for types of orchestral competitions (Dallas)
  • Online games, trivia
  • Online audio interviews with concert master (Australia, San Francisco)
  • Application forms for auditions (Boston, Oregon)
  • Screenshots of stage views from possible seating locations (Dallas)
  • Live and recorded Webcast streaming audio and video (Dallas)
attracting customers
Attracting Customers
  • Swapping links with related ‘cultural’ sites and other symphonies
  • Corporate sponsors
    • Links on corporate donor web sites lead customers to non-profit organizations
  • Home city link sites
  • Visible links on other commercial and noncommercial sites
  • Brand Name of renowned symphonies
    • Recognized symphonies use their name to attract customer traffic (Boston Pops)
    • Well-known conductors and artists
attracting customers cont
Attracting Customers (cont.)
  • Links from Foundations
    • Popular support foundations that donate funds link to the web site (Heinz Foundation)
  • Current member email lists
    • Members can email their friends the web page of their favorite symphony
    • Members can also sign up their friends for newsletters
  • Online live performances
  • Public service announcements on radio, TV, newspapers
  • Word-of-mouth
getting repeat customers
Getting Repeat Customers
  • Established methods seem underutilized
    • Web site used as more of a marketing, informational tool than a revenue generator
  • Common practices include:
    • Bulletin board (Baltimore)
      • Creating a sense of community among participants
    • E-mails
      • Notification of relevant information
    • Varying online programs, information over time
      • Constantly updating web page information
    • Student representatives
      • Students act as symphony ambassadors to the campus community

Pittsburgh as an Example

  • Symphonies have 10% of the market share in a predominantly “blue-collar” community


  • Partnering with “High-Tech” firms
    • These firms provide e-commerce strategy, expertise, and project management
  • Creating “Cutting-Edge” applications
    • Webcasting, video-streaming
  • Utilizing database of registration information to personalize marketing
    • Versioning web pages based on membership levels, demographics and interests
  • Using the Internet to “reach, build, and educate future audiences for symphonic music.”
    • Linda Hart, Chairman, Dallas Symphony Association