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To start the Presentation If you have MS Office 2007 then Press F5 and then click left to advance to the next picture. At the end click [x] of the Presentation (one in red field) to get back to the web site.

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To start the Presentation

If you have MS Office 2007 then Press F5 and then click left to advance to the next picture. At the end click [x] of the Presentation (one in red field) to get back to the web site.

If you have an older version of MS Office then click the right mouse button and from menu select “whole screen”. Click left to advance to the next picture. At the end click on the blue left pointing arrow in the left upper corner to get back to the web site


Tour of

villa ‘Bohemian Paradise’

Part II.

Suites 1 & 2


The inner space can be configured several ways. From the basic configuration - 3 large family suites to as many as 7 independent suites with their private entrances and bathrooms, out of that 5 are for couples and 2 for families. That will be shown in Part III.




Suite 1 on floor 1

Large picture window

Cellar staircase

Common hall


Sitting area

Floor 1

Large bathroom

Spiral stairs

Reception area

Dining area

Street side

Front entry

Suite 1 on floor 2

Main staircase

Master bedroom

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 3

Floor 2

Upper landing

Spiral stairs

Bedroom 2

Master bathroom

Smaller bath

Street side


You are back in the common hallway. Walk through the door and look to your left. You are looking into the arched entry of Suite 1 reception room

Walk in….


…arched entry into the dining room. Note the opening in the left wall to facilitate a view…


There is a good size kitchen behind the bar and the fireplace chimney. Now look to your left

There are 2 sinks. One is in the left corner of this picture and one by the bar

making it a ‘wet bar’. Note counters and cabinets are up and down

and all around.


Kitchen entry. From here proceed to the left out of the reception area and walk across Suite 1 hallway straight into the bathroom door.


Now go back and walk up the spiral case to bedrooms and more bathrooms

Large bath of Suite 1 on the 1st floor with

a corner tub, bidet and a number of cabinets.


Upstairs right are doors to 3 bedrooms

Master Suite

Upstairs left is the Master Suite door and bath no. 2 door (left of Master Suite door)


Bath no. 2 upstairs with toilette, sink and shower, serves along with the…

…large bathroom downstairs to the 3 following bedrooms.…


Bedroom 3 of 3 in Suite 1.

Including the Master bedroom (coming next) there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in Suite 1


Master Suite

  • The 5 following pictures are of the Master Suite which can be configured
  • 2 ways by a simple transfiguration.
  • It can serve as the Master Suite of Suite 1 having 2 entries (as shown in this Part). One entrance from the spiral staircase and the other from the main stairwell.
  • It can also serve as a private Guest or ‘Bridal suite’ with a single private entrance from the main stairwell only. In that case the entrance from Suite 1 is easily transformed into a roomy wardrobe with a folding door and with the Suite 1 entry door locked out and hidden by acoustic insulation (as shown in Part 3).
  • This idea of a convertible wardrobe <-> door is utilized in 3 bedrooms of
  • Suite 3 as shown in Part 3 of this Presentation.

Last picture of the Master Suite

and of Suite 1 as well


Suite 2 all on floor 1



Cellar staircase

Common hall

Large bathroom



Sitting area

Floor 1


Dining area. Can be bedroom

Could be dining area

Street side

Front entrance

Walk-in wardrobe

West entrance / staircase to floor 2


Walk in. Large hallway of Suite 2 located entirely in the 1st floor can be used as a dining room. It leads to the bathroom on the right and straight forward to the sitting, dining, kitchen area and bedrooms. Let’s turn right to the bath…

We are back in the common hallway. Let’s walk through the door, this time go straight forward through another door then turn right and open yet another door.


Sitting room of Suite 2 with the fireplace…

… and with kitchen in an open layout


One of 3 bedrooms in Suite 2.

The other 2 bedrooms are

currently used for different purposes….


Bedroom no. 2 is used as a dining room. Bedroom no. 3 is currently used for storage and will not be shown.

End of Part II.

Thank you for watching