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Welcome to GoBig Printing | Quick Start Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to GoBig Printing | Quick Start Presentation

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Welcome to GoBig Printing | Quick Start Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to GoBig Printing | Quick Start Presentation.

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Welcome to GoBig Printing | Quick Start Presentation

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welcome to gobig printing quick start presentation
Welcome to GoBig Printing | Quick Start Presentation

The company that brought you here has spent years perfecting your marketing material.Each product has “Pre-Created” content so you don’t have to think about what to put in your marketing campaign.In some cases we allow you to change the text & images.We’ve chosen what and when that would be appropriate. Each category of products may have multiple sub-categories.

access to your print on demand web portal 2 options
Access to your “Print on Demand” web portal(2) options!

From your companies back-office with a banner like this.


This will take you to your “Entry Point” on our site.




sample portal entry point
Sample Portal “Entry Point”

Access to the

Design Center

Access to the

Design Center






Code Locaton(This is a sample)

The “Organization Code” is very important.This is what tells our system what Marketing Material to show you.

sign in or register
Sign in OR Register

Username can be anything you will remember.

(No Spaces)

Existing Users

New Users


Small Business


Contact Us

On all pages.

create your account
Create Your Account

This is your personal “Profile”We will use this information to automatically

place on any Marketing Piece you order.

(You can edit it later in “My Profile”)

Organization Code:

Very important or you

will NOT see your companies

Marketing Materials

first page introduction

Company Logo

You should see

your companies

logo here.

Your Name& Logout

First Page Introduction



Your PersonalInformation

Your Cart

Reminder:Do This First!

#1 Upload your photo & Logo into “My Library”

#2 Add the photo & Logo as the “Default” in

“My Profile”

Responsibility:User must edit each section as this is a “Self-Serve” site.

(We don’t check your spelling)


Marketing Materials

my library
“My Library”

Manage your files

You can’t remove

anything from your library.

You can “Hide” itYou can “Rename” it

You can “Download” it

Upload Image

This can be a

Photo or Logo(JPG or PDF)

Upload Database

This is

“Your Database”(CSV file)

my profile
“My Profile”

Complete your profile.

We will Auto-Populate your profile on every Marketing Piece you order.Once you assign your logo and photo, it will automatically be placed on any piece as well.

You can also change it later when editing a document.

Choose Default Logo

After you have uploaded

Logo in “My Library” you

can choose it here.

Choose Default Photo

After you have uploaded

Photo in “My Library” you

can choose it here.

my profile1
“My Profile”

This is how it will look after you have selected your Default Logo and Photo

Note: This is my personal profile.Each user will have their own profile.

Default Logo

Default Photo


GoBig Printing

Categories for:Generic Marketing Material

Simply click on any image to view

more details and to customize!

Your Company

Categories for:Your Companies Marketing Materials

edit your document page 1
“Edit Your Document” - Page 1

Document Pages

Click to the next

page here.

First Name placed on several locations.


Clicking “YES” will automatically

place the recipients

First Name on each document


Pre-created. User can edit

Text or change image.

Edit Text

Simply type in these fields.

Tab or clicking “update”

at the top will change

the document on the right.Update WILL NOT save

your document.

Contact Info

Notice your profile info

is auto-populated on the

document in several places

edit your document page 2
“Edit Your Document” - Page 2

PDF Preview

To better see your document

Click “PDF Preview” It

will create a PDF for you.It is for proofing only and

the resolution will be poor.

First Name placed on several locations.

Contact Info

Notice your profile info

is auto-populated on the

document in several places.

That includes your Logo

and Photo

Edit Photo Or Logo

Click “SELECT” to see

the public library and your

personal images.OR, “UPLOAD” will

connect to your computer

to use your own image.

select image from library
“Select Image from Library”

The image “Library”You will see our “Public” images and your own “Personal Images”

1. Select your image


2. Choose additional pages

if available.


3. Close window

edit your document page 21
“Edit Your Document” - Page 2

Next Step

Click to the next

step here.

choosing your data list
“Choosing your Data List”

Upload a Data List

You can upload your

Database from your

computer here.

Choose a Data List

If you had previously

uploaded a Database,

you can select it here.

Acquire a Data ListYou can select from many filters such as

male, female, age and do a radius list around

your zip code.

1. Close Window


2. Choose additional pages

if available.


3. Select your image.

Please see additional information at your companies website regarding Data Lists…

print delivery options
“Print & Delivery Options”

Choose Your Postage

1. First Class

2. Bulk Mail

Clean Your List



(Read about it by clicking (?)


(Terms & Conditions)

Click “Review Now” to learn more.

Delivery Times


print delivery options1
“Print & Delivery Options”


Name the document

anything you want.

This is for your reference.

Add to Shopping Cart

This is the only time your

document will be saved.

Note: You can come back any time and edit your document. It will be saved in your “Shopping Cart”

shopping cart
“Shopping Cart”

Edit: This will take you to the first page of your document to edit. In order to save, you must go through all the steps again.

PDF Preview: Create a “low res” PDF of your document

Duplicate: This will duplicate your order.

Delete: This will delete your order.

Hold: This place your document into a “hold” category.

Proceed To Checkout

Continue Shopping

order summary
“Order Summary”



Pending Review

In Process


order summary1
“Order Summary”

Order Info

Billing Details