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US ARMY TANK-AUTOMOTIVE AND ARMAMENTS COMMAND ARMAMENT RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND ENGINEERING CENTER (TACOM-ARDEC). Technology Transfer Opportunities Tim Ryan Chief, Technology Integration Division Advance Systems Concepts Office (973) 724-7953 Partnering Tools.

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    1. US ARMY TANK-AUTOMOTIVE AND ARMAMENTS COMMAND ARMAMENT RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND ENGINEERING CENTER (TACOM-ARDEC) Technology Transfer Opportunities Tim Ryan Chief, Technology Integration Division Advance Systems Concepts Office (973) 724-7953

    2. Partnering Tools Small Business Innovative Research/Small business Technology Transfer Cooperative Research and Development Agreements Approximately 50 CRADAs in place Over $10 million awarded annually Cooperative Agreements and Grants Picatinny Innovation Center Dual Use Science &Technology Innovative Partnering Mechanisms Patent License Agreements Service Agreements • Unique collection of: • Specialty Technologies • Test Facilities and Expertise • Strong Manufacturing/Quality • Assurance Base • Extensive patent portfolio • available for commercial • licensing • Preference for small business Memoranda of Agreements/ Understandings Agreements with other agencies and local government Broaden Our Impact on Industry & Community and Supplement our Mission Activities

    3. Independent Research & Development (IR&D) Technical Inter Change (TIM) Reviews • PURPOSE: Communicate the TACOM-ARDEC technology needs to industry and help focus their future IR&D efforts on DoD/Army/TACOM-ARDEC weapons system needs KEY CHARACTERISTICS: • One day review attended by key technology areas experts and scientists where the government and contractors review programs/technologies of mutual interests • Creates a process that encourages unique partnership with industries that has substantial interest in science and technologies that could bring maximum benefits to the DoD, Army and TACOM-ARDEC • Provides industries the information and feedback they need to effectively implement their IR&D programs POINT OF CONTACT:Mr. Harshad Shah DSN: 973-724-3276 Email:

    4. Competitive Intelligence/ Analysis IR&D/ Tech Transfer Plan Goals & Objectives IR&D Exchanges Partnership Development (ex. CRADA) Cooperative Research & Development Agreements (CRADA) • TACOM-ARDEC is heavily involved with industry and university partners to advance technology that helps supports our mission. • Over 70 Active CRADAs • 59+ with industries • 11 with universities and other non-profits • 7 with NJ organizations • General Dynamics- • GDLS/GDAS/GD-OTS/GD-AIS • FCS Armaments • Recoil Mitigation • Hydra 70 Fuzing • Compacted Propellants • Air Bursting Munitions • Modeling & Simulation

    5. CRADA Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) • Authority? • 10 USC 3710a • Who can enter one? • Federal Laboratory (e.g., ARDEC) • What is a CRADA? • A contract between federal and non-federal parties • Not a procurement (FAR not applicable) • Government provides technical personnel, services, facilities, equipment and other resources, but NO FUNDS • Non-Federal party can provide any and all resources INCLUDING FUNDS • CRADA defines sharing intellectual property

    6. Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) Warhead Concepts Defeats… helicopters, personnel, heavy armor, walls, BMPs, trucks, bunkers, buildings, artillery, UAVs. CRADAs are a great partnering tool for developing and marketing new concepts

    7. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program • TACOM-ARDEC#1 in Army SBIR Commercialization • 64% of all Phase II’s produced Phase III revenues! • Commercial Sales: • Integrated Systems - $61M • Prospective Computer - $51M • KVH Industries - $43M • Vista Controls - $36M • $13M Annually to small high tech businesses through • TACOM-ARDEC’s SBIR program $13M Annually POINT OF CONTACT: Mr. John Saarmann (973) 724-7943

    8. SMALL BUSINESS INNOVATION RESEARCH (SBIR) • SBIRprovides up to $850,000 per project in early-stage R&D funding to small companies (less than 500 employees) for projects which serve a DoD need and have the potential for commercialization in private sector and/or military markets • 3 PHASE PROGRAM: • Phase I: Feasibility Study; 6 months; up to $70K • Fast Track Option: $50K bridge between Phase I & II and expedited Phase II evaluation; requires contractor cost share • Phase II: Principal R&D; 2 yrs; up to $730K • Phase II Plus: Up to $250K Matching funds • Phase III: Commercialization (private sector or military); non-SBIR funds • OPPORTUNITY FOR SMALL BUSINESS/LARGE BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS • SBIR Phase I: at least 2/3 to Small Business • SBIR Phase II: at least 1/2 to Small Business

    9. SMALL BUSINESS INNOVATION RESEARCH (SBIR) • 23 TACOM-ARDEC TOPICS IN 2002.2 SBIR SOLICITATION • 1 May 02: Solicitation issued for public release ( • 1 July 02: DoD begins accepting proposals • 17 Aug 02: Solicitation closes • Dec 2002: Phase I Contract Awards • PHASE II AWARDS (FY03) • 10 Jun 02: Phase II proposal receipt • Oct – Dec 03: Phase II Contract Awards • TALK TO US ABOUT 2003 SBIR TOPICS • Oct-Dec Topic selection

    10. 23 TACOM-ARDEC 2002.2 SBIR Topics A02-001 Innovative Energy Generation A02-002 Innovative Wireless Communications A02-003 Extraction of Nitrocellulose from Gun Propellant Formulations A02-004 High Power Miniature Laser A02-005 Innovative Lightweight Munitions A02-006 Nano-particle Capacitor Technology A02-007 Hyperspectral 3-D Detector A02-008 Precision Robotics for Tomography A02-009 Non-Conventional Munitions A02-010 Novel High Intensity Green or Blue Strobe Effect A02-011 Small Scale Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) Platform A02-012 Advanced Smart Munitions Transceiver A02-013 Global Positioning System (GPS) In-Theater Reconstitution A02-014 Enhanced Alternative Kinetic Energy Penetrators A02-015 Innovative Hydrogen Embrittlement Predictor A02-016 Driver Assist Smart Alignment System A02-017 Innovative Lightweight Hybrid Ammunition Container A02-018 Adaptable/ Reusable Hardware/Software Architectures and Components for Future Combat System Automated Resupply A02-019 Innovative Ammunition Security Monitoring System A02-020 Automated Remote Payload Delivery System A02-021 Innovative Crowd Control Technologies A02-022 Low Cost Molded Optics for Small Caliber Projectiles A02-023 Intermediate Staging Base Decision Aid 

    11. PATENT LICENSE AGREEMENTS Recognizing our Scientific & Engineering Contribution • TACOM-ARDEC patents are available for non-exclusive, partially exclusive or exclusive license • Can combine CRADA and/or other tools to provide necessary personnel, know-how and facilities to help licensee commercialize the technology • Examples: • Munitions (e.g., 40mm nonlethal ammunition) • Environmentally friendly Chrome Plating technology • Manufacturing processes • Energetics

    12. Armaments Evaluation Complex Armaments Technology Facility Precision Armaments Lab World-class Facilities And Always Improving Links to Industry and Laboratories Armaments Lethality Integration Center Armaments Software Engineering Center Under construction Under construction Advanced Warhead Facility 75+ unique facilities (in some cases, one of a kind in the world) & equipments / state-of-the-art design, modeling & simulation tools

    13. TEST SERVICE AGREEMENTS • 10 USC 2539b(a)(3) authorizes the DoD to: • make available the services of its laboratories, at an appropriate fee, for the testing of materials, equipment and models, computer software, and other items • To Whom? • Any person or entity • Confidentiality of Test Results • May not disclose outside Federal Government w/out customer’s approval • Simple and Quick • 2-page agreement, with approval delegated to Business Units 67 Test Service Agreements in FY01

    14. Contacts: Ms. Patricia Milley (973)442-6401 Mr. Tim Ryan (973) 724-7953 Picatinny Innovation Center • TACOM-ARDEC/County College of Morris/State of New Jersey cooperative effort • Serves as intermediary for developing innovative partnerships that benefit TACOM-ARDEC • Fosters growth of technology businesses • Picatinny Innovation Center helps technology business ventures to locate at Picatinny Arsenal • Provides facility space for CRADA partners - 17 Tenants • Identifies and solicits new partners in industry, academia, state and local government

    15. Unsolicited Proposals • The TACOM-ARDEC has a continuing interest in receiving and evaluating new ideas, suggestions, and inventive concepts offered outside of a formally advertised request by individuals and industries. • The TACOM-ARDEC has a standard process for reviewing Unsolicited Proposals. • A valid Unsolicited Proposal must - • -- Be innovative and unique; • -- Be independently originated and developed by the offeror; • -- Be prepared without Government supervision; • -- Include sufficient detail to permit government evaluation; and • -- Not be a proposal for a known competitive acquisition • POINT OF CONTACT:Ms. Elaine Serao Technical & Industrial Liaison Officer (973) 724-7349

    16. Other Partnering Initiatives • High Tech Park Feasibility Study – Partnered with New Jersey EDA, Commerce, Commission on S&T; Morris Area Development Group, Morris County Picatinny Innovation Center and Morris County Chamber of Commerce to jointly investigate the establishment of a Public/Private High Tech Park at Picatinny. • Facility Leasing- 4 buildings (77,000 sq. ft.) for mission related commercial use.