u s army engineering and support center huntsville center command overview n.
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U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center “Huntsville Center” Command Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center “Huntsville Center” Command Overview

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U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center “Huntsville Center” Command Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LTC David E. Bailey Deputy Commander U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 18 NOV 2010. U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center “Huntsville Center” Command Overview. USACE Mission. Huntsville Center Mission.

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u s army engineering and support center huntsville center command overview

LTC David E. Bailey

Deputy Commander

U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

18 NOV 2010

U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center“Huntsville Center”Command Overview

huntsville center mission


Huntsville Center Mission

A GREAT engineering force of highly disciplined people working with our partners through disciplined thought and action to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to the Nation's engineering challenges.

Provide vital public engineering services in peace and war to strengthen our Nation's security, energize the economy, and reduce risks from disasters. 

USACE Vision

The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center serves the U.S. Forces, their Families and the nation by providing specialized technical expertise, global engineering solutions, and cutting edge innovations through centrally managed programs in support of national interests.

our charter er 10 1 22
Our CharterER 10-1-22

Huntsville Center has programmatic and functional boundaries in lieu of geographical boundaries. We execute programs and projects that:

Are national or broad in scope

Require integrated facilities or systems that cross geographical division boundaries

Require commonality, standardization, multiple site adaption, or technology transfer

Require a centralized management structure for effective control of program development, coordination and execution

Require functions to be performed that are not normally accomplished by a HQUSACE organizational element

huntsville center footprint
Huntsville Center Footprint

Personnel: 756

649 – Huntsville, AL

52 – Omaha, NE

10 – Pueblo, CO

12 – Richmond, KY

21 – Alexandria, VA

1 – Fort Worth, TX

1 – Louisville, KY

2 – Iraq

7 – Afghanistan

1 – Baku, Afghanistan

Annual Program: $1.6B

  • Installation Support $1,100M
  • Engineering $88M (includes Medical CX of $25M)
  • Chemical Demil $187M
  • Ordnance Explosives $250M
  • Environmental and Munitions CX $16M

Customers: Very diverse customer base which includes DOD and many Federal government agencies.

usace centers of expertise
USACE Centers of Expertise

Mandatory Centers of Expertise

  • Medical Facilities
  • Army Ranges and Training Lands
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Environmental and Munitions
  • Utility Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Energy Savings and Performance Contracting
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • DD Forms 1391/3086 Preparation/Validation
  • Operation and Maintenance Engineering Enhancement
  • Installation Support

Fort Belvoir, VA

Directories of Expertise

New York, Brooklyn Bridge


Centers of Standardization

  • Huntsville Center is designated a Center of Standardization for 17 facility types. Standard designs will increase the speed and efficiency of MILCON Transformation efforts at Army installations.
    • Design/Build Fitness Facility, Multiple Awards, 8(a), 2nd Qtr, $172M
    • Design/Build Aquatic Center, Single Award, 8(a), 2nd Qtr, $15M

Fort Benning, GA

Fitness Center

installation support programs
Installation Support Programs
  • USACE Installation Support CX: Huntsville Center executes assigned ACSIM and IMCOM programs in partnership with Districts, DPWs and IMCOM.
  • Facilities Reduction Program: Eliminates excess facilities
    • Regional MATOCs with $240M in capacity.
    • FY10 budget = $40M
  • Facilities Repair and Renewal: Fast track, efficient method for design/build renovations for all federal agencies
    • $500M design-build MATOC and $20M A/E services
    • 40 projects valued at $95M

Fort Myer, VA

installation support programs1
Installation Support Programs
  • Access Control Points: Upgrade installation gates security equipment and facilities to meet new standards and assure consistency Army-wide.
    • Completed 70 installations. $50M annual budget.
  • Army Centralized Furnishings Program: Provides program management for ACSIM/IMCOM MILCON, BRAC, SRM projects administrative and barracks furniture
    • Centralized approach results in clear standards and consistent quality; competitive procurements with 20 percent cost savings; and a standard process for on-time delivery
    • FY10: $300M in awards with $75M cost savings and met 97 percent of troop ready dates.

IB barrier being tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.

installation support programs energy
Installation Support Programs - Energy
  • Utility Monitoring and Control Systems (UMCS) CX: Reviews all design and procurement packages; provides technical assistance, criteria, guidance and training, and executes projects for DOD and other federal agencies.
    • $900M unrestricted/restricted MATOC
    • 384 projects at $554M
    • Energy A/E Services, Multiple Awards. Small Business, 1st quarter, $48M
  • Energy Engineering Analysis Program (EEAP): Analyzes energy use at installations and provides options for savings. Since 2006, 32 surveys completed with 2,400 projects identified for $125M per year in potential savings.

The Brigade Combat Team Dining Facility at Fort Bliss, TX, is powered by solar panels.

installation support programs energy1
Installation Support Programs - Energy
  • Energy Conservation Investment Program (ECIP): Planning and programming of ECIP projects producing DD1391 for IMCOM
    • ECIP – Design/Build, Multiple Awards, Small Business Restricted, 3rd Qtr, $210M; Unrestricted, 4th Qtr, $40M
    • ECIP Engineering Services, Multiple Awards, Small Business Restricted, 4th Qtr, $48M
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC): Contractor provides capital and expertise to make infrastructure energy improvements to significantly reduce energy utilization and cost.
    • Contractor maintains project and shares in savings over a payback period up to 25 years.
    • Current projects: Investment of $397M with energy savings of $801M
    • Army Metering: Installing 13,000 meters and global meter data management system to track, record and report energy consumption
installation support programs2
Installation Support Programs
  • Electronic Security Systems (ESS) CX: Responsible for reviewing all design and test submittals for Army ESS. Also provides technical, engineering, acquisition, and fielding support to all federal agencies.
    • New ESS $900 million MATOC in FY11
    • ESS, Multiple Awards, 2nd Qtr, Restricted, $250M
    • ESS, Multiple Awards, 2nd Qtr, Unrestricted, $650M
  • Range and Training Land Programs (RTLP) CX: Responsible for reviewing designs and ensuring Army standards are met. Provides planning, MILCON programming and development of standard designs for Army automated ranges, and DD1391 preparation and validation.
    • Southeast Region, 8(a), 2ndQtr FY12, $64.5M
    • Southwest Region, HUBZone, 1st Qtr FY11, $46.3M
    • Northeast Region, 8(a), 2nd Qtr FY11, $52.7M
medical programs
Medical Programs

Huntsville Center Medical Support Team: One of three USACE teams that provides specialized support to Army MEDCOM facilities.

  • Medical Repair and Renewal (MRR): Executes design, repair, replacement, renovation, sustainment, restoration and modernization of medical facilities.
    • MRR Design/Build, Restricted, 2nd Qtr, $165M
    • MRR Design/Build, Unrestricted, 3rd Qtr, $585M
    • MRR PM Support Services, Small Business Restricted, 3rd Qtr, $10M

Andrew Rader Clinic, Fort Myer, VA

Women’s Health Clinic at Fort Stewart, GA

medical programs1
Medical Programs
  • Integrated Medical Modular Support Systems (IMMSS): Provides systems furniture worldwide for Army MEDCOM
    • Blanket purchase agreements with $400M capacity
    • 200 task orders at $25M
    • Operations and Maintenance Engineering Enhancement (OMEE): Provides contract services to operate facility infrastructure and maintain building systems
      • Small Business, Restricted, 1st Qtr, $165M
      • 40 hospitals at $85M per year
      • Capacity Unrestricted/Restricted = $465M
      • Initial Outfitting and Transition (IO&T): New program that takes facility from construction complete to functional Soldier ready. Recently awarded $500M IDIQ for Army MEDCOM

Ordnance and Explosives

  • Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) and other munitions related operations in reducing the human health and environmental risk associated with munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) and munitions constituents (MC). We maintain state-of-the-art technical expertise for all aspects of environmental remediation and munitions response activities.
    • MMRP, Small Business Restricted, 4th Qtr, $40M
ordnance and explosives programs
Ordnance and Explosives Programs
  • Environmental and Munitions Center of Expertise (EM CX) provides: all aspects of technical assistance and document review, participation on panels and advisory committees, and conducts training.
      • Military Munitions Design Center and Remedial Action Team
        • Investigation, design, and remediation of FUDS, ranges, and construction sites.
        • Technology Insertion/Development
        • Supporting 170 sites and managing execution of $213.5M in contracts

Vegetation mulcher will take down an 18" pine and reduce it to mulch in 1 min 15 seconds

Martha’s Vineyard site investigation

ordnance and explosives programs1
Ordnance and Explosives Programs
  • Chemical Warfare Design Center
    • Investigation and remediation of chemical weapons sites and weapons
    • Support to DA, DOD, State Department, and DTRA worldwide
    • Supporting RI/FS/RA at 10 sites and managing execution of $15M in contracts

Spring Valley

ordnance and explosives programs2
Ordnance and Explosives Programs
  • OCO Support
    • Captured Enemy Ammunition (Iraq) destroyed 400,000 tons of munitions from 2003 - 2008
    • Coalition Munitions Disposal Iraq (coming soon to Afghanistan and Kuwait)
    • Mine clearance in Afghanistan
      • Mobile teams clearing 7,413 acres
      • Supporting 494 acre expansion of Bagram air field clearing mines, ordnance, bunkers
        • $2B Worldwide Remediation Services Contract

Mine clearance in Afghanistan

chemical demilitarization program
Chemical Demilitarization Program





  • $8.5B program assigned in 1981 to destroy chemical weapons stockpile
  • Design and construction of 9 sites using incineration and chemical neutralization technology
  • U.S. stockpile = 31,496 tons of chemical agent
  • 79 percent destroyed as of September 2010
  • Oversaw construction of Russian chemical demilitarization site, scheduled to be complete December 2010




Tooele Utah

Blue Grass,


Pine Bluff,






Johnston Atoll

Operations Complete

Under Construction

Operations Under Way

Pueblo, CO


Energy A/E Services 1stQtr Small Business

Multiple Awards $48M

Ranges 1st Qtr 8(a)

South East Region $64.5M

Ranges 1st Qtr HUBZone

South West Region $46.3M

Integrated Modular Medical 1st Qtr Unrestricted

Support Systems $400M

Information subject to change.


Electronic Security Systems 2ndQtr Restricted

Multiple Award $250M

Electronic Security Systems 2nd Qtr Unrestricted

Multiple Award $650M

Design/Build Aquatic Center 2nd Qtr 8(a)


Ranges 2nd Qtr 8(a)

North East Region $52.7M

Information subject to change.


ECIP - Engineering Services 2nd Qtr Restricted

Multiple Award $48M

Medical Repair and Renewal 2nd Qtr Restricted

Design/Build $165M

Design/Build Fitness Facility 2nd Qtr 8(a)

Multiple Award $172M

Information subject to change.


Energy Conservation Investment 3rd Qtr Restricted

Program (ECIP) - Design/Build $210M

Medical Repair & Renewal 3rd Qtr Restricted

PM Support Services $10M

Medical Repair & Renewal 3rd Qtr Unrestricted

Design/Build $585M


Military Munitions Response 4thQtr Restricted

Program (MMRP) $40M

Technical Support of Chemical 4th Qtr Unrestricted

Weapons Destruction Facility $39M

In Russia