unit 2 school life n.
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Unit 2 School life PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 2 School life

Unit 2 School life

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Unit 2 School life

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  1. Unit 2 School life Reading

  2. Task1:Free talk 1. How many lesson do you have every day ? 2. What subjects do you study ? 3. How often do you have class meetings? 4. What after-school activities do you have? 5. Have you joined any clubs ? 6. Do you have a hero ?

  3. It is a mixed school. /mikst/ Boys and girls study together.

  4. People in France speak French. French is a foreign language.

  5. The students discuss with the teacher.

  6. buddy----buddies

  7. guy

  8. play baseball

  9. The girloffersthe olda seaton the bus. The girloffersa seattothe oldon the bus. offer sb. sth. = offer sth. to sb.

  10. Pay attention to the new words: • mixed offer • French end • foreign baseball • language win • during • discuss • guy • buddy

  11. Task2: Finish Part B1 On P21 1.foreign ____ 2.language ____ 3.discuss ____ 4. offer ____ 5. win ____ d a. talk about someting b. give sth to someone e a c. be best or first in a competition b d. not in or from your own country e. words used in speaking and writing c

  12. an American school a British school How much do you know about the life in a British and American school?

  13. Task3:Discussion • 1. What do you think a British school would be like ? • 2. What do you think an American school would be like ?

  14. Task4: Listen the first and second passages and then answer the questions below 1.Who is the first passage about ? Nancy 2.Who is the second passage about? John John’s near London 3.Where are their schools? near Denver Nancy’s

  15. Task5: Read carefully again then judge T or F. Finish B3

  16. What do they like in the school? Task6: Reading aloud and discussion John Nancy play love and practice won baseball Buddy Club Reading Week older students help new students learn more about school borrow more books from … bring in books and magazines from … read more books than….. discuss the books with

  17. Please retell Nancy’s school life Name: School: 1. name 2. a mixed school---have lessons together Favourite subject: 1. what 2.why Activity: a Reading Week borrow more books from …. bring in books and magazines from…. read more books than….. discuss the books with…..

  18. Please retell John’s school life go to the Buddy Club Rocky Mountain High School near Denver NAME: John Age: 14 Grade: 8th School:… Older students help new students learn more about school life

  19. Tony in the 12th grade listens carefully to my problems offers me help hero have different classes ends earlier

  20. Do sports plays baseball Love this game Practice hard Won two games

  21. Interview with Nancy and John about their school life.

  22. 1. grade, school: 2. favourite subject: 3. favourite sport/ activity/club: 4. buddy 5. …… My school life Which? What? Why? What? How often? How? …… Who? ……

  23. the ideal(理想的) school life our daily life in the school our school and the teachers our after-school activities the enjoyments(快乐) after school

  24. Group work Talk about your dream school life • timetable/homework • subjects/lessons • classmates/teachers • after-school activities/clubs • sports centre/libraries • …

  25. Dear … How are you ? In our dream school, we want… because… . … … … … … Can you tell me about your school life? I hope to hear from you soon. Yours faithfully … Write a letter to your e-friend.

  26. American school life British school life Chinese school life Dream school life

  27. 1.英国学校的生活 2.一所混合型学校 3.带来书和杂志 4.阅读周 5.一起上课 6.与某人讨论某事 7.在每星期临近结束 8 .做某事似乎…. 9.在这个星期期间 life in a British school a mixed school bring in books and magazines Reading Week have lessons together discuss sth. with sb. near the end of the week seem to do sth during the week

  28. 10 仔细倾听我的问题 11辛苦地训练 12 给某人提供某物 13 学习外语 14 在八年级 15 从…..借….. 16 过的更快 17 去好朋友俱乐部 19一周两次 20赢得比赛 listen carefully to my problems practice hard offer sb. sth.= offer sth to sb. learn foreign languages in Year 8= in the 8th grade borrow….from… go faster go to the Buddy Club twice a week win the match

  29. Homework 1,Search the Internet for more information about the school life in America and other countries. 2,Suppose you are the headmaster of Jiuwan Middle School, what do you want your school to be like in ten years?