Meeting with Residential Sales Reps March 14, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

meeting with residential sales reps march 14 2014 n.
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Meeting with Residential Sales Reps March 14, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Meeting with Residential Sales Reps March 14, 2014

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Meeting with Residential Sales Reps March 14, 2014
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Meeting with Residential Sales Reps March 14, 2014

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  1. Meeting with Residential Sales RepsMarch 14, 2014

  2. Introducing Keen

  3. Keen capacitive touch buttons

  4. Key info about Keen • Keen has eight different levels of brightness for lighting • When user turns on the light, brightness is at Level 6 • After one hour of use, the lights dim to Level 3 • The Night Light can be turned on with its own button, and will be at Level 1. • Core product positioning = Energy saving and cost saving!!! This mirror saves up to 60% of costs due to the dimming functionality. • Our goal is to start selling this for Residential on June 1.

  5. We have a new Frame Collection

  6. A new Frame Collection • We are expanding our Frame Collection beyond the four Urban Profile frames to a list of 200 choices! • Our new Collection includes three levels, with dozens of frame choices and colors in each level. Grande Collection Luxe Collection Prestige Collection • View online at:

  7. Frame Sticker Coming Soon! • Electric Mirror Frame Options • The list prices for framed lighted mirrors (Celebration, Momentum, Ovation, Reflection, & Boutique) and framed mirror TVs (Stanford) include the standard Urban Frame Profile (see page 36). Now you can select another frame from our frame options online for the below list pricing: • Urban - Included • Grande – Add $150 • Luxe – Add $400 • Prestige – Add $700 • Go to to see all 200 frame options. • NOTE: The overall dimensions listed for framed products include the Urban Profile Frame. By switching to a frame from the Grande, Luxe, or Prestige collection, the overall dimensions will vary based on the difference in frame size from the Urban Profile. • Switching to a frame other than the Urban Profile will increase the lead time to 6-8 weeks.

  8. Mirror Technology Changes… • After receiving much feedback regarding our names for our Mirror types, we have re-named our choices. • We also have more clarification about the differences between each type…

  9. Technology PDFs for you… • We have created a series of new PDFs that highlight our EM technology, so you can email them as needed. • Available as individual 1-page PDFs for each topic, or as a large PDF that includes all.

  10. Sales Tools for you • New thumb drive with dealer videos and new Product Guides sent out last week with the Residential Price Book. • New stickers for Residential Price Book (coming soon!): • Frame options • Keen page • Drop ship fee: $5 for XS, $25 for small, $75 for medium or large.  Small Print: One drop ship fee per shipment, so for a drop shipment with multiple products, a single fee for the largest size will apply.  The drop ship fee will still apply for orders that qualify for Free Freight Allowed. • Keen: New brochures coming soon • New fold-out brochures for Medicine Cabs • Updated revised Specs coming this spring • New Wardrobe Mirror section on website • Note: Please be sure to log-in to the Rep Download Library on our website to access great photos, docs, and logos

  11. Rep Download Library • If it is your first time logging in you will be asked to provide a username and email. Shortly thereafter a password will be sent to you. Contact Travis if you have issues logging in. • Key resources including: • Logos, Videos, High Res and Low Res Photos • Price Guide in PDF and Excel • Discount Structure Document (Added today) • Tip of the Week Documents (like the Video Options from Joel this week)

  12. Q&A Please note that all material and information contained in this presentation is EM confidential.