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Friday , March 14 th , 2014

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Friday , March 14 th , 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Friday , March 14 th , 2014. Explain three historical facts you learned yesterday about the Oregon Trail that you could include in your dairy!. EQ: What were the causes and effects of Texas’ fight for independence? . Objective and Scales: .

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Friday, March 14th, 2014

Explain three historical facts you learned yesterday about the Oregon Trail that you could include in your dairy!

EQ: What were the causes and effects of Texas’ fight for independence?

objective and scales
Objective and Scales:
  • The student will be able to summarize the causes and effects of the Texas War for Independence with 80% accuracy
  • Where does today’s objective fit into our UNIT LEARNING GOAL SCALE?
  • Objective M
  • What do you need to be able to accomplish with objective M to reach MASTERY LEVEL or SCALE EVEREST?
  • TOC: Pg. 93: Texas Independence Cornell Notes
1 vocabulary
1. Vocabulary
  • Stephen Austin-led a group of 300 Americans into Texas
  • Dictatorship-one person rule
  • Siege-attracts in which one force surrounds a city or fort
  • Sam Houston-led a surprise attack against Santa Anna’s army
  • Annex-incorporate or add on to
  • James K. Polk-President during Mexican-American War
2 conflict in texas
2. Conflict in Texas
  • After Mexico became independent from Spain in 1821, thousands of Americans flooded into Texas
  • This soon caused a conflict with the Mexican Government
  • The new settlers were Protestants, not following Mexico’s Roman Catholic Church
  • Also, Americans had brought slaves with them from the South and Mexico had abolished slavery
  • In 1830, Mexico banned further American settlement
  • But…..Americans kept moving into Texas
3 declaring independence
3. Declaring Independence

I will not live under a dictator!

  • In 1833, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna became president of Mexico
  • He wanted a strong central government so he overturned Mexico’s democratic constitution and started a dictatorship
  • Stephen Austin (who was living in Texas) urged Texans to revolt against the Mexican government
  • In 1836, Texans declared independence from Mexico and created the Republic of Texas
4 remember the alamo
4. Remember the ALAMO!!!!
  • Santa Anna responded with force, his troops laid siege on the Alamo which was a mission in San Antonio
  • The Americans held out for 12 days under heavy cannon fire from Anna’s troops
  • But, the Mexican forces overran the Alamo
  • All the Americans were captured and executed
  • The bravery and courage of the Alamo defenders inspired many Americans to volunteer for the Texan Army
  • The commander of the Texan Army was Sam Houston and in April of 1836 he led a small army in a surprise attach against Mexican forces in San Jacinto
  • Within 18 minutes the Americans had captured Santa Anna and forced him to sign a treaty recognizing Texas’ Independence from Mexico
5 republic of texas
5. Republic of Texas
  • Sam Houston became president of the new Republic of Texas
  • He hoped the US would annex or incorporate Texas into the Union
  • But support for this was divided…why?
  • Southerners supported annexation of Texas as a slave state, Northerners opposed this, but still hoped for westward expansion
  • Presidents Jackson and Martin Van Buren refused to support annexation fearing it would cause a huge fight and divide the Union
6 annexing texas and oregon
6. Annexing Texas and Oregon
  • Congress voted for admission of Texas as a state in 1845
  • President Polk negotiated a treaty with Britain to divide Oregon at the 49 degrees North.
  • Britain received the Northern part of the Oregon Country and U.S. received the southern part (eventually to become the states of WA, OR, and part of ID)
  • The annexation of Texas increased tensions with Mexico
  • Mexico never fully recognized the independence of Texas because Santa Anna was forced to sign it
  • Mexico’s government claimed that the Southern boundary of Texas was the Nueces River while Polk claimed it was the Rio Grande
  • War with MEXICO IS COMING!!!!
summary and progress chart
Summary and Progress Chart
  • Describes the causes of Mexico’s fight for Independence and how they will led the US to war with Mexico
  • Complete progress chart for objective M