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NEVVUS INTERNATIONAL GROUP - Making products for better living TECHNICAL INFORMATION - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NEVVUS INTERNATIONAL GROUP - Making products for better living TECHNICAL INFORMATION. 4148 A St. Catherine West, suite 112 Montreal, Quebec Canada H3Z 0A2 Nick Peronace (514) 887-4548 Fax (514) 766-7358 Box Full Front View.

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nevvus international group making products for better living technical information


4148A St. Catherine West, suite 112

Montreal, Quebec


H3Z 0A2

Nick Peronace

(514) 887-4548

Fax (514) 766-7358

brief history of powergard
Brief History of POWERGARD
  • POWERGARD is the brilliant outcome of research and technical cooperation between Taiwan and one of Japan’s largest and most famous manufacturers of industrial power-saving equipment, with over 30 years of experience in energy saving.
  • Patented in Taiwan: Utility Patent # 179763
  • Trademark registered in Taiwan # 01014866
  • Certified by JIS (Japan): Certificate # TW9596
  • Technical appraisal by Quality Inspecting and Testing Centre for Electrical Industry Equipments and Meters under the China Electrical Power Research Institute: Report # 034 (2004)
why powergard
  • With time, the efficiency of electrical appliances depreciates, resulting in higher consumption and undetected waste of electrical power.
  • Factors such as old wires, diametric variances in wiring can affect voltage current. Unstable voltage supply causes an increase in resistance and results in poor quality power supply. The outcome is loss of electrical power and increase in costs.
  • Loss of electrical power can occur naturally during transmission (this is called wire loss) or while starting or running electrical appliances.
  • The POWERGARD reduces the electrical charge by stabilizing usage and increasing power efficiency.
  • The POWERGARD is an excellent tool in today’s environmentally challenged world.
concept of the powergard
Concept of the POWERGARD
  • The main concept behind POWERGARD is the control and adjustment of power voltage from the power supply to the appliance so as to obtain ultimate efficiency. Most power plants supply higher power than needed.
  • In essence, voltage will decrease according to cable distance, this is called voltage drop. Therefore, the power companies increase the voltage to counter this problem. This is why voltage supply is normally over the base standard. This means that we need to pay more for unused extra voltage. Because higher voltage is supplied, there is more wattage (P = VI) consumption.
  • Product and device manufacturers follow standard voltage specs in the design of their products, however, they also take into account unstable voltage during operation of their products. As with computers, TVs, etc., electronic equipment has a self-adjusting-voltage design to overcome this issue, these are called energy savers. It has been shown that equipment reduced to as low as 102V while on standard 110V or higher than 120V, can still function efficiently. Therefore, POWERGARD reduces voltage usage for all your electrical equipment and appliances, saving on electrical consumption. The equipment runs without a problem.
how does the powergard work
How does the POWERGARD work?
  • The POWERGARD, based on real-world field studies and applications, adds a layer of power management to control the quality of power outputs. POWERGARD partitions higher voltage to let the devices function normally with the lowest power voltage possible, thus achieving the effect of power saving. If suddenly the power voltage drops to lower than the required range, i.e. 102V instead of required 110V, POWERGARD will automatically detect and provide power bypass within as little as twenty thousandth of a second to ensure the proper functioning of the equipments.
  • POWERGARD is targeted towards the customers with relative power voltage over the required specification. For example: the standard regulated voltage is 110V, and the actual supplied voltage is above 110V such like 112, 115, 117, or even 120V. When the supplied power voltage is higher, the effect of POWERGARD is more significant.
  • POWERGARD has a 3-stage voltage monitor and control design; power-saving action is determined on the source signal indication, after 30 seconds of activation, POWERGARD enters the first stage by decreasing 4.25V from the supplied voltage. After one hour of detection, if there is still room to decrease the voltage, POWERGARD then enters the second stage by decreasing 9.5V. When the lowest voltage setting is set at 102V, when the supplied voltage is lower than 102V, POWERGARD will activate the BY PASS action.
operating properties
Operating Properties
  • POWERGARD does not consume electricity itself. You can use it continuously 24 hours a day all year round for 10 years without its affecting your electrical costs.
  • Suitable for inductive and capacitive appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, stereos, fluorescent lamps, electric fans, televisions, induction cookers, microwave ovens etc.
  • Plug the POWERGARD in any of the indoor outlets of single phase 110V or 220V supplies.
  • If your monthly electricity consumption is less than 1500kw you will need one (1) POWERGARD, if it is more than 1500kw, you will need a maximum of two (2) POWERGARDs.
  • Prior to using the POWERGARD, first turn off the indicating light switch. Turn it on only after having plugged it in the outlet. Before unplugging the POWERGARD, you need to turn the switch off the indicating light.
service and warranty
Service and Warranty
  • One year warranty replacement policy.
  • Used as instructed, saving efficiency of the POWERGARD will be 10% or more.
  • Used as specified, the lifespan of the POWERGARD will be up to 10 years.
Q & A
  • Q1. Why does POWERGARD save electrical power?
  • A: In today’s market, we can see appliances called energy-saving products, for example, energy-saving refrigerators, energy-saving televisions, energy-saving lights, energy-saving air conditioners etc. POWERGARD is actually based on the same principle, what we have done is enhanced the efficiency, extending an appliance to a whole consumption system of electrical power. You just plug a POWERGARD in any of the outlets in your home and you will be able to save on your electricity bill.
  • Q2. Is the use of POWERGARD illegal?
  • A: The POWERGARD is a common appliance that you can plug into any outlet in your home. It is absolutely legal and approved and certified.
  • Q3. Is there any danger to use POWERGARD?
  • A: POWERGARD is very safe. It does not contain lead and does not consume electrical energy, so it never generates heat, and there is no danger in using it.
  • Q4. How to use POWERGARD?
  • A: Simply plug it in any of your home outlet. It will save power for you. It’s that easy.
q a cont d
Q & A cont’d
  • Q5. How many POWERGARDs do I need?
  • A: We recommend one POWERGARD if your monthly average electricity consumption is 1500kw or less; if your monthly average is over 1500kw, then you will need two POWERGARDs for maximum savings.
  • Q6. How is the saving effect of POWERGARD?
  • A: This POWERGARD has passed many tests and verifications at various certification levels, and has demonstrated its capability to engender savings of 10% or more on electrical power usage. It has been inspected under strict conditions and is almost a zero defective product with high safety, non heat generating and non electrical energy consumption. It stabilizes voltage, reduces current, enhances PF of appliances, and extends the life of appliances.
  • Q7. What is the construction and principle of saving of POWERGARD?
  • A: The POWERGARD is sealed in a vacuum unit. Disassembling the unit may cause damage to the POWERGARD itself. The saving principle will not be described here for reason of business secrecy. However, the product consists of a highly effective with a specially designed power control chip, making it possible to enhance RF and reduce power waste more efficiently.
  • Q8. Is POWERGARD effective on any appliances?
  • A: This product applies to many kinds of appliances such as air conditioners, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, motors, pumps, stereos, induction cookers, microwave ovens, fluorescent lamps, etc.