gender inequality n.
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Gender Inequality PowerPoint Presentation
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Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality

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Gender Inequality

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  1. Gender Inequality 3 Major theories Gender in the media-assignment #7 (do not turn in until the end of class) Gender socialization and expectations

  2. Structural-Functional Theory: Division of Labor A gendered division of laboris functional because specialization will: • Increase the expertise of each sex in its own tasks. • Prevent competition between men and women that might damage the family. • Strengthen family bonds by forcing men and women to depend on each other. • Restrict contact of men and women and decrease likelihood of infidelity

  3. Conflict Theory: According to conflict theorists, a woman’s disadvantaged role benefits men Women provide unpaid services that benefit men “domestic slavery”

  4. Symbolic Interactionism: Gender Inequality Women are socialized into expressive roles • Men socialized into instrumental roles. Gender roles are learned through the socialization process expressive roles (nurturing and supportive roles) in society instrumental roles (task orientated roles) in society

  5. Symbolic Interactionism: Gender Inequality Gender roles refer to the rights and obligations that are normative for men and women in a particular culture Learned as children

  6. Gender and age in the media • Each person will share their image and ask their question • Respond to their question (3 minutes per image) • After everyone shares, select one image from each group to share with the class Turn in the image at the end of class with your name on it to get credit (put in red folder)

  7. Team 1 Ashley Christine Bernadette Evelina German Kelly Derek Team 4 Linda Vanessa Angy Christon Donald Jaimie Team 7 Ma Cristine Christopher Fahad Chisato Jesus Matthew Soc 101 7:45am Team 5 Banessa Gustavo Phuong Ebrahim Oscar Peter Team 2 Mayu Veronica Jasmin Adolfo Chelsey Casseidy Team 8 Baubak Silviya Yere Amanda Andrew Alejandra Team 6 Amanda A Joseph Iliana Daisy Christine Melissa Team 9 Arielle Ji Young Alex Yanira Eric Team 3 Latonya Brittany Gloria Courtney K.Jude Noemi

  8. Team 1 Shanelle Jagel Jasmine Nancy Lindsay Renee Team 4 Cindy Ruiko Jarrad Gil Lawrence Alan Team 7 Michael Miller Fabiola Jennifer Edmar Joshua Cory Oscar Soc 101 9:30am Team 5 Mayte Kellen Phu Elena Leticia Jaleesa Team 2 Ivan Kristen Rebecca Johnny Cristiani Verenice Team 8 Claudia Brandon Ashley Maribel Tracy Robyn Team 3 Brittany Wendi Brisa Carla Elizabeth Bianca Team 6 Jason Nadia Jennifer Alexandra Alexa Kassandra Team 9 Christian Rahil Matthew Phu Le Michael Manaois Victoriano

  9. Sex Vs. Gender Gender - Social Characteristics • Refers to the expected behaviors and dispositions that cultures assign to each sex. • Masculinity and Femininity • Appropriate behavior Microsoft Images

  10. Do men and women act differently due to genetics or socialization? • Gender socialization says men and women learn the expectations associated with their sex very early on in life

  11. Are each of the following more male or female characteristics in your opinion? compassionate aggressive charismatic ambitious gentle demure talkative sensitive emotional logical

  12. What are the expectations? What emotions/actions are more acceptable for men to exhibit than women? What emotions and actions do you think are more acceptable for women to exhibit than men? Why? View News Report -Boys Socialization and Emotions

  13. For Wednesday (slight syllabus change) For Wednesday Oct 26th : Read article on website Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior For Monday Oct 31st : Read CH 11 (switch these days on your syllabus)