using you umm err umm effectively l.
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Using you umm err umm effectively… PowerPoint Presentation
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Using you umm err umm effectively…

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Using you umm err umm effectively… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using you umm err umm effectively…. Dr. David Brodbeck Oh ya, your memory. Knitting Haystack Inoculation Sharp Pointy Pin puncture. Introduction.

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Using you umm err umm effectively…

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    1. Using you umm err umm effectively… Dr. David Brodbeck

    2. Oh ya, your memory • Knitting • Haystack • Inoculation • Sharp • Pointy • Pin • puncture

    3. Introduction • Basically, memory is usually divided into 3 systems, Sensory memory, short term or working memory and long term memory • This model while not complete, gives us a pretty good idea of what we need to know in order to improve our memories

    4. The Atkinson Shiffrin Model Sensory Register Short Term Memory Long Term Memory

    5. Improving short term memory • PAY ATTENTION! • (hard to pay attention if you are not in class….) • Chunking • We can hold only a few chunks in STM (7+/-2) • Interference • Rehearsal

    6. Getting stuff into LTM • Encoding • Easier if you have some context • (Do the readings before class) • Certainly allows you to put things into bigger chunks too • Allows you to take better notes • Actual act of note taking helps! (Tucker, 2000)

    7. Encoding still…. • The key may be meaning • (Bransford and Johnson, 1972) If the balloons popped, the sound wouldn’t be able to carry since everything would be too far away from the correct floor. A closed window would also prevent the sound from carrying, since most buildings tend to be well insulated. Since the whole operation depends on a steady flow of electricity, a break in the middle of the wire would also cause problems. Of course, the fellow could shout, but the human voice is not loud enough to carry that far. An additional problem is that a string could break on the instrument. Then there could be no accompaniment to the message. It is clear that the best situation would involve less distance. Then there would be fewer potential problems. With face to face contact, the least number of things could go wrong.

    8. Context is the key • People remembered the passage much better with the picture on the left • The one on the right does not fit though it has all the same images

    9. Imagery • Easier to remember concrete things • Hard to imagine words like justice, freedom, liberty • So, you put them into your own words, with examples etc • Of course this requires background reading again

    10. Levels of Processing • Deep vs. shallow • Elaboration, put things into your own words • So, go to class prepared to put notes into your own words (this skill takes time to develop) • Perhaps more importantly, study interactively

    11. Studying • Re write notes • Highlight, underline etc • Study in little bouts • Massed vs. distributed practice • Don’t drink or smoke (when studying, feel free to do that whenever else you want…) • Contextual effects • Study sitting up, at a desk, wearing proper clothes

    12. Test taking • Unless you are SURE do not change multiple choice answers (there are some very nice data on this) • Mnemonics suck • Some anxiety is normal, indeed a moderate level is GOOD • Too much or too little, that is bad • Don’t try to imagine the page in the text, you simply can’t

    13. Recognize any of these words? • Knitting • Cup • join • Haystack • Inoculation • Sharp • Speaker • needle • Pointy • Pin

    14. Flashbulb Memories • Seem to be hyper accurate • Seem to be super detailed • Almost always about shared cultural experiences • But they are NOT as accurate as they seem

    15. So, in conclusion • Study interactively • Put things into chunks • Do the reading! • Come to class • Make stuff relevant to you