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BrightWork Overview

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BrightWork Overview. BrightWork Overview Company Overview Collaborative Spectrum BrightWork Reporter BrightWork Solutions Demo Summary and links to more information Appendix 1: BrightWork features added to SharePoint. Company Overview.

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BrightWork Overview

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BrightWork Overview

Company Overview

Collaborative Spectrum

BrightWork Reporter

BrightWork Solutions


Summary and links to more information

Appendix 1: BrightWork features added to SharePoint

company overview
Company Overview
  • BrightWork solutions and extensions are the firststandards based (MSF and PMI) SharePoint (WSS and SPS) add-onsfor managing work and projects.
    • BrightWork Solutions
      • Issue, Tasker, Business Project, IT Project, Agile Software, IT Work … Manager
    • BrightWork Reporter
      • Reporting across one or more SharePoint lists, webs and sites
  • Founded in 1996 with offices in U.S. (Boston and Seattle) and Europe (Galway, IRL)
  • Customers include Microsoft, US Army, Trident Insurance, GMAC/RFC, US Navy, National Weather Service, Vital Insurance, Ohio State, Absolute Poker, etc.
  • Partners in US and Europe
  • Deep Microsoft Partnership
    • [1998] A Lotus Premium Partner – recruited to be a Microsoft partner!!
    • Early Product Development / Adoption
      • [1998] Exchange 2000, [2000] SharePoint 2001 and [2002] SharePoint 2003 JDP (Joint Dev. Program)
      • [2003] Visual Studio Team System 2005 Technology Adoption Program
      • [2005] SharePoint v3, Office 12 and Project 12 Technology Adoption Program
    • [2001 to now] Member Microsoft Portal & Collaboration PAC (Partner Advisory Council)
    • [2003, 4, 5] Member Microsoft SharePoint DAC (Developer Advisory Council)
    • [2001 to now] Microsoft is one of BrightWork’s largest customers
collaboration spectrum



Collaboration Spectrum

Enterprise Project


MS Project and

Project Server


Degree of strict control needed over time, cost and resources






Work Management


Doc. Mgmt & Team



LowDegree of structure & coordination neededHigh

brightwork reporter reporting extensions vital for sharepoint
BrightWork Reporter Reporting extensions vital for SharePoint
  • If you use Microsoft SharePoint you will already know its potential as a collaborative platform. However, success brings its own problems - the more you use SharePoint the more difficult it becomes to manage the increasing volume of list data.
  • The various stakeholders in your organization need to see a collated collection of list data that makes sense to them. For example:
    • Customers need regular updates on their issues
    • Senior managers need executive summaries on the state of projects
    • Managers need to see what work items are in trouble or need prioritizing
    • Team members need what they have been assigned and know its relative importance
    • IT Administrators need to be able to roll up list data of various types across the enterprise
brightwork reporter
BrightWork Reporter
  • BrightWork Reporter is an XML driven SharePoint web part that can extract list item data from every list and web on a SharePoint server and simultaneously display it in a view-like report.
  • As with a standard SharePoint view, the columns to be included, the order in which they display, sort and group are all configurable from the web part tool pane.
  • The list data can also be filtered on specified columns, including dates, user, text and choice columns.
  • The generated report can be emailed, is print-friendly and can be exported to Microsoft Excel for data manipulation.
  • The BrightWork Reporter uses a Query XML file to define each report – of which 16 are supplied. These XML files are relatively easy to maintain and create. If your reporting needs are not met by the supplied reports you can create your own.

BrightWork Reporter for Users

Shows list data relevant to logged in user

Filter example is a User one with User Picker

Report can be Print Previewed, Printed, Exported to Excel and Emailed formatted as seen

Includes comprehensive online help


Configuring BrightWork Reporter

Majority of configuration done via tool pane

Tool pane divided into 3 sections:

BrightWork Reporter Settings

View Settings

Standard SharePoint web part configuration options

out of the box reports supplied
BrightWork Reporter is supplied with many reports out of the box:

All Contacts

All Custom Items

All Documents

All Events

All Issues

All Links

All Pictures


My Documents

All Tasks

My Tasks

My Work

Open Work

Open Work Due in 7 days

Overdue Work

Open Tasks

Out of the box reports supplied
licensing and pricing brightwork reporter
Licensing and PricingBrightWork Reporter
  • User license pricing
    • $/€4,100 as a one time fee for a server license
      • unlimited number of users
    • $/€820 annual fee per server for:
      • annual support and maintenance
      • access to all upgrades
        • Reporting improvements and more reports
      • access to a reports gallery on the share area
        • extra reports delivered by BrightWork and BrightWork customers
      • access to FREE training over Live Meeting (live or pre-recorded)
  • Software requirements
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 2003


SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2003

    • SQL Server 2000
    • Office 2003 [optional]
brightwork solutions bundled with the brightwork solutions product
BrightWork Solutions Bundled with the BrightWork Solutions product

Work Management Solutions

  • Issue Manager
  • Tasker Manager

Project Management Solutions

  • Business Project Manager
    • Based on PMI PMBOK* and MSF** v3
  • IT Project Manager
    • Based on MSF v3
  • Agile Software Manager
    • Based on MSF for Agile Software Development

Work and Project Management Solutions

  • IT Work Manager
    • Bringing all the above solutions together in one solution that manages work and projects
  • * PMI PMBOK - Project Management Institute Body of Knowledge
  • ** MSF - Microsoft Solutions Framework
brightwork solutions with sample customer usages
BrightWork Solutions With sample customer usages

Work Management Solutions

  • Issue Manager
      • Mobile and Embedded Division, Microsoft, Trident Insurance Services LLC, Mintz Levin, RE Infolink, etc.
  • Tasker Manager
      • EUCOM, US DoD

Project Management Solutions

  • Business Project Manager
      • Microsoft Services Worldwide Consulting Offerings Group, National Weather Service, U.S. Navy, SharePoint Norway, Release Management Services Inc., California, etc
  • IT Project Manager
      • General Motors Acceptance Corporation/Residential Funding Corporation, Vital Insurance, Ohio State, etc
  • Agile Software Manager
      • Mobile and Embedded Division, Microsoft, Redmond for the future releases of the Mobile Operating System

Work and Project Management Solutions

  • IT Work Manager
      • Skanska USA Building Inc
brightwork solutions contoso
BrightWork Solutions & Contoso

BrightWork Solutions comes with a full worked sample – using the Contoso organization

1 issue manager
1. Issue Manager
  • Multiple sites with issues
  • Grade Issues according to status
  • Export to Excel and Email report
  • Filter as needed
2 tasker manager managing government taskers suspenses
2. Tasker ManagerManaging Government taskers / suspenses
  • Child tasks
  • Logical form layout
  • Field Change History
  • Comment History
  • Display of Task hierarchy
3 business project manager based on msf and in turn pmi pmbok
3. Business Project ManagerBased-on MSF (and in turn PMI PMBOK)
  • Project management experience baked in
  • Web parts for viewing work and projects status
  • Reuse project experience and lessons learnt
  • Email notification on work assignment
4 it project manager based on microsoft solutions framework
4. IT Project ManagerBased-on Microsoft Solutions Framework
  • BrightWork is the only SharePoint solution to fully support the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF v3)
  • Full set of deliverables and MSF support included
5 agile software manager based on msf for agile software development
5. Agile Software ManagerBased-on MSF for Agile Software Development
  • BrightWork is the only SharePoint solution to fully support the Microsoft Solutions Framework Agile for Iterative Software Development (MSF v4)
  • Full set of deliverables templates (e.g. Vision Statement) included
  • Role base Work Products and Work Activities
6 it work manager for sps 2003 bringing the solutions together
6. IT Work Manager for SPS 2003Bringing the solutions together
  • Business Challenge
    • Many IT organizations have no process or infrastructure to manage all their work in one place … work that typically comes from many sources
      • Issues
      • Business projects
      • IT deployment projects
      • Software development projects
      • IT support requests

… and work that spans departments, partners, suppliers, customers

  • Solution
    • BrightWork IT Work Manager for SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2003 provides an SPS solution ready to use that has pre-built such an infrastructure with a work management process framework
    • The solution is customizable and re-usable with templates, web parts, reports, etc.
    • The solution also comes with a fully worked Contoso site hierarchy example
6 it work manager for sps 2003
6. IT Work Manager for SPS 2003

IT Work Manager delivers many Project and work status reports on the SharePoint Portal Server

licensing and pricing brightwork solutions
Licensing and PricingBrightWork Solutions
  • Software requirements
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 2003


SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2003

    • SQL Server 2000
    • Office 2003
    • Live Communications Server [Optional]
  • User license pricing
    • $/€234 in Year 1 consist of: $/€195 for each license and $/€39 for annual support, maintenance and all upgrades
    • Site/group license deals can also be arranged
  • Sample Starter Pack
    • $/€9,900 pilot
      • 20 user licenses
      • 1 year of support and maintenance with all upgrades
      • 3 days of Deployment Services
brightwork solutions spectrum

IT Work Manager

BrightWork Solutions Spectrum

Agile Software



Degree of software process control needed


IT Project


Business Project Manager

Tasker Manager

Issue Manager

LowDegree of project management neededHigh

success delivery process customer adoption phases
Success Delivery ProcessCustomer Adoption Phases

Support Customer through the operational phase of the project and help plan next steps

Formulate an approach to making the software work for Customer very quickly






Help to get the software installed and configured and provide Customer basic product training


  • Advise on how to deploy the new software /process and help with adjustments as needed


First Design



Assist Customer to design the first few instances of usage of the product – to get maximum usage

fast start 1 week deployment
Fast Start - 1 Week Deployment






brightwork extensions free web parts
BrightWork ExtensionsFree web parts
  • WSS Alert Manager
    • My Alerts across items, lists and sites for Windows SharePoint Services
      • In 2005 BrightWork released the first in a series of free web parts to the web site
  • Calendar rollup across multiple lists and sites
    • Email for a copy
brightwork extending windows sharepoint services for work and project management

BrightWork Extending Windows SharePoint Services for work and project management

For self running demos refer to:

For access to an online demo site …


  • BrightWork Reporter is a highly configurable SharePoint web part that enables reporting across multiple Microsoft SharePoint lists and sites.
  • BrightWork provides a ready-made set of SharePoint based solutions for organizations managing work and projects
  • BrightWork, the extension set, is generic and lends itself to deep and easy customization, as required by individual organizations or teams working with SharePoint (see Appendix 1 for more details)
for more information
For More Information
  • Visit our Web Site for
    • Datasheets, Demos and Evaluation Materials, etc.
  • E-mail your questions to
  • Call
    • (617) 357-9000 (US) or +353-91-514500 (Europe)
  • Attend or view a webcast
    • BrightWork Solutions
      • Second Tuesday of Every month!
    • BrightWork Reporter
      • Third Tuesday of Every month!
    • BrightWork Tasker Manager
      • Fourth Tuesday of Every month!
    • 9am PT, 12:00pm EST, 5pm GMT
appendix 1 brightwork extensions solution builder build your own solution
Appendix 1 - BrightWork ExtensionsSolution Builder - Build your own solution!
  • BrightWork extends SharePoint with re-usable tools for work and product management in four areas:
      • Interface extensions for work management
      • Reporting extensions for management reporting
      • Structure for project and portfolio management
      • Administering SharePoint for larger scale application rollouts
  • Customers and Partners are now using these tools to build their own solutions
    • Some of these solutions are now in the BrightWork Share Program
1 user interface extensions work management
1. User Interface Extensions (Work Management)

The key to having people use any application for managing work or project is how close the application mimics the way they think or want to think about their process

SharePoint gives a large amount of good interface for free, that is very easy to change – lists, views, datasheets, etc. – but the rest is pretty difficult to customize

A few interface extensions greatly widens the scope of application that SharePoint can be used for - including work management and brings more business users to SharePoint usage

i enhancing sharepoint lists user specifiable attributes
(i) Enhancing SharePoint ListsUser specifiable attributes
  • The Advanced list settings page allows the following attributes to be turned on/offon each BrightWork list:
  • Reference numbering
  • Email notifications
  • Comment history
  • Field Change history
i enhancing sharepoint lists user friendly form layouts
(i) Enhancing SharePoint ListsUser-friendly form layouts

Many different layouts are possible – ones that more closely mimic the way the information flows.


2. Reporting Extensions (Management Reporting)

SharePoint is so easy to use that it ends up storing very valuable business data in many lists over multiple sites – but SharePoint does not have a user based mechanism to report this data

A utility to report across fields and lists and sites – one that is customizable without any programming – would entice more managers in!

ii reporting across sites and lists
(ii) Reporting Across Sites and Lists

The web parts are very customizable from the UI – no programming needed

Advanced users can add their own XML queries to the web UI – which includes BrightWork and Custom gallery for Query files.


3. Project Management Structure Extensions

Organizations find SharePoint so easy to deploy that they roll it out to the users quickly

Many of these users are now beginning to use SharePoint to manage projects if the project management process is not that mature or they do not (yet) have Project Server

However… SharePoint (by design) has no structure built in to manage projects!

iii hierarchy portfolio structure for reporting across projects
(iii) Hierarchy/Portfolio StructureFor Reporting Across Projects

BrightWork supports a very simple but visible project hierarchy, where projects can have sub-projects and so on

BrightWork also has Portfolios, where seemingly random projects can be grouped for reporting and organizational purposes


4. SharePoint Administration Extensions

SharePoint users are constantly looking for easier ways to administer their systems

As usage grows it becomes necessary to upgrade systems and migrate data