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Social Media Marketing Trends 2015. PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Marketing Trends 2015.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2015.

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Social Media Marketing Trends 2015.

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  1. Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

  2. Content Marketing Gets More Social The strength of content marketing relies not only on the creation of an Epic content but on how you can effectively distribute this content for your targeted audiences.

  3. Real Time Social Media Marketing will Be a Buzzword By monitoring and responding promptly to their targeted audiences’ needs, business owners and digital marketers can generate better engagement that drives conversions and sales.

  4. Audio and Video Will Dominate Social Content Just like any other digital marketing channel, audio and video elements evolved to become powerful visual tools that generate better engagements and positive responses.

  5. Steady Shift towards Mobile Social Media With experts projecting that more than one billion people in 2015 will access the Internet only through their mobile gadgets, focusing on mobile social media will be a very logical thing to start right here right now.

  6. The Continued Rise of Paid Social Media Advertising • The organic or natural reach of a typical Facebook post will only be a mere 0.073 percent.  • If you really want to get more mileage from all your social media efforts, then it would be wise to consider paid social media advertising.

  7. Payment Features Using Social Media Wallets The phenomenal rise of mobile usage have driven major online tech players like PayPal and Apple to take action and grab a good hold of the mobile payment space.

  8. The Rise of the Social Media Commerce Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are capitalizing on this by testing their eCommerce “buy” buttons that will eventually roll out next year in full swing.

  9. Social Media Becomes Smarter and Analytical Experts from Gartner and Social Code all agree that the way businesses use social media will become smarter and more analytical in 2015 and beyond.

  10. Social Media and the B2B Market • In 2014, Facebook still stood on top as the main social network used by marketers in the B2B arena, with a high 89% usage rate. • LinkedIn however is following at a close second at 88%.

  11. The Rise of New Social Networks Among the more prominent of these new social networks include Ello which claims providing an ad-free social network that will not sell vital user data to third parties, Yik Yak which focuses on anonymous post exchanges on physically adjacent people.