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CPA Murder

CPA Murder

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CPA Murder

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  1.  CPA Murder

  2. Subject: Say “Good-Bye” to Tiny Weenie Commissions Forever! • Date: January 21, 2013 From The Desk of  Joe Puma and Charles Kidd • Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer, • ave you heard about this new “no-selling” type of affiliate marketing online where you get paid even if you don’t make a sale?Yes it’s the truef! – you can get paid without selling  Zero. Zilch. Nada! • How can this be possible right? It’s made possible by a new wave of internet marketing of internet marketing that’s sweeping the world wide web, known as CPA marketing. Its Similar to affiliate marketing, where you refer people to a website with your own referral link but the big difference here is that the people you refer don’t need to buy anything literally Zero. Zilch. Nada! • What does CPA stand for? CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Meaning that you get paid cash not when a sale is made, but when the people you refer actually take an action. (Difference) That action might be to sign up for a free trial or to fill out a form or enter their zip code to get a free insurance quote for example. • The best part (besides the huge income you can make) for you as a CPA marketer is that you don’t need to be a “pushy salesman” type of marketer to make money with it this is the power of CPA Marketing!

  3. It’s getting tougher to “sell” stuff online by the minute! In this day and age where the economy is going bad to worse, people are holding on to their purses & wallets tighter than a swinging monkey holds on to branches.Tell me something have you been trying to make money the traditional way and actually failing? You know the usual…“finding a product (ebook) or (physical ) to sell on click bank or Amazon….then advertise it with your long affiliate link….and hope for the best that someone will actually buy it”….type of approach. Well, you’d know as well as everyone that it’s dang hard to sell anything these days its just to competitive and yes people can see it from long way! It’s not only you…many marketers are feeling the affects of the bad economy also. And it’s just natural that when people run out of money, they buy less and look for more free stuff.

  4. So why fight an uphill battle trying to flog off a $47 ebook when there are more people looking for a free offer and you can get paid more commission for your efforts too!? That’s right… • CPA offers can earn you up to $45 and more per each referral! You may think that you’d get little wieeneie commissions giving away FREE Offers…but you’d be surprised how lucrative CPA marketing can really be! One more thing you shouldn’t overlook are the conversions of CPA. • You can expect a “high-converting” Ebook to convert at 2-3%…which means only 2-3 out of every 100 people who see the pitch page will relatively buy… Whereas, CPA offers have been known to convert at a whopping 50% and more!Higher commissions, better conversion rates…So you tell me why wouldn’t you promote CPA offers?

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