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bioRe® Tanzania. Presents. Organic Cotton Project in Meatu. Where it is. What it does . .....and how. bioRe® Tanzania is situated in the north-western part of Tanzania, near the region of Shinyanga. . The centre of the project lies in the town of Mwamishali in the district of Meatu. .

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bioRe® Tanzania is situated in the north-western part of Tanzania, near the region of Shinyanga.

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  • Cotton the district of Meatu. as a cash crop is the main means of income for farmers and their families

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  • 1994 - 1999 a private textile mill the district of Meatu. started a project to produce organicaly grown cotton in one village in Meatu district.

  • Remei AG, a Swiss company, dealing with yarn, supported the private textile mill‘s initiative and bought the organicaly grown cotton.

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  • 2000 Remei AG took over the district of Meatu. the project and transformed the project into the company bioRe Tanzania Ltd.

  • 2000 - 2002, GTZ PPP - Project assisted the new born company for two years with technical advisory service.

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  • Since the district of Meatu. the transformation periode (2000 - 2002), the organic cotton project has succussfully expanded.

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  • bioRe shown. extension staff visits monthly

    all farmers and their fields

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Remarks on what works, shown.

what doesn‘t and why?

Titel of this seminar

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  • Why shown.bioRe Tanzania Ltd works?

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  • Support and development of a shown.private initiative combined with technical expert advise (GTZ - PPP) created the base for a new company and new opportunities.

    bioRe Tanzania Ltd

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bioRe shown. is an umbrella brand for textile production, processes and services.

bioRe  cotton cultivation and its subsequent processing into fibre, yarns, semifinished products and garments fulfill defined criteria for organic farming, fairness, ecology, quality and transparency at every production stage. These are the five bioRe  keys.

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bioRe shown. Tanzania


One reason why it works

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The chain shown.: an other reason

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  • The chain is flexible shown.

  • The chain is reliable

  • The chain is strong

  • The chain is durable

  • The chain is stable

  • The chain is interconnecting

  • The chain has several not changing elements

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  • bioRe shown. Tanzania is one element in the textile chain, called partner .

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Kija Salumu Farmer, ID 85, an other shown.partner in the textile chainsince 1995

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What is a textile chain? shown.

Who are the other partners?

Textile chain l.jpg
Textile Chain shown.


bioRe Family


bioRe Ltd









Trade Mark





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  • bioRe shown.® Partner

  • worldwide, esp.

    • Switzerland

    • Italy

    • France

    • Germany

bioRe ® : an integrated textile chain

Coordination and controlling by Remei AG


Spinning Processing


  • bioRe® companies

  • India

  • Tanzania

  • approx.

  • 8`100 farmers

  • bioRe® Plattform

  • Germany

  • Switzerland

  • Czech Republic

  • Turkey

  • India

  • bioRe® Partner

  • India

  • Lithuania

  • Switzerland

  • In preparation:

  • Tanzania

Auditing and certification of the whole biore production textile chain l.jpg
Auditing and certification of the whole bioRe shown.® production textile chain

Cultivation Ginning Spinning Knitting Dying Manufacturing

  • bio.inspecta

  • EU-RL 2092/91

    • Cotton cultivation

    • Transparency

    • Fairness SA 8000

    • Quality Management

  • SGS and other accredited quality providers

    • Transparency

    • Fairness SA 8000

    • ZAP

    • Quality Management

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bioRe shown. cotton enterprises work with farmers and provide the raw material for bioRe  textiles.

They are aimed both at strengthening farmers individually and at building up their communities.

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bioRe shown. integrates cotton growers as

partners in a vertical chain linking them to the processing industry and to retail companies

bioRe  gives marginalised farmers a face and therefore a sustainable market access.

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bioRe shown. enterprises care and help farmers

like Kija Salumu

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How? shown.

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  • Promote organic farming shown.

  • Dissemination of organic farming

  • Training and advisory services

  • Internal Control System (ICS), which ensures what is tought gets implemented

  • Certification promotes trust

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2. Bring fairness in the operation shown.

  • 5 year contract

  • Fixed cash premium above market price

  • Investement in processing and marketing infrastructure for cotton and food crops.

  • Participation and community building (share holders)

  • Labour standards (Human rights and ILO conventions)

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3. Transparency and communication shown.

  • Information strenghtens partners‘ trust and commitment

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4. Quality shown.

  • Product, only the very best

  • Management systems, including risk management

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5. Economy shown.

  • Operate in an economical manner to spare their partners‘ resources

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Without shown.

  • Support

  • Fairness

  • Transparency and communication

  • Quality

  • Economy

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It wouldn‘t work shown.

Not only in private enterprises but also

in countries and continents

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Thank you very much for your attention shown.

bioRe  Tanzania Ltd. /