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eBay Foundation Proprietary & Confidential PowerPoint Presentation
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eBay Foundation Proprietary & Confidential

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eBay Foundation Proprietary & Confidential - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Empowering the Poor through Rural Information Centers: What Works and What is Sustainable? World Bank December 2, 2002. eBay Foundation Proprietary & Confidential. eBay Foundation. Our Mission

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Empowering the Poor through Rural Information Centers:

What Works and What is Sustainable?

World Bank

December 2, 2002

eBay Foundation Proprietary & Confidential

ebay foundation
eBay Foundation
  • Our Mission
  • Established in 1998 by eBay, Inc., the World’s Online Market, the mission of eBay Foundation™ is to make investments that improve the economic and social well-being of our communities.
  • Vision
  • Our vision of the world is one where empowerment prevails - a world where people can overcome geographic, social, technological and economic barriers and fully participate in the benefits of the global economy
our programs
Our Programs
  • We make investments in local, national and international organizations that work to make our vision of the world a reality.
  • We have four program areas in which me make investments. They are:
  • - Community Technology
      • Community Economic Development
      • Community Strengthening
      • Community Participation
flagship community technology projects
Flagship Community Technology Projects
  • United States - SeniorNet – SeniorNet's mission is to provide older adults education for and access to computer technologies.
  • Guatemala - Planet Outreach – Planet Outreach’s mission is to empower under-served people in rural communities by providing economic opportunity to Guatemala and other developing countries through the use of the Internet.
san pedro la laguna
San Pedro La Laguna

San Pedro La Laguna

is one of 12 ancient

Mayan villages

along the shores of

Lake Atitlan in South-

Western Guatemala

Its population is appx.


internet in guatemala
Internet In Guatemala
  • In 1977 the first Guatemalan computer science department was started at Universidad de Valle
  • 30% - 50% of governments agencies have a working website and has sponsored several projects promote internet usage in Guatemala
  • In 2000, there were over 65,000 Internet accounts in Guatemala. This is around 3.5% of Guatemala's population (11.5 million).
  • San Pedro La Laguna has been left out of the global economy. Women spend time looming belts, clothing and textiles for which they are paid by piece.
ebay in san pedro la laguna
eBay in San Pedro La Laguna
  • Early eBay employee becomes acquainted with Bethel School
  • Computers are donated to create the village’s first computer lab
  • eBay employees make several visits to network computers, wires the school for e-mail and provide basic technology training for local villagers
  • Helps to develop plans to establish and run an internet café which would support the school and other community needs
bethel school
Bethel School

School Computer Lab & Students in Class

planet outreach
Planet Outreach
  • Non-profit organization created to serve as umbrella organization responsible for telecenter/internet café operations.
  • Provides villagers with computer training and education for a nominal fee
  • Implements a baking/training program
  • Provides education for women in entrepreneurship
  • Redistributes to the community and Bethel School profits.
  • Brings technology to San Pedro La Laguna
  • After seeing the first computer lab at Bethel School, other schools in nearby villages find ways to create their own computer labs
  • Planet Outreach has trained and employed six locals to be employees of the telecenter
  • A pilot to help local villagers sell goods online from Guatemala is underway
  • Five other internet cafes in San Pedro have been established