the bypassed east l.
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THE BYPASSED EAST. (CHAPTER 7). INTRODUCTION. "Bypassed East" Atlantic Provinces of Canada, northern New England and the Adirondack region of New York (see map on page 127).

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  • "Bypassed East"
    • Atlantic Provinces of Canada, northern New England and the Adirondack region of New York (see map on page 127).
    • A transportation shadow; i.e., an area of limited transportation development located near an area of much greater facility availability.
  • Characterized by slow economic growth.
  • Although settled early, the region became increasingly isolated as settlement pushed westward.
  • Relatively few large urban areas.
physical geography
  • Topography
    • Northern extension of the Appalachian Mountains.
    • Green Mountains (Vermont)
      • Range to 4,600 ft
      • Ice covered during the Pleistocene
    • White Mountains (New Hampshire)
      • Extend to 6,500 ft and have
      • Upper slopes are rugged and steep
    • Mountains of the Atlantic Provinces
      • <2,200 ft and well rounded
physical geography7
  • Climate
    • Maritime impact is minimized by continental and polar air masses
    • Labrador Current flows southward along the coast and serves to chill the coastal waters
    • Generally, the climate is seldom hot, often cool, and usually damp.
early settlers
  • Early 1600's - initial settlers relied upon three means to support their livelihood
    • Fishing for cod and haddock from the rich banks off the Atlantic Provinces
    • Timbering, especially focusing on New England's white pine
    • Agriculture, mainly of the subsistence type
  • Present Trends
    • <10% of New England is farmland, compared to about 50% around 100 years ago.
    • Agricultural activity in the Atlantic Provinces peaked during the late 1800s and the number of farms has since decreased by 66%.
    • The farming that remains today is specialized in single crop production.
key terms
  • Milk shed
    • A term that can be applied to the Lake Champlain lowland
    • A nodal region that supplies a major metropolitan area with its milk and dairy needs
  • Inshore Fishing
    • A small-scale commercial activity (dominant in Eastern Canada)
    • Relies on the use of small boats and requires a small capital investment
    • Lobsters and cod are the most valuable catch.
agriculture continued
  • Major Areas and Products (see map-132)
    • Aroostock Valley (NE Maine)
      • Has silty loam soils that are good for potatoes
      • The newest commercial agricultural area and relies on large-scale mechanization
      • Suffers from competition with Idaho and Oregon, and the changing American diet
    • Lake Champlain Lowland
      • Serves as a milk shed for the Megalopolis cities of Boston and New York
major agricultural producing areas
  • Prince Edward Island
    • Produces seed potatoes as its major commercial crop, but is a fairly diverse area
  • Annapolis Valley
    • An 80 mile by 90 mile area of southwest Nova Scotia
    • Traditionally one of Canada's leading apple-producing regions
economic mainstays
  • Forestry
    • Plays a limited role in most of New England as a result of inadequate reforestation
    • Northern Maine remains a key producer of pulpwood.
    • In the Atlantic Provinces, forestry products are the key exports.
    • Northern New Brunswick and Newfoundland are major producers of pulp and paper.
economic mainstays continued
  • Fishing
    • The inshore type, is the more regionally important.
    • Nova Scotia leads all provinces in total catch each year.
    • Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and PEI are 3rd, 4th and 5th.
    • The lobster industry of Maine remains vitally important to New England, accounting for 70% of the region’s total catch.
economic mainstays continued17
  • Mining
    • Natural gas and oil (mainly offshore) and limited coal in Nova Scotia
    • Building stone is abundant throughout New England.
  • Tourism - a mixed blessing?
    • Summer and Spring - hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing, and sightseeing
    • Fall - foliage
    • Winter - skiing and winter sports
  • Future Economic Prospects ???