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Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay

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Morgan Le Fay

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  1. Marissa Green, StefaniaRobba, Alyson Miraglia, Suzanna Kahn Morgan Le Fay The name Morgan is linked with “the intertwining themes of the sea, fate and the number three…a mirage that lures men to their deaths on the sea or in the desert” (Malory 69).

  2. Physical and Personality Traits • Beautiful • Straight hair (blonde and ravens-feather black portions) • Piercing eyes • Pale Skin • Crimson colored dress with a low neckline • Powerful female figure • Represents control, sorcery, and manipulation • Bad reputation • Uses magical powers

  3. Morgan Le Fay’s Actions • Seduces King Arthur, her half brother and tricks him into conceiving a child with her. • Was the main cause for “his downfall and the destruction of his kingdom”(63). • In addition, she steals Arthurs sword, Excalibur, and replaces it with a powerless sword. • Manipulated the relationship between Guinevere and Lancelot to further harm King Arthur’s situation. • Became Merlin’s mistress to gain knowledge of his spells.

  4. The Good and Bad Side • Learned magic from Merlin the Magician and once used her powers for healing and prophecy. • Was also the leader of the Nine Holy Women from Avalon that helped heal Arthur’s wounds after the Battle of Camlann. • The Cistercian monks turned her character into an evil woman. • They did not believe in attributing healing and prophetic powers to a non-religious women, so they altered her character and reputation. • They “twisted her ancient powers of healing and prophecy, and raised the ante by throwing demonic possession, adultery, and incest into the mix”(65).

  5. Allies and Rivals • Morgan’s eight sisters (nine Holy Women from Avalon). • Merlin was once her ally until she used him for his powers and betrayed him. • Mordred (Morgan and Arthur’s son who helps Morgan gain power by killing King Arthur.) • King Arthur • Guinevere • Lady of The Lake • Lancelot

  6. The Roles of Morgan Le Fay • Seductress; tries to seduce Lancelot to pull apart him and Guinevere. Also seduces Arthur to conceive Mordred and ruin King Arthur’s reign. • Healer; used to use her powers and magic to heal people. • Plotter; plots evil against others. • Goddess; uses her beauty to lure in her prey. • “The notorious poisoner, plotter, and seductress”(67).

  7. Where does she live? • From the slopes of Mt Etna in Sicily. • After becoming an evil character, she was placed in the mysterious island of Avalon.

  8. Present Day Morgan Le Fay • In the show Pretty Little Liars, the character named Allison represents Morgan Le Fay. • This character is sneaky and lures people in with her beauty to use them. • She also keeps a lot of secrets from others, just as Morgan conceals her powers to use them only to benefit herself.