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Fay Godwin

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Fay Godwin. By: Destiny Martin. Biography:. February 17 th 1931- May 27 th 2005 Born in Berlin, Germany Died in Hastings, England (age:74) Black and white landscape photographer of British country side and coast. Went to various schools all over the world.

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Fay Godwin

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Fay Godwin

By: Destiny Martin

  • February 17th 1931- May 27th 2005
  • Born in Berlin, Germany
  • Died in Hastings, England (age:74)
  • Black and white landscape photographer of British country side and coast.
  • Went to various schools all over the world.
  • Interest in photography from photographing her young child.
  • No formal training in photography.
family life
Family Life:
  • Maiden name: Fay Simmonds
  • Married Publisher Tony Godwin
  • Two sons: Jeremy and Nickolas
  • Daughter of Sidney Simmonds, a British diplomat who had married Stella MacLean, an American artist.
extra knowledge
Extra knowledge:
  • Loved to go on walks

When digital cameras came on the scene she embraced the new technology, sold her darkroom equipment of 30 years standing and started printing her pictures with Photoshop. But in spite of her obvious mastery of the medium, she said:

"I don't get wrapped up in technique and the like. I have a simple rule and that is to spend as much time in the location as possible. You can't expect to take a definitive image in half an hour. It takes days, often years. And in fact I don't believe there is such a thing as a definitive picture of something. The land is a living, breathing thing and light changes its character every second of every day. That's why I love it so much."

black sky at callanish 1980
Black sky at Callanish 1980
  • The lighting is natural but the photograph was made black and white and the lighting seems to be coming from the left. I like how it shadows the back of the rocks.
  • The main subject is the stones because they’re centered.
  • The picture is centered but the lighting gives it a slightly tilted effect.
  • I chose this photo among others because it reminds me of Stonehenge and is altogether a good photo to me.
from st andrews cathedral tower 1980
From St. Andrews Cathedral Tower 1980
  • The natural light in this photo is coming from behind the tower Fay is in. I like it because it casts a shadow over the gravestones.
  • The main subject are the gravestones to me because that’s where my attention goes every time I look at this photo. The rule of thirds place it at the bottom right.
  • This picture to me seems sad because of all the graves but has a lot of memory even though the only part of the town you can see seems lonely. I chose this photo because of the fact it has meaning.
silver birch inverkirkaig 1979
Silver Birch, Inverkirkaig 1979
  • The lighting is coming from the top left of this picture reflecting off the water and shining through the tree giving it lines.
  • The main subject is the tree because it’s in the center and everything else in the background kind of frame it.
  • I like this picture because the river looks really pretty and it seems to tell a story of loneliness, that is also why I chose it.
madras college st andrews east neuk of fife
Madras College, St Andrews East Neuk of Fife
  • The lighting in this photo is natural and even though it is black and white it seems to be sunny out because of all the shadows.
  • I think the main subject is the bench because it’s centered and framed.
  • I chose this picture because it’s a good picture and it’s of a foreign place I’d like to visit some day.
st andrews cathedral at night east neuk of fife
St Andrews Cathedral at night, East Neuk of Fife
  • It’s nightso the lighting is artificial and coming from behind or above Fay. Also you can see the light from the moon and clouds.
  • The main subject is the cathedral but I am more drawn to the moon in the bottom left.
  • I chose this picture because the tower of the cathedral seems to be fading into the darkness of the sky giving it a cool effect.
dragon hill
Dragon hill
  • The lighting is natural and coming from the top right.
  • The main focus is the hill
  • I chose this picture because I like the angle it was taken at.