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Philippinetouristattractions.com attracts audience from all over the world.<br>From visiting foreigners to locals, our website caters to every and anyone who seeks to experience the magnificence of the Philippines.

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  1. http://www.philippinetouristattractions.com/ 4 SUGGESTIONS OF ACTIVITIES FOR FIRST TIME PHILIPPINE VISITORS Philippines –an archipelago on the eastern edge of Asia that’s made up of 7, 107 islands. If you’re a tourist who just got to the Philippines, congratulations –you’re in paradise! However, if it’s really your first time, chances are you don’t know what you’ll do first, right? Planning your Philippine Travel ahead of time will free you from the troubles of having to wonder what to do, on the spot. If you can’t think of anything, here’s a list of the things you can do in the Philippines: TRY SCUBA-DIVING Philippine waters are simply amazing and one-of-a-kind. One dive and you’ll see the wonders of the underwater world. You can see different coral reefs, and even shipwrecks from World War II. Always remember to wear your gear first before submerging yourselves in water. In addition to seeing coral reefs and shipwrecks, you can also swim with the sharks and other fishes as well. To better remember this moment, better take your underwater camera with you. WATCH TWO ROOSTERS DUKE IT OUT Cock fighting has been part of Philippine tradition for a very long time. Whenever you visit a village in the Philippines, you’ll oftentimes see people gathering around to see two roosters fight.If you’re the kind of person who thinks this is animal cruelty, don’t. This is just a part of Philippine tradition and has been around for a very long time. ROAM THE STREETS INSIDE A JEEPNEY If you see funny-looking vehicles on the streets in the Philippines, they’re likely jeepneys. The jeepney is one of the most used forms of Philippine transportation. You could say tour Philippine experience is incomplete without riding this to get to another place. Better buckle up for a bumpy ride ahead. EAT LOCAL FOOD Now, this is an experience you won’t want to miss. The Philippines has a lot of food that you’ve never tasted anywhere before. Although some of the foods don’t have local origins, you can see and taste that Filipinos placed their own special touch to these delicacies. Best to start with adobo before anything else. These are just some suggestions for your Philippine vacation experience. You can freely follow all of these if it’s your first time in the country. But let me tell you this: once you’ve tried them out, you’ll want to try them all over again.

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