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A Short Penang Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors

A Short Penang Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors.

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A Short Penang Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors

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  1. A Short Penang Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors Penang is a state in Malaysia, composed of an island known as Penang Island and a mainland territory referred to as Seberang Perai. The two parts of the state is connected by a 13.5-km-long bridge known as Penang Bridge. George Town is the capital city and a heritage site, housing an array of historical landmarks, churches, temples, mosques and colonial buildings. Beaches, hills, lush forests, and a rich cultural heritage draw tourists from around the globe, making Penang one of the most visited travel destinations in Malaysia. This short Penang travel guide will help first-time visitors, offering them updated information about flights, hotels, weather, tourist attractions, transportation and several other issues related with holidays in Malaysia. Visit :- http://www.hoodaki.com/blog/index.php/short-penang-travel-guide-for-first-time-visitors/

  2. The Best Time to Visit Penang Penang is a tropical paradise that enables you to enjoy a warm climate throughout the year and soak plenty of sunshine as well. However, the surrounding sea and wind system affects the local climate, bringing heavy rains, winds and a phenomenon known as the haze, especially during the monsoon season. So, it is better to avoid the monsoon season which is typically from August to November. Penang weather remains warm and enjoyable during the rest of the year, especially between December and February, which are also the driest months here. Travelers should consider taking flights to Penang around Christmas, New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year, which are also the best time to visit the Malaysian Island. Visit :- http://www.hoodaki.com/blog/index.php/short-penang-travel-guide-for-first-time-visitors/

  3. Getting In and Getting Around The state is served by an international airport known as Penang International Airport (PEN), located just 14 km south of George Town, the capital city of Penang. It is the third busiest airport in Malaysia, offering good facilities and providing connections to major cities in South East Asia. A number of Asian airlines, such as China Airlines, China Southern, Thai, Qatar Airways and Cathay Pacific, offer cheap flights to Penang from an airport in the UK. The airfares are subject to daily updates; so keep a track of the current airfares using resources provided by a trusted travel agency like Hoodaki. Penang travel guide is just one of the many resources it has to offer. Visit :- http://www.hoodaki.com/blog/index.php/short-penang-travel-guide-for-first-time-visitors/

  4. From the airport, you can catch a bus to reach George Town, and then plan to take a walking tour of the city, before leaving for other exciting destinations on the island, such as Batu Ferringhi, Gurney Drive, Kek Lok Si, Balik Pulau and Penang Hill. All important places and landmarks are serviced by the RapidPenang buses, the main hub for which is located at KOMTAR, the tallest building in Georgetown. Visit :- http://www.hoodaki.com/blog/index.php/short-penang-travel-guide-for-first-time-visitors/

  5. Eat, Sleep and Buy in Penang Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi are two main tourist hubs in Penang, offering a range of hotels, resorts and restaurants. The former can offer more budget-friendly options than the latter, which is filled with luxury resorts, spas, hotels and fine dining establishments. Backpackers should try to find an accommodation in Georgetown, especially in areas of Chulia Street, Muntri Street and Love Lane. Other areas to search for good Penang hotels can be Gurney Drive and Bayan Lepas, the place where the airport is located. Find in Penang an interesting mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian culinary styles. Often touted as “Malaysia’s food paradise”, it has to offer a wide platter of mouth-watering dishes, such as Char Koay Teow, Laksa, Nasi Kandar, Mee Sotong, Hokkien Mee, Lobak and Satay. Also worth a try is its very own tea-with-milk drink known as Teh Tarik. While restaurants are in plenty, there is also no dearth of hawker stalls selling Penang cuisine at very affordable prices. Visit :- http://www.hoodaki.com/blog/index.php/short-penang-travel-guide-for-first-time-visitors/

  6. Shoppers won’t have a hard time finding a good mall or marketplace in Penang. Some of the most popular shopping destinations include Gurney Plaza, Queensbay Mall, Gurney Paragon and 1st Avenue Penang. There are also quite a few flea markets that can offer a good interaction with locals, besides showcasing some of the best locally produced items. Visit :- http://www.hoodaki.com/blog/index.php/short-penang-travel-guide-for-first-time-visitors/

  7. Things to See and Do in Penang Penang travel guide will not be complete unless it offers an insight into some of the top things to see and do here. Tourists generally stay at Georgetown and it is usually the best place to begin your sightseeing tour in Penang. A walking tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must for those interested in history and culture. Walk along Armenian Street, Pitt Street, Love Lane, Little India, the Esplanade and Beach Road and visit landmarks, such as Khoo Kongsi clan temple, Kapitan Keling Mosque, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Fort Cornwallis, KOMTAR and Wat Chaiyamangalaram. After seeing all that Georgetown has to offer, take a trip to Penang Hill and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city from the hilltop. Then spend a day exploring the majestic coastline to the north of the island and enjoy the splendid beaches of Batu Ferringhi. You may also want to visit other important places on the island and take in the incredible views of Penang Bridge. Don’t forget to check the following landmarks during your stay in Penang. Visit :- http://www.hoodaki.com/blog/index.php/short-penang-travel-guide-for-first-time-visitors/

  8. • Kek Lok Si:A famous Buddhist temple, Kek Lok Si is worth a visit for its exotic architecture and artwork. Situated in Air Itam, it offers a harmonious blend of Buddhism and Taoism with traces of Chinese influences on its architecture. Visit :- http://www.hoodaki.com/blog/index.php/short-penang-travel-guide-for-first-time-visitors/

  9. • Snake Temple:Located in Bayan Lepas, Snake Temple is particularly crowded during Chinese New Year as the birthday of the Buddhist monk to which it is dedicated falls on the 6th day of the first lunar month. Also known as the Temple of the Azure Clouds, it houses many venomous serpents, which you can even touch if you are brave enough. Visit :- http://www.hoodaki.com/blog/index.php/short-penang-travel-guide-for-first-time-visitors/

  10. • Fort Cornwallis: Probably the most important colonial landmark in Georgetown is Fort Cornwallis that was built by Captain Sir Francis Light soon after he took possession of Penang from the Sultan of Kedah in 1786. Visit :- http://www.hoodaki.com/blog/index.php/short-penang-travel-guide-for-first-time-visitors/

  11. • Butterfly Farm:Enjoy the spectacular sight of colorful butterflies, thousands in number, all fluttering around you. It is a kind of a live museum, enriching visitors and informing them about the various breeding methods. • Sri Mahamariamman Temple:The oldest Hindu temple in Penang, Sri Mahamariamman Temple manifests the pluralistic cultural heritage of this part of Malaysia. Located in Queen Street, the temple is characterized with fabulous architecture and fascinating sculptures of gods and goddesses. Share your experiences and add more to this short Penang travel guide, making it even more useful for the first-time visitors to Malaysia. Visit :- http://www.hoodaki.com/blog/index.php/short-penang-travel-guide-for-first-time-visitors/

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