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  1. [Read now] First Time for Everything First Time for Everything From Harmony Ink Press ePub | *DOC | audiobook | ebooks | Download PDF #4634069 in Books 2014-09-04Original language:EnglishPDF # 1 9.02 x .62 x 5.98l, .87 #File Name: 1632164477294 pages | File size: 58.Mb From Harmony Ink Press : First Time for Everything before purchasing it in order to gage whether or not it would be worth my time, and all praised First Time for Everything: 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. A Spectrum of Unforgettable FirstsBy kwriter07This anthology, created by Harmony Ink Press, is centered around the theme of "firsts" for various characters under the LGBT spectrum. The stories not only feature stories about first kisses and first dates, but more outside the box takes on "firsts" as well, such as first time attending an anime convention or first time dressing in clothes of the opposite sex. I

  2. believe, what makes this anthology such a well rounded collection is that it takes stories from all types of authors and protagonists, each with their own style and narrative that you can relate to no matter if you identify with the protagonist's sexual orientation or not.Harmony Ink Press's goal is to display believable and relatable LGBT characters that experience personal growth during the course of their stories, and I believe the pieces in this anthology did that quite well."Midnight in the Maze" by J. Leigh Bailey was one of my personal favorites, a story about a boy who gets kissed by someone in a Halloween maze at night and has no idea who made him this weak in the knees. Not only is the protagonist's voice relatable for any teen (or those remembering back to their teen years), the supporting characters all make their mark with unique voices and personalities."Dressed to Swim" was another one of my favorites, about a boy who has no friends attending a pool party and discovering a whole new level of comfort when he tries on a different swimsuit.When reading these stories, I felt like the characters came from honest places, and by the end, I felt like I had gotten to know them and understand their experiences, even if I hadn't lived through the same ones. Being able to assemble all these stories from different perspectives that all work together to leave the reader with a greater understanding of what different "firsts" mean to various teenagers is what makes this anthology an excellent read.1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. There is nothing like your first *sighs*By TerryI admit I usually stay away from anthologies but when I found out Nick Hasse was one of the authors I one clicked First Time for Everything.This is the second book Nick Hasse has published. Once again he has used words to not only tell a story but also paint us a picture of Billy and Toby as they experience their first love. One of the things I love about Nicks writing is he can bring your senses into play with his words. You will see, feel, smell and maybe even taste this story as it unfolds.Nick has done this so well that after you read this story if you have already experienced your first love your mind and heart will revisit that time. If you have not had this nerve racking, heart pounding, glorious event yet happen, you will be looking forward to it even more.Some times when you buy an anthology you buy it because of one author. (I bought this one because Nick Hasse had a story in it.) So you get one good story and a collection of so- so or not so good stories. That is not the case with this anthology. There are many good stories for you to enjoy. So.A big Thank You for Harmony Ink / Dreamspinner Press for putting together a wonderful anthology! A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title Theres nothing like the first time. Whether its a first crush, first date, first kiss, or finding tolerance and approval for the first time, for gay, lesbian, bi, and trans teensor those still exploring and discovering their sexuality and identitythese important firsts can shape the rest of their lives. Gathering the courage to come out to their families, admit their feelings to a friend, or go to school presenting as the people they really are can be a struggle. But with the support of their allies and their own inner strength, the brave young people in these stories take the first steps toward happiness and living on their own terms. From sweet stories of newly discovered love, humorous accounts of awkward dinners and dances, to fights for acceptance and even survival, the teens in this anthology must face new challenges and rise to meet them. These are the first times theyll never forget. Just Right by John Goode His World by Eric Gober It's Not Our Fault by Charli Green Courting Billy Roth by Nick Hasse Me and My Friend by Emery C. Walters Summer Crush by SR Silcox Dear Cody by Eric Renner Midnight In the Maze by J. Leigh Bailey Beautiful by Ella Lyons Dating My Best Friend by Caitlin Ricci Dressed to Swim by Renee Hirsch First Date by Nicole McCormick It's In Their Kiss by Kevay Gray Kiss and Makeup by Allison Wonderland Kissing Scars by Jo Ramsay When Wolverine Met Taylor by Andrea Speed A Warrior From A Different Tribe by S.A. Garcia Step by Step by Emily Moreton

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