Hitachi nr90ae s plastic collated full head framing nailer review
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A framing nailer is a type of air gun used for nailing large pieces of material together. They eliminate the need to hammer, saving you hours of project time. While smaller nail guns are designed for precision work, a framing nailer is really best suited for quick projects that require large nails. To get more information visit

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Dual firing mode
Dual Firing Mode

This framing nailer has two firing modes. Continuous mode and one that fires one by one. You can easily switch between the 2 options using a light switch. These 2 modes are perfect to switch between if you are working on different projects or the different tasks in the same project.

Easy to carry
Easy To Carry

  • This Japanese high quality framing nailer is made of Aluminium which is one of the sturdiest yet the lightest metals. So, although the nailer is big enough for heavy duty tasks, it is not so heavy and will not strain your muscles while working.

Durable materials
Durable Materials

  • this framing nailer contains no plastic parts. It combines carbon and aluminium, which are both so sturdy and lightweight. Aluminium is not heavy like steel or copper, so a framing nailer using these materials would probably weigh a lot more than this Hitachi’s masterpiece.

Best framing nailer

  • 5 year warranty.

  • Light weight and very durable.

  • Dual firing modes.

  • A rubber grip so it won’t slip.

  • Safety goggle included.

Best framing nailer

  • It is recommended to use with plastic collated nails. They are not very easy to find and are a bit on the expensive side.

  • Doesn’t work that well with 2 inch nails.

Frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I use this nailer with different nails?

  • A: Any nail that is between 2 inches and 3.5 inches would be fine, as long as it is plastic collated.

  • Q: Is this nailer made in Japan?

  • A: It is made by Japanese manufacturers in Taiwan.

  • Q: What is the diameter range of this round head framing naier?

  • A: The diameter is either 21 or 22.

Final verdict
Final Verdict

  • This amazing framing nailer is my made by superior Japanese technology and comes with unbeatable 30 day money back and a 5 year warranty. It features a nose made of carbon and aluminium insides.

What customers say about it
What Customers Say About It?

  • I have had my nailerfor 12 years now. I have been using it about 10 times a week since I bought. For the money, I must say, it can’t be beaten. You should go!

  • This is an excellent finishing nailerand the one that I use on a daily basis at my outdoor.

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