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Kelly Ruggles

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Kelly C. Ruggles is a financial advisor with nearly two decades of experience in the field of financial planning for retirees and preretirees.

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Kelly C. Ruggles is a financial advisor with nearly two decades of experience in the field of financial planning for retirees and preretirees. Kelly C. Ruggles believes that being educated and informed about the latest tax reforms and investment measures is crucial to the development of sound financial planning for retirement.


This knowledge, imparted to clients, helps those clients take active roles in the retirement planning process while discussing personal needs and requirements with their financial advisor.


Kelly C. Ruggles states that the needs and requirements of each person are different in regards to retirement financial plans, and this accentuates the importance of drafting customized retirement financial plans for each client. While most financial advisors use one plan for their clients, such plans rarely work. That is because the financial condition and requirements of clients are rarely, if ever addressed in such generic plans.


Kelly C. Ruggles regularly delivers lectures and conducts workshops in the Spokane, Washington area to spread awareness among retirees about financial planning for retirement years.


Kelly C. Ruggles also discusses how seniors can save money while paying taxes, and how they can avoid IRA and 401 tax bombs. Kelly C. Ruggles also educates seniors about facts most mutual fund companies don’t want investors to know.


By attending these workshops by Kelly C. Ruggles, retirees and preretirees can gain knowledge about the various facts and processes that can help them manage their finances in more profitable ways.


The schedule of Kelly C. Ruggles’ workshops and seminars is available on his Web site, and readers also can contact his office at (509) 323-2889 to learn additional details about upcoming events.


Kelly C. Ruggles seeks to make financial information available to retirees who want to make their retirement years a profitable time, even leave a legacy to their family and friends. Learn more about Kelly C. Ruggles by browsing through his Web site,