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Ned Kelly

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Ned Kelly

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  1. Ned Kelly Ashu 5SR

  2. Who is Ned Kelly Ned Kelly wasan Irish Australian bush ranger. Many people considered Ned as a cold blooded killer. Other people think that Ned is a hero. The people thought he was challenging colonial authority

  3. Ned's family Ned's dads namewasJohn Red Kelly his mum’s namewasEllen Kelly (nee Quinn) he had a brother named Dan Kelly and a sister named Kate Kelly his dad died when Ned was 12 so he had to leave school and take care of his family. His mother remarried so they moved to Glenrowan .

  4. His childhood After his dad died he started getting involved in petty crimes such as stealing and robbing people .mostly targeting the rich and wealthy land lords

  5. As an adult Ned assaulted a Chinese man called ah fook and started assaulting people,after that he clashed with the police and landed in jail for three years.

  6. An incident after Ned had killed three policemen the police searched for him in the bush the colony said that Ned and his gamg are wanted outlaws

  7. The weapon Kelly used • Ned's weapon of choice was an ancient carbine 5.77 calibre sawn off at the butt and the barrel. its total length was only 60 centimeters long. It was believed that he got the gun when he was 14 by a notorious bush ranger by the name harry power.

  8. His death • The police parties searched for him in the bush after he had killed three policemena final battle took place at Glenrowan on 28 June 1880 he was wearing a home made armourand helmet when he got captured he got hanged for murder in november1880.

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