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Kelly Ruggles PowerPoint Presentation
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Kelly Ruggles

Kelly Ruggles

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Kelly Ruggles

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  1. Kelly C. Ruggles Helps Retirees With Retirement Financial Planning

  2. Kelly C. Ruggles is a fee-based financial planner with more than 15 years of experience in the area of retirement financial planning. According to Kelly C. Ruggles, financial planning is a must for retirees and preretirees who hope to be independent and economically secure in their retirement years.

  3. Seniors can use their retirement funds to pay mortgages, hospital bills, finance a vacation, or even leave a legacy for their children and other family members.

  4. Kelly C. Ruggles states that a retirement financial plan helps seniors feel secure, and provides them with confidence to face any financial problems that might arise during their old age.

  5. Kelly C. Ruggles believes successful retirement financial plans cannot be achieved without the active involvement of retirees. Retirees need to play a part in financial planning, rather than leaving the work entirely into the hands of financial advisors, he says. For this reason, retirees need to be aware of every aspect of financial planning.

  6. Education and information are of high importance, allowing retirees to understand how their money will be invested, plus what their prospects are of gaining from these investments.

  7. Kelly C. Ruggles’ goal is to make these investment processes simpler for retirees, thus enabling them to take an active role in their individual retirement financial plans. Once retirees know what they want from their retirement financial plan, they can ask the financial advisor to keep their needs and requirements in mind while working with them to create their individualized retirement financial plan.

  8. Kelly C. Ruggles also is an expert speaker on the topic of retirement planning, and regularly conducts related workshops and seminars in the Spokane, Washington area. The schedule for his workshops can be found on his Web site.

  9. Workshops and lectures presented by Kelly C. Ruggles focus on investment strategies that seniors can utilize during their retirement years, and on how to pay less taxes. The workshops also teach seniors how to invest in the stock market, plus provide them with cautions in regards to common mistakes people make while trading shares.

  10. Learn more about Kelly C. Ruggles and the retirement financial advice he provides through his company, American Reliance Group Inc., by browsing through

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