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Kelly C. Ruggles PowerPoint Presentation
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Kelly C. Ruggles

Kelly C. Ruggles

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Kelly C. Ruggles

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  1. Kelly C. Ruggles, an Experienced Speaker on Retirement Financial Planning

  2. Kelly C. Ruggles is a fee-based financial advisor and educator from Spokane, Washington. In addition to nearly two decades of experience in the field of finance and retirement planning, Kelly C. Ruggles also founded American Reliance Group Inc. which provides retirement financial planning advice to seniors.

  3. Kelly C. Ruggles is an accomplished speaker on the subject of retirement financial planning and regularly conducts workshops and seminars in the Spokane area.

  4. Workshops conducted by Kelly C. Ruggles are designed to educate and inform retirees and preretirees who want to learn more about retirement financial planning and investment options available to them after retirement.

  5. In those workshops, Kelly C. Ruggles talks about how retirees can pay less taxes, avoid IRA and 401K tax bombs, and participate in the stock market.

  6. By attending Kelly C. Ruggles' workshops, retirees also can learn how to invest wisely in mutual funds. Too, during those workshops, Kelly C. Ruggles will shed light on major financial risks that face retirees, and share methods retirees can employ to develop balanced financial plans.

  7. At his workshops, Kelly C. Ruggles simplifies complex retirement financial planning techniques for the benefit of retirees. Educating and informing retirees about the pros and cons of various retirement planning processes is a necessary step that allows them to gain confidence in their retirement plan in future years.

  8. By being well informed, seniors can be confident their money is being invested wisely, and that they will benefit from dividends they receive on investments. Kelly C. Ruggles stresses the importance of living a debt-free life after retirement, and repeatedly claims that retirement financial planning is a must for all seniors near the age of retirement.

  9. To learn more about seminars and workshops scheduled to be conducted by Kelly C. Ruggles, browse through his Web site,

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