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Internet Economics כלכלת האינטרנט

Internet Economics כלכלת האינטרנט. Class 12 – Preparing for the second semester. Course duties. Work in pairs highly recommended, but mandatory. Presentation and seminar paper. Same topic Same partner Submission of the (optional) problem set – individually - not in pairs .

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Internet Economics כלכלת האינטרנט

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  1. Internet Economicsכלכלת האינטרנט Class 12 – Preparing for the second semester.

  2. Course duties • Work in pairs • highly recommended, but mandatory. • Presentation and seminar paper. • Same topic • Same partner • Submission of the (optional) problem set – individually - not in pairs. • You are expected to do it by yourselves.

  3. Course duties: choosing a topic • Choose a topic: • paper/book-chapter from the list in the course weblog. • Or any other academic paper or part of a book. • In either case, you need my approval for the topic chosen. • Deadline: the first class of semester B(February 22nd). • I recommend choosing a topic ASAP. • כל הקודם זוכה

  4. Course duties: choosing a topic • Approval method: • email (preferred) • Come to my office hours. (email first) • In addition, you can write a comment in the articles page in the blog. • (shows others that you have already chosen a certain paper)

  5. Suggested articles • A variety • Some theoretical/mathematical • Some empirical • Some surveys • Mathematical depth will be appreciated. • Not mandatory, you can also go in depth in other directions. • Papers from related fields may be approved (for example, business, computer science, game theory)

  6. Course duties: presentation • In pairs. • Let the better speaker talk, but two speakers possible. • Practice • Remember: presentations in real-life are much faster than the practice talks. • 25 minute talk. (3 in each meeting) • You all should be prepared to present starting March 8th (with a 10 day notice). • Make it interesting to the class! • Speak to class, not to instructor). • Language: Slides in English (preferred), Speak Hebrew.

  7. Course duties: presentation • Goal: present the paper to the class. • Present what is written in the paper, no need for criticism or your interpretation. (leave this to the seminar work) • Give the background, and make the main results clear(do not present all results). • If suitable, spend about 5-10 minutes on technical details (proof idea, data analysis methods etc.) • Survey related work very briefly, only if needed. (sometimes it is good to read some of these…) • Don’t present the whole paper! Don’t follow the structure of the paper exactly.

  8. Course duties: presentation • Presentation grading will be based on (30% of final grade): • Clarity. • Identifying and understanding the main results. • Quality of presentation. • Conveying complicated ideas in a simple way.“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. ” Albert Einstein 

  9. Course duties: Seminar paper • Should be on the same topic as your presentation • With the same partner. • Up to 10 pages, font 12, 1.5 spacing. (strict!) • Submission time: June 1st.

  10. Course duties: Seminar paper In the paper: Part 1: Summarize the paper. Background, main results, main technical details . • Some proofs (outline if needed), methods of data analysis. (Tables with data should not be part of the 10 pages you submit, can be in an appendix.) • Go to depth regarding the main result/s. Part 2: Add something of your own • Main goal: Raise a new research direction, phrase exact questions and challenges, one (small) step forward. • Applying the result in other Internet environments. • criticism of the work. • Etc.

  11. Course duties: Seminar paper Originality: • Cite all materials that you use. • Especially, let me know if you intend writing any project for another course on a similar subject. • Do not copy text, even from the paper you read.

  12. Course duties: Problem set • Optional (Magen 10%) • That is, of you get 80 on your seminar paper: • If you get a 100 in the problem set, your grade will be 0.9*80+0.1*100=82 • If you do not submit the problem set, your grade would be 80. • Strict deadline: Second Monday of Semester B (March 1st) • By your own.

  13. Some presentation tips. • Use large fonts • in general, rarely use fonts below 24. • Don’t have dense slides – split them. • A figure is worth a thousand words:If x is an individually rational revenue maximizing auction then there exists a Pure Nash equilibrium in the game. • Of course: Be politically correct • No offensive language, images, examples etc. X is individually rational revenue maximizing auction Pure Nash equilibrium exists

  14. Some presentation tips. • Use colors. • Use images. • Use animation • But with care, do not overuse it please

  15. Some presentation tips. • Basic presentation structure: • Motivation (usually, real life problem, informal) + Background • Informal results (if possible) • Model • Results • Technical details • Summary • Of course, you should fit the structure to your paper.

  16. Timeline All seminar topics are chosenand approved(Feb 22nd) Problem set due date (March 1st) All seminar papers are submitted(June 1st) Students presentations start(March 8th) Summervacation starts Winter vacation starts Winter vacation ends

  17. Participation • Mandatory also in semester B. • Will be checked.

  18. Have a nice break and good luck!

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