2011 ap preadministration session n.
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2011 AP ® Preadministration Session PowerPoint Presentation
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2011 AP ® Preadministration Session

2011 AP ® Preadministration Session

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2011 AP ® Preadministration Session

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  1. 2011 AP® Preadministration Session

  2. Please note: Do not complete answer sheets for the following exams: • AP Chinese Language and Culture • AP Japanese Language and Culture • Studio Art For these exams, you will submit your information electronically

  3. Do you have… • A Student Pack? • An Answer Sheet? • A No. 2 pencil? Raise your hand if you need any of these items!

  4. AP Student Pack  • Write your name on the upper right-hand corner of the sheet of labels in the middle of the pack. • Place one label on the back cover of the Student Pack. A box is provided in the top left-hand corner of the College Information Card.

  5. AP Number Card  • Remove the AP number card located between the number labels and the booklet. Fill in your name then take a number label and place it on the card. • Keep the card for future reference. You will need your AP number when ordering optional AP score reporting services.

  6. Front cover of the Student Pack • Print your legal name. • Enter your six-digit school code. • Print your AP number in the spaces indicated. Then print your grade level. • Fill in the box next to each AP Exam that you plan to take this year.

  7. Important! • AP Score Reports are cumulative, so it is important to provide consistent information from year to year. • If you have taken previous AP Exams, use the same form of your name as in previous years. If this is your first AP Exam, enter your legal name. • Don’t give your social security number one year and not the next.

  8. Page 1 of the Answer Sheet • Place an AP number label in the box at the top right-hand corner of the Answer Sheet.

  9. Page 1 of the Answer Sheet • Item A: Leave this item blank.

  10. Page 1 of the Answer Sheet • Item B: Print your legal name, last name first, and fill in the corresponding ovals.

  11. Page 1 of the Answer Sheet • Item C: Copy the AP number from the label on your Answer Sheet.

  12. Page 1 of the Answer Sheet • Leave Items D, E, F, G, and H blank! These will be completed on the day of the exam.

  13. Page 1: Student Information Area • Complete Items I, J, K, L, and M. • Item L: Optional. However, please provide your social security number if it was provided on previous AP Exams.

  14. Page 1: Student Information Area • Item N: Season and year you expect to enter college. • Complete Items O and P. • Item Q: Highest level of education completed by your parents or guardians. (Fill in only one oval in each column.)

  15. Page 4: Home Address and School Area • Item T: Print your complete mailing address and ZIP or postal code. Fill in the ovals.

  16. Page 4: Home Address and School Area • Item V: If you live outside the United States, print your complete address only if it doesn’t fit in Item T.

  17. Page 4: Home Address and School Area • Item U: Complete only if you do not have a U.S. ZIP or postal code.

  18. Page 4: Home Address and School Area • Item W: Area code and home phone number. • Item X: Print your school code. Print the name of the school, city, and state. • Fill in all corresponding ovals!

  19. Page 4: Home Address and School Area • Item Y: Provide the college code for the college you want to receive your AP Score Report. Use 9999 if there is no code listed in the Student Pack. • Print the name, city, and state of the college you have chosen. • Leave this blank if you are undecided.

  20. Finally… • Check that all of the information provided is correct. • Are there any questions? • Answer Sheets and Student Packs will now be collected. They will be returned to you at your first exam. • Remember to take your AP number card with you. • Thanks and best of luck to you on your AP Exams!