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  1. Presentation Agenda Session One: Best Practices for Maximising your Online Revenue (including Benchmarking Reports) Session Two: What’s New with Avvio Convert 4.0 Session Three: Avvio Connect – Our exciting new affiliate marketing solution

  2. Session One Best Practices for Maximising your Online Revenue (including Benchmarking Reports)

  3. Maximising Your Online Revenue In order to maximise the online revenue coming through your website you need to pay close attention to increasing the volume of traffic coming through your website while simultaneously optimising your websites conversion rate. The following examples demonstrate the importance of simultaneously looking at these two key areas.

  4. Traffic

  5. Conversion Rate

  6. Bookings

  7. Conversion Rate

  8. Benchmark Reports In order to help you evaluate your own performance online we have compiled an industry wide benchmark that looks at average performances for each of the following metrics – • Traffic • Website Effectiveness • Availability • Conversions Based on Availability • Overall Conversion Rate • Bookings • Revenue

  9. Traffic Per Month

  10. Website Effectiveness

  11. Finding Availability

  12. Conversions Based on Availability

  13. Overall Conversion Rate

  14. Bookings Per Month

  15. Revenue Per Month

  16. Conversion Rate Optimisation Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the latest in online marketing – how to maximise the rate at which you convert ‘lookers’ to ‘bookers.’ Maximising your conversion rate is arguably the most important aspect of your online marketing campaign. Improving your sites conversion rate has a positive impact on the volume of reservations coming through your website. It is equally important to note that the return on investment you receive on all marketing campaigns (PPC, SEO, e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing) is dependant on your site’s conversion rate.

  17. Conversion Rate Optimisation Your Websites conversion rate is dependant on three factors: 1. Does your site persuade your visitors to search for availability? 2. Do you return adequate availability? 3. Does your rate encourage a potential customer to make a purchase?

  18. Website Effectiveness Website Effectiveness Your websites effectiveness is a measure of how effectively your site persuades a visitor to search for availability. From the benchmark report we looked at earlier you can see that the industry average for this stat Is 65% How to Improve? Website Quality – Does your website do its job – i.e. Make someone want to stay at your property. Improved Booking Engine Integration – How easy is it for a user to search for availability

  19. Are you returning Adequate Availability The benchmark report shows that on average 77% of availability searches are returning availability. The daily revenue report from Avvio will help you gauge the demand. How to Improve? • Begin to move allocations from higher commission 3rd party websites to your own site • Monitor availability on a daily basis • Upload allocations released by third party sites to your own website • PMS Integration allows you to return real time availability

  20. Conversions Based on Availability On average 3.79% of searchers who get returned availability for their desired date proceed to book Several factors can influence this statistic: Am I selling at the right rate? Does the perceived quality of my website match the rate I am selling at? Am I returning too many rooms – confusing user? Am I displaying the right special offers? Am I making it as easy as possible for potential customer to carry out booking.

  21. Increasing Your Traffic Traffic – Expanding the Reach of Your Site There are a number of ways to expand your websites reach thus increasing the volume of traffic coming through your website.These techniques include: • Search Engine Optimisation and Link Building • Pay Per Click Marketing • E-mail Marketing • Affiliate Marketing

  22. SEO Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) “The altering of a Web site, Web pages and links to Web sites and Web pages to improve visibility, rank and relevance in the organic, crawler-based listings of search engines.” Source :

  23. SEO - Keyword Research Choosing the Right Key phrases Before you start optimising your website it is important to choose the best key phrases. Picking the right words has an impact on both the volume of traffic you can target and your site’s conversion rate. There are a number of tools available to help you choose the best key phrases Google Keyword Tool

  24. SEO Techniques Title Tag – This tag is shown in the blue bar at the top of each page of your site. It also is the title of your search engine listing. It is a very important SEO tool. The Meta Keyword tag used to be an important SEO factor. Abuse of this tag has resulted in little or no relevance now been placed on it. Meta Description Tag – Not a big SEO factor but it is displayed in your search engine listing. Needs to read well and persuade a browser to click on your listing.

  25. SEO Techniques Cont’d Website Content – Your target key phrases should be included in the body of you text. This has a positive impact on your search engine positions Alt Tags – Alt tags are tags that describe an image. They are a useful SEO tool when your navigation uses images instead of text. Inserting your key phrases here can help your SEO effort. Age of Domain Name – The older the domain name the better. All new names are subject to Google’s sandbox

  26. SEO - Link Building In recent years link building has become one of the key factors in determining your search engine rankings. Important Link Building Factors include: • Your sites overall Link Popularity • The anchor text used in links pointing at your site • Internal linking • Relevance of Inbound links • Link Popularity of Linking Site

  27. SEO - Directories and Link Exchanges Directory Submissions and Link Exchanges (aka Reciprocal Links) Directory Submissions are a useful way to get one way links from good quality sites. Directories can either be free or paid. The Yahoo directory is the most famous directory out there. This has become a paid directory in recent years. Exchanging links with local or relevant sites is another way to obtain links. This requires you to place a link on your site in exchange for a link on a link partners site.

  28. Pay Per Click Marketing Pay Per Click is a marketing system on the Web in which the advertiser pays when the user clicks on its advertisement and goes to its site Note: Google Adwords is the most popular PPC Engine. Others PPC engine include Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCentre.

  29. PPC Advantages Pay Per Click campaigns can bring immediate traffic in a cost effective manner. Bookings can be tracked, allowing you to see the ROI It is also very flexible, you can change the way an advert is displayed or increase your budget instantly. Campaigns can be targeted to specific geographical areas Pay Per Click traffic will not be affected by Search Engine updates Does not require any design or architectural changes on your website

  30. Creating a Successful Campaign The Cost Per Booking achieved is the key success factor to a PPC campaign. The cost per booking is affected by your average cost per click achieved and your websites conversion rate. By looking at how much an average booking costs you through a third party channel and your average booking value you can determine how much you can afford to spend per booking. Cost of Booking through own site - €250 @ 4% = €10 Cost of Booking through third party - €250 @ 12% - €30 Max Cost Per Booking via PPC - €30 - €10 = €20

  31. Other Marketing Tools E-mail Marketing The practice of sending promotions, sales letters or newsletters by email. Affiliate Marketing The ability to drive traffic to your website while lowering on-line business delivery costs Both of these will be discussed in more detail later in the presentation.

  32. Our Online Marketing Services

  33. Areas of Expertise • Search Engine Optimisation • Link Building • Pay Per Click Campaign Strategy and Management • Conversion Rate Optimisation • Revenue Reporting and Recommendations • Benchmark Reports • Quarterly Business Reviews

  34. Our goal with Avvio Engage is to maximise your traffic and conversion rate. By doing this we make a serious impact on the volume of revenue coming through your hotel website. For more information on Avvio Engage, see the leaflet included in your handouts or email

  35. Session Two What’s New with Avvio Convert 4.0 The Next Generation in Revenue Centered on-line Reservations

  36. To Be Discussed • Convert 4.0 – The New Look and Feel…. • Reservation Reporting • Site Analytics and Management Revenue Reporting • Online Voucher Sales plug-in • Industry specific email marketing with Avvio CRM (Customer Relationship Management) • Group Functionality such as option to book in your sister property. • Micro managing your rates, Length of Stay (LOS), Managing your special offers • Dynamic Packaging • Branded pre and post-stay email confirmations to customers • Corporate Reservations Module • Up and coming features….

  37. New Look and Feel Menu still appears on left hand side of screen, and tabs at top of screen. Centralised login will give you access to all modules including our new Affiliate Marketing Solution, Avvio Connect

  38. Reservation Reporting Located here • Ability to create reports based on a number of different parameters including dates, check in time, no of nights, no of bed nights etc. • Ability to export into Excel

  39. Site Analytics Located here • Ability to see at a glance important details such as site visitors, queries on general availability, queries on special offer availability, Number of transactions. • Ability to take a snapshot on the future based on the current inventory wizard status

  40. Site Analytics Cont’d • Also gives you the ability to view last failed queries, last 100 queries, and to view past revenue reports. • Next Revision of Revenue reports will include such details as the Distribution of Sales, a snap shot view of the Inventory Wizard. An example is included in your handouts.

  41. Online Voucher Sales In order to ensure that you maximise all online revenue streams it is critical that your voucher functionality is switched on, which we can do directly for you. It is possible to create as many different voucher types as you would wish to sell:- Dinner, Spa, general etc. It is possible to set them up so that a guest can purchase them in increments of 20, 50 or 100 Euro.

  42. Online Voucher Sales With the ‘Vouchers’ tab, you can see at a glance vouchers sold, pending vouchers, and active vouchers. To Create a Voucher, go to Voucher setup. The following fields need to be populated:- Title, Dates from which the vouchers can be purchased online, Description, Terms, Limit as to how many you want to sell online, presented to, presented by, dedication text and increments in which the vouchers can be sold.

  43. Voucher Setup

  44. Voucher Validation

  45. Online Voucher Sales Example of how this looks on a client’s site: Customers can also enter flexible voucher amounts and have them emailed to them as a PDF

  46. Avvio CRM Another product available in the Avvio suite is Avvio CRM – which allows you to send professionally designed e-campaigns to your guest database. Client Example:

  47. Avvio CRM Cont’d

  48. Pre- & Post- Stay Emails This is a really effective way of welcoming your guest before they ever appear at your front desk and also ensuring that your property leaves long lasting memories by sending them an email after they depart thanking them for their stay. You can also choose to use this marketing tool to entice them to book again by including a link to your up and coming special offers in your post-stay email. Pre-Stay Post-Stay

  49. Group Functionality Hotel Groups...No Availability....Search our sister property. This feature allows your website visitors to search your sister property in the event that there is no availability in their initial search.