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Reviewing Games

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Reviewing Games. Andrew Williams 01204-903839. The Usual Rules. Turn up on time to your classes Switch off your mobile phones Don’t eat anything in the labs Don’t drink anything in the labs Take care of our nice facilities! Do not miss classes

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reviewing games

Reviewing Games

Andrew Williams


the usual rules
The Usual Rules
  • Turn up on time to your classes
  • Switch off your mobile phones
  • Don’t eat anything in the labs
  • Don’t drink anything in the labs
    • Take care of our nice facilities!
  • Do not miss classes
  • Check my web page regularly
  • Lecture on Monday in this slot
  • Open access to the labs on Thursday from 13:00 until 17:00 in C1-08
    • This session is for all of your GAD studies
    • Add this session to your timetable NOW
  • Critique session (attendance required) on Friday from 13:00 until 15:00 in C1-08
work regime
Work Regime
  • You will need to do at least 6 hours per week on this module alone in order to pass
  • Approximately 100 hours of effort before the end of January
  • This is half of what you need to do for a normal module
    • Because Games Reviewing is 10 credits
  • Assessment is 100% coursework
  • You will produce a number of things for me and place them on your blog
  • You will be assessed on the content plus the presentation
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Clarity of expression
  • You will also be assessed on two other aspects of your work:
    • The regularity of it
    • The extent to which you are able to critique your work and the work of others
  • Plagiarism
    • Do not copy anyone else’s work
  • Magazines for reviews and styles of reviews:
    • Edge
    • PlayStation, Xbox, GameCube magazines
    • Basically, any magazine that reviews games
  • Newspapers
    • The Guardian has a regular games review section on Thursdays
  • Books
    • Eats, shoots & leaves : the zero tolerance approach to punctuation by Lynne Truss (£6.99 at Amazon)
  • Web
    • There are hundreds of sites which review games
      • etc
why reviewing games
Why Reviewing Games?
  • We got asked this during the Validation for Games Design
    • Many young people simply cannot write English properly
    • Reviewing games is a good way practise!
    • Games journalism must be a cool career!?
what will you be able to do
What will you be able to do?
  • You will be better at writing in English
  • You will be able to write clear and interesting reviews of games, bearing in mind the target audience
  • You will be able to critique the writing of other reviewers of games
  • You will have a body of your own writing
new games journalism
New Games Journalism
  • There is a lot of talk on the internet about “the New Games Journalism”
    • Have you come across this phrase before?
    • What does it mean to you?
    • Is it something you enjoy?
    • Is it a useful concept?